Android uses Gallery to implement 3D album (with renderings + Demo source code)

Today, I am mainly talking about how to implement 3D display switching of Gallery. Many Demo code is based on some existing online effects. Thanks to the developers who shared the results. Today, you need to set the boot screen, which allows you to

Two Methods for Android to listen to wi-fi broadcasts

1. Declaration in XML 2. Register in the codeIntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter ();Filter. addAction (WifiManager. NETWORK_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION );Filter. addAction (WifiManager. WIFI_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION );Filter. addAction (ConnectivityManager.

The android platform uses GPIO analog IR to control the vehicle DTV

Digital TV-DTV is no longer a new thing for us. On-board electronics, DTV mostly exists independently in the form of modules and is configurable. In the on-board market, the customer's needs are diverse. If DTV is used as the on-board navigation

How to set the position and transparency in the android dialog box

For example, the upper or lower part of the screen. To achieve this effect. You need to obtain the Window object of the dialog box. There are multiple methods to obtain the Window object. The easiest way is to directly obtain the Window object

Android determines the SDK version and network connection

Public static int getSDKVersionNumber (){ int sdkVersion;try {sdkVersion = Integer.valueOf(android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK);} catch (NumberFormatException e) {sdkVersion = 0;}return sdkVersion;} public static boolean hasInternet(Activity activity)

ArcTo method of path in android

Statement: Void android. graphics. Path. arcTo (RectF oval, float startAngle, float sweepAngle ); This method draws an arc path. The first parameter is of the RectF type. What does this parameter do? First, how does this arc come from? It is to

Android List dialog box and progress dialog box

Main. xml   MainActivity import;import;import;import;import android.content.DialogInterface;import android.os.Bundle;import

How to Establish a mobile Internet?

Why do we need to develop web pages into mobile apps? According to Strategy Analytics, in China, Android smartphones accounted for 87.7% of smartphone shipments in the third quarter, higher than 60.5% in the U.S. market. Dr. Liu Yun, vice president

Android 4.1 source code compilation cannot find the resource file solution

When modifying resource files in the Android framework, before Android 4.0, the corresponding resource files are directly added under sourcecode/frameworks/base/core/res, then compile the framework-res, but this situation changes in Android 4.1.

Smoke effects of android engine using particle system

@ OverrideProtected Scene onCreateScene (){Final Scene scene = new Scene ();Sprite background = new Sprite (0, 0, backgroundTextureRegion, getVertexBufferObjectManager ());Scene. attachChild (background );Rectangleparticle emitter = new

Modify Linux kernel boot logo and center full screen display

1. Prepare Images Using the Graph Software GIMP that comes with ubuntu is the fastest way to convert images. You can also use commands to convert images. In actual testing, an error is prompted, so you can use GIMP to process the image. The specific

Android file Operations

For android files, you must have the following permissions: Determine whether the SD card is inserted Environment. getExternalStorageState (). equals ( Android. OS. Environment. MEDIA_MOUNTED ); Obtain the SD card root directory File skRoot =

Usage of Java multithreading on android platform

To implement multithreading in Java, there are two methods: Inheriting the Thread class and implementing the Runable interface. For directly inheriting the Thread class, the general framework of the code is: Class name extends Thread {Method

Solve common problems in android Development

1. If the R file of your project is missing, you can try to save the version number. The R file is usually caused by layout text errors. 2. The layout file cannot contain uppercase letters. 3. the following error is thrown: Application does not

Android screen and unlock event broadcast listening

To listen to the screen SCREEN_ON and SCREEN_OFF actions in a program, you can monitor the screen lock status to implement your own functions. The strange thing is that these two actions can only be listened to after they are registered in the form

Memory release after Android program exits

A problem was found during the Android project: when the application exits, click "set" to view the application. The page shows that you can click "force close ".I think this is caused by the fact that the opened activity has not been destroy, and

How does android map obtain the Google Map API key?

The first thing to do is to obtain an MD5 key(of course, It is implemented through the keytooltool (keytool.exe) of JDK) 1. Here, there are two main work aspects: keytool and debug. keystore. 2. First, find debug. keystore! (Go to the Eclipse

Use Adobe AIR geo-location API in Android

In your Android device, when the device location changes, your application can use any of the following location sources to receive updated information, it includes information such as height, precision, direction, speed, and timestamp: GPS

Android development error points

For Android programmers, we need to pay attention to the development of Android applications in many aspects. The following section describes how Android123 is easy to browse most of the source code. I,Database Cursor For the returned object

Android permission details

Android permission description Various permissions are often designed when developing android programs. To read security-sensitive items during program execution, you must declare relevant permission requests in androidmanifest. xml. The permissions

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