Ajax Basics Tutorial (1)-ajax Introduction 1.2 Browser history

When it comes to web browsers, most people think about the ubiquitous Microsoft Internet Explorer, and until recently browsers like Firefox, Safari and Opera have become more and more so. Many beginners may mistakenly think IE is the first browser

Creating Scribble applications based on AJAX technology

Brief introduction ASP.net atlas is a rich class library for ASP.net development of AJAX-style applications. This article attempts to explain the general features of the Atlas framework, and since Atlas is a large library, this article focuses on

Implement an online conference room system with AJAX+J2EE

This year everyone in the hype Web2.0, one of the technology Ajax is also followed by fire, so I wrote a paper called "Cheat Ajax" article, simply analyze the essence of AJAX technology. Although I do not like to follow the follow, but there are

Discussion on an improved method of Ajax performance

First, the introduction In Web Forms, we use Ajax to invoke the server-side method from the client (through JavaScript), while the XMLHttpRequest call is made inside Ajax. I tested some AJAX functions that were implemented in different ways. In

Application example of writing user registration with Ajax

The example I have cited is an application of an enterprise user registration, when the user registration to check the user name and enterprise name is available, the previous practice is to add a button next, click "Check", the server issued a

AJAX applications require component technology for support

Now Ajax technology is hot, a variety of frameworks, all kinds of conceptual, introductory articles, all of the basic Ajax has been elaborated and implemented, but the real in-depth and large-scale application of Ajax will know that Ajax once

How to use AJAX technology to develop Web applications (1)

In the past, Web application development was limited because of the need to reload Web pages (or load other pages) to get new data. Although there are other methods available (no other pages are loaded), none of these technologies are well supported

Ajax Brief Description and example

Ajax Ajax, asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a Web application development method that uses client script to exchange data with a Web server. This way, Web pages can be updated dynamically without interrupting the interactive process. With Ajax,

Building an error-submission system for AJAX applications

Summary when some applications crash, they often give the user an opportunity to submit information about the error. This information can help developers track and fix bugs. This article will show you how to implement this functionality in your

Building better Web applications with Ajax technology

First, Introduction Asynchronous Javascript+xml, or Ajax, is a Web development technology that creates interactive Web applications. This program uses JavaScript and XML to submit server requests from the client, and it only needs to exchange a

The problem of Ajax Chinese garbled and its solution

Scene: Using the Ajax method of jquery to submit the AJAX request, the code is as follows: 1$.ajax({ 2    dataType : 'json' 3    ,type : 'POST' 4    ,url : 'http://localhost/test/test.do' 5    ,data : {id: 1, type: '商品'} 6    ,success :

Escape solution of Ajax Chinese garbled simple method

When using Ajax to develop a website, often have friends encounter garbled problems, and it is difficult to find a solution. In fact, to solve the problem of Ajax Chinese garbled is very simple. 1. Service-side program:  liststr="AJAX中文乱码的简单解决方法"

Summarizing AJAX-related JS code snippets and browser models

In. NET development, it is good to make full use of free controls, but if you cannot modify the control to reach your own needs, you will need to use the JS method, the premise is to study the various objects of the browser model of the method

Ajax Basics Tutorial (6)-6.1 JavaScript questions

Read here, it should be clear, to really good use Ajax, you need to write some JavaScript code. Although frameworks and toolkits can lighten some of the burden, you may end up with more JavaScript code than usual. Because we wrote a lot of ourselves,

Ajax Basics Tutorial (5)-5.4 Using JSLint to complete JavaScript syntax checking

JSLint is a JavaScript verification tool (Www.jslint.com) that scans JavaScript source code to find problems. If JSLint finds a problem, JSLint displays a message that describes the problem and points out the approximate location of the error in the

Ajax Basics Tutorial (4)-Implementing basic AJAX Technology 4.8 accessing Web services

For years there has been a software engineering problem: invoking services or methods on another machine from one machine, even if the machines use completely different hardware or software. The most recently proposed solution for this problem is

Ajax Basics Tutorial (4)-Implementing basic AJAX technology 4.6 creating ToolTips

We've seen many applications that use Ajax, and so far we think the most interesting is the DVD rental service Netflix. When you browse the various selections in Netflix, you'll see pictures and text of all the latest movies. When you pause the

Ajax Basics Tutorial (3)-3.3 Summary

This chapter describes the various ways in which the XMLHttpRequest object communicates with the server. The XMLHttpRequest object can send a request using an HTTP GET or POST method, and the request data can be sent as a query string, XML, or JSON

Ajax Basics Tutorial (2)-Using the XMLHttpRequest object 2.7 DOM level 3 to load and save the Protocol

So far, the solutions we've discussed are not standards. Although XMLHttpRequest is widely supported, you've seen that the process of creating XMLHttpRequest objects differs depending on the browser. Many people mistakenly believe that Ajax is

Ajax Basics Tutorial (2)-Using the XMLHttpRequest Object 2.3 Interaction Example

See here, you might want to know what a typical Ajax interaction is. Figure 2-1 shows the standard interaction patterns in AJAX applications. Figure 2-1 Standard Ajax interaction Unlike standard request/response methods used in standard Web

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