Android GPS positioning test (with renderings and examples)

I have developed GPS-related embedded software for several years, So when talking about a program to test the GPS positioning module, the first reaction is to read the data from the GPS module through the serial port, and then parse the NMEA format

Key points for developing Android desktop widgets (time and date widgets)

In general, the main function of widgets is to display some information. Today, we write a simple widget that displays the time, date, day of week, and other information. To display the time information, you need to update it in real time, one

How to terminate AsyncTask

Inspired by this, we finally ended up how to terminate the AsyncTask operation. Pure onCancelled (true) is not acceptable Paste the code below ~ Implemented the login function. AsyncTask, which makes it easier to create long-running tasks that need

Design of playing mode in android music player

In a music player, the playback mode is generally automatically recognized after the music is played. The following logic code is provided. You can add the appropriate code as needed. Public static final int ALL = 0; // ALL Loops Public static final

Android obtains images through http

Android obtains images from the image URL and displays them in the imageView. The following describes the procedure: First, you must declare the imageView control in the layout file: Android: id = "@ + id/image"Android: layout_width =

How to change the menu/background image of android

Note: A basemap is not a desktop image. 1. Extract framework-res.apk from the romsystemframeworkfolder. 2. Open it directly with winrar (do not unzip it) and go to the resdrawable-mdpi folder. 3. Find an image that is the same as that on the

How to disable the camera sound of camera in mute mode in android

There are unwritten rules in the industry that phone companies must have a prompt when they click the photo and video keys for camera. Therefore, google also put the function of playing the photo sound in the cameraService to prevent developers from

Android permission Overview

Access the registration attribute android. permission. ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES, read or write the permission to register the check-in database Attribute Table Obtain the error location android. permission. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION. You can use WiFi

Solve the overlapping problem of views in some versions of android tabhost

Package com. anyjoys. view. component; Import android. app. TabActivity; Import android. content. Intent; Import android. graphics. drawable. Drawable; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. view. View; Import android. widget.

How does Android achieve data sharing between applications?

An application can completely expose its own data, which is invisible to the outside world. It does not need to see how the data exposed by the application is stored, or whether it uses databases or files, or through the Internet, all these are not

Create a rounded image for android Image Processing

The following is an example of Improving the rounded corner image made by our predecessors. Public static Bitmap roundCorners (final Bitmap source, final float radius ){ Int width = source. getWidth (); Int height = source. getHeight (); Paint paint

In android, press the return key twice to exit the code.

The Code is as follows: Private long exitTime; @ Override Public boolean onKeyDown (int keyCode, KeyEvent event ){ If (keyCode = KeyEvent. KEYCODE_BACK & Event. getAction () = KeyEvent. ACTION_DOWN ){ If (System. currentTimeMillis ()-exitTime)>

Compile and run the Android4.0 Simulator

1. Compile the Android Simulator In Ubuntu, We can compile our own simulators, sdks, and other compilation tools in the source code. Of course, this is no different from the download in windows. The steps for compiling the Android simulator are

Android platform obtains the longitude and latitude of the mobile phone's location

The following procedures are tested and have the following functions: 1) obtain the current GPS longitude and latitude Information 2) After other mobile phones send the corresponding text message, the local machine can automatically reply to the

How to obtain process memory usage by Android

ActivityManager activityManager = (ActivityManager) context.getSystemService(ACTIVITY_SERVICE);MemoryInfo memoryInfo = new ActivityManager.MemoryInfo();activityManager.getMemoryInfo(memoryInfo);Log.i(TAG, " memoryInfo.availMem " +

Title of the android custom Intent selection Interface

You can use the Intent. createChooser () method to create an Intent and pass in the desired Sting as the title.Take the wallpaper selection box as an example. When you press the button in the blank area of the Launcher workspace, the wallpaper

Android determines whether the current flight mode is used

The isAirplaneModeOn method is provided in AirplaneModeEnabler to determine whether it is Airplane mode:Public static boolean isAirplaneModeOn (Context context ){Return Settings. System. getInt (context. getContentResolver (),Settings. System.

Typical value passing methods for Android Handler

Package com. handlerThread; import android. app. activity; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. handler; import android. OS. handlerThread; import android. OS. logoff; import android. OS. message; public class handlerThread2 extends

Game Sound code for Android Development

// Sound volume Int streamVolume; // Define the SoundPool object private SoundPool soundPool; // Define the private HashMap of the HASH table soundPoolMap; /*************************************** * ************************* Function: initSounds ();

Analysis of the basic architecture mode of Android

Nowadays, we are inevitably dazzled by the wide variety of mobile phones in the market. However, when smartphones are dominant today, the main factor in choosing a mobile phone is to select a high-performance mobile phone operating system. Android

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