Android GPS positioning test (with renderings and examples)

I have developed GPS-related embedded software for several years, So when talking about a program to test the GPS positioning module, the first reaction is to read the data from the GPS module through the serial port, and then parse the NMEA format

Detailed explanation of multiple windows in the android Browser

Android browser provides a detailed introduction of many window solutions. For more information, see The Android platform is composed of one Activity and one or more views.Therefore, when we want to display an interface, we first think of creating

Android unit and screen resolution

1. Commonly Used units: the relative units are px, sp, and dp.Absolute unit: pt, in, mm Ii. Unit Application Summary: Generally, relative units are used instead of absolute units.1. the font size is generally SP. The font in this unit can be scaled

Android obtains images through http

Android obtains images from the image URL and displays them in the imageView. The following describes the procedure: First, you must declare the imageView control in the layout file: Android: id = "@ + id/image"Android: layout_width =

Android intercepts Video Frames and converts them to Bitmap

  MainActivity is as follows: Package cn. testmediametadataretriever; import java. io. file; import java. io. fileOutputStream; import android. media. mediaMetadataRetriever; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. environment; import

Android permission Overview

Access the registration attribute android. permission. ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES, read or write the permission to register the check-in database Attribute Table Obtain the error location android. permission. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION. You can use WiFi

What if memory overflow occurs when Android loads large images?

Do not use setImageBitmap, setImageResource, or BitmapFactory. decodeResource to set a large image, Because after decode is completed, these functions are ultimately completed through the createBitmap on the java layer, and more memory is

Solve the overlapping problem of views in some versions of android tabhost

Package com. anyjoys. view. component; Import android. app. TabActivity; Import android. content. Intent; Import android. graphics. drawable. Drawable; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. view. View; Import android. widget.

How does Android achieve data sharing between applications?

An application can completely expose its own data, which is invisible to the outside world. It does not need to see how the data exposed by the application is stored, or whether it uses databases or files, or through the Internet, all these are not

Run Linux commands in Android applications

For example: /** Run the Linux Command and return the execution result. */Public static String exec (String [] args) {String result = ""; ProcessBuilder processBuilder = new ProcessBuilder (args); Process process = null; InputStream errIs = null;

In android, press the return key twice to exit the code.

The Code is as follows: Private long exitTime; @ Override Public boolean onKeyDown (int keyCode, KeyEvent event ){ If (keyCode = KeyEvent. KEYCODE_BACK & Event. getAction () = KeyEvent. ACTION_DOWN ){ If (System. currentTimeMillis ()-exitTime)>

Compile and run the Android4.0 Simulator

1. Compile the Android Simulator In Ubuntu, We can compile our own simulators, sdks, and other compilation tools in the source code. Of course, this is no different from the download in windows. The steps for compiling the Android simulator are

Android gets the running application

To add this function to the framework, write an appliction to obtain the running application:Let's take a look at the figure first: this app is mainly used to obtain non-system applications and some common system applications, which are displayed in

How does android modify the default time format?

1. Modify the file alpsframeworksbasepackagesSettingsProviderresvaluesdefaults. xmlAdd code 24 The red flag indicates the 24-hour format. It can also be changed to 12 (12-hour format)2. Modify the file

Android determines whether the current flight mode is used

The isAirplaneModeOn method is provided in AirplaneModeEnabler to determine whether it is Airplane mode:Public static boolean isAirplaneModeOn (Context context ){Return Settings. System. getInt (context. getContentResolver (),Settings. System.

Android saves the image to the SD card and names it in time

Private void storeInSD (Bitmap bitmap1 ){File file = new File (FILE_DIR );If (! File. exists ()){File. mkdir ();}File imageFile = new File (file, FileUtils. getFileName () + ". png ");Try {ImageFile. createNewFile ();FileOutputStream fos = new

Custom title bar for android mobile development

I. Overview The default title bar of each application (note the difference with the status bar) has only one line of text (the name of the project when the project is created), and the color and size are fixed, which makes people feel monotonous.

Android prevents controls from being repeatedly clicked

This is often the case in development. After a button is clicked, the Toast or Dialog will pop up. If you click it again quickly, the Toast will appear again. the effect we want is that the click takes effect only once in a certain period of time,

Typical value passing methods for Android Handler

Package com. handlerThread; import android. app. activity; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. handler; import android. OS. handlerThread; import android. OS. logoff; import android. OS. message; public class handlerThread2 extends

Analysis of the basic architecture mode of Android

Nowadays, we are inevitably dazzled by the wide variety of mobile phones in the market. However, when smartphones are dominant today, the main factor in choosing a mobile phone is to select a high-performance mobile phone operating system. Android

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