JS Original eco-Ajax XMLHttpRequest imitation Baidu intelligent search function

HTML code The code is as follows Copy Code JS Ajax code is as follows The code is as follows Copy Code function Createxmlhttprequest () {//Create XMLHttpRequest Objectif (window.

Solution to Ajax Cross-domain problem in JavaScript

In the recent development process, using AJAX to asynchronously fetch pictures. In the development of this feature is not a problem, you can later test, redeployment after the problem, this is the problem of Ajax Cross-domain. Ajax itself does not

JS IFRAME Implementation Ajax No refresh File Upload Example

JS code is as follows The code is as follows Copy Code input type file test- Upload pictures PHP code   code is as follows copy code Header

JS Ajax access to the city's corresponding administrative regions, commercial areas, landmarks

The code is as follows Copy Code //------------------------------------------------------------------Ajax section: Get the city's corresponding administrative area, commercial areas, landmarks------//---------------------------------

Ajax Create and copy content

function Findobj (n, D) {var p, I, X;if (!d) d = document;if (p = n.indexof ("?")) >0 && parent.frames.length) {d = parent.frames[n.substring (P + 1)].document;n = n.substring (0, p);}if (x!= d[n] && d.all) x = D.all[n];for (i = 0;!x && i for (i = 0;

AJAX registration page Detection effect three

This last one is a CSS file. @font-face {Font-family:optima Nova LT Pro Light;Font-style:normal;Font-weight:normal;Src:url

AJAX registration page Detection effect two

AJAX registration page Detection effect two function check_id (id_name,n) {var sd= "Lifont" +n;obj = document.getElementById (' +sd+ ');var reid=/^[wu0391-uffe5]+$/;var b_id=reid.test (id_name);if (!b_id) {Obj.innerhtml= "input data null";flag[1]=0;

Ajax get remote article content code

Function $ (elementid) { //Gets the object  if for the specified ID (document.getElementById) {   return document.getElementById (ElementID);  } else if (document.all) {   return document.all[elementid];  } else if (document.layers) {   return

How Ajax is implemented, how to add Ajax controls

function Ajax (Url,pars,fun) { var aj = new Object (); Aj.url=url; Aj.pars=pars; Aj.resulthandle=fun; Aj.createxmlhttprequest = function () { var request = false; if (window. XMLHttpRequest) { Request = new XMLHttpRequest (); if

Ajax Auto Populate

Onblur= "Sndreq (this.value) is used on the page." Events for automatic entryThe key should be Http.open (' Get ', ' db_auto.php?zip= ' +zip), I don't know how to pass IDs here.In order for it to receive the corresponding data? function

Compatible multi-browser Ajax initialization creation code

function Definerequest () {//initializing, specifying handler functions, sending requestsStart initializing the XMLHttpRequest objectvar xmlrequest;try{if (window. ActiveXObject){var MSXML = new Array (' MSXML2. XMLHTTP ', ' microsoft.xmlhttp ', '

jquery Pop-up layer Ajax login Instance code

jquery Pop-up layer Ajax login Instance codeJQuery (document). Ready (function () {JQuery ('. Login_show '). Click (function () {var xmlhttp=createxmlhttp ();if (!xmlhttp){Alert ("Your browser does not support xmlhttp!! ");Return}var digital=new

Prevent the data in the AJAX request cache of jquery

Method One, The parameter type is changed from Get to postAdd parameter cache and set to FalseAdd Time stamp The code is as follows Copy Code $.ajax ({URL: ' Ios/index ',Cache:false,Type: ' Post ',Data: {Timestamp:new

Springmvc ajax jump learning Notes

FirstThe returned value is Map .Controller writing/*** Error correction* @ Author admin  **/ @ RequestMapping (value = "/checkQuestion. php ")@ ResponseBodyPublic Map checkQuestion (Long titleId ){ Map map = new HashMap ();Map. put ("ceshi",

Ajax registration application 2

The second part is three js files: common. js, passwordstrength. js, and prototype. js. Let's take a look at the code of the first common. js file:// Reference the js/css file;Function include (path, type, title ){Var s, I, t;If (arguments. length

Ajax Registration Application 1

Note: Please indicate the source for reprinting (www.111cn.net)Today, I have written an ajax + asp registration application. Let's talk about it.It is divided into three parts: the first part is the reg.htm file, the second part is the js file, and

Implementation of Ajax comment paging in WordPress

I. PreparationsLoad the jQuery library. This is not explained.2. Enable the WordPress comment pageOpen the WordPress background-settings-discussion, select "Display Comments by page" in "other comments settings", and set the number of comments. The

AJAX user registration demo

The code is as follows:Copy code Http://www.w3.org/tr/rec-html140/strict.dtd> ajax user registration demo ajax user registration program * user account: * user password: * Confirm password: * email:   Reg.

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