Customize the image and size of the checkbox in android

1. Create the file checkbox_selector.xml in drawable: 2. Create styles. xml in values: 3. Add attributes to your CheckBox:

Android uses XML for in-depth parsing of animated UI

In Android applications, using animation effects can give users a better feeling. You can use XML or Android code for animation. This tutorial describes how to use XML for animation. Here, we will introduce basic animations, such as fade-in,

Android reads Assets image resources and saves them to SD card instances.

This article describes how to save the image resources of android Assets to the SD card. If you are interested, refer to the following:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Public class ReadBitmap {Public void readByte (Context c, String name, int

Solve the problem of Chinese characters and spaces in file names during android download

If the connection is not processed for download, an error will be reported. To solve this problem, you only need to encode your url and then encode it with spaces. // Encode the path and replace all spaces in the path. After encoding, the space

Simulator hardWare attributes in android platform

Hardware: The default value of Density acted LCD Density is 160. The most direct display is the cell phone icon and text size. The minimum value is 120. It can be customized based on the resolution size. Generally, the default value is

Open-source projects worth attention on the Android platform

Mobile development technology has been increasingly valued by developers. Some time ago, Windows Phone 7, MeeGo, and BlackBerry released new tools and platforms.AndroidIt is an open-source platform and is becoming increasingly important to

Introduction to Android gravity sensing implementation

In Android, graphic interfaces and multimedia operations are easy to implement. In addition, most mobile phone users modify the system based on these features. We can use the source code of the Android multimedia framework introduced in this article

Debugging Android applications

When debugging a program, parameter output is helpful for us to know whether the entire program operates according to our own logic. There are many methods for outputting information in the java program on the Android platform on the console: 1.

How does android implement SoundPool for playing sound effects in a short time?

Implementation Technology: android. media. SoundPool (manages and plays audio resources of applications and loads them directly to the memory ). I. Basic Knowledge: 1. Create a SoundPool: Let's take a look at the definition of the SoundPool function,

File I/O operations in Android

This section consists of two parts: 1. Access the SD card. 2. Access the storage folder on your mobile phone. 3. Read files in assets. 1. Access the SD card: 1. Edit the interface (reslayoutmain. xml ): [Java]    Android: orientation = "vertical"

10 common mistakes for new Android Developers

1. Do not read Android development documents The Android developer website can help you. Many documents can also be downloaded using SDK tools. These documents are not just a reference for the Javadoc API, but contain many guides, tutorials, videos,

SurfaceView for Android Development

I. Basic Knowledge: SurfaceView is inherited from the View. The View is responsible for updating the animation in the main thread, while the SurfaceView is used to update the animation in a new thread. Main Methods of SurfaceView class: // Called

Android development-OpenGL ES 3D space and glDrawArrays

1. Four pyramid: composed of four triangles. Ry: consists of six triangles. Difficulty: when constructing the vertex coordinates of a 3D space, to make the object rotate around its own axis, the central coordinates of the object must always be (0.0f,

OpenGL ES basics for Android Development

OpenGL ES (OpenGL for Embedded Systems) is a subset of OpenGL 3D graphics APIs. It is designed for Embedded devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, and game hosts. This API was defined and promoted by Khronos group, a graphic software and hardware

Table layout for Android Development

TableLayout is set to the bottom, TableRow is set to the top of TableLayout, and buttons, TextView, and other controls are set to the top of TableLayout, In addition, you can also place controls on TableLayout separately. TableLayout is a complex

Progress bar for Android Development

I. Basic Knowledge:   1. ProgressBar layout in the interface file XML: [Html] Android: layout_width = "200dp" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" Style = "? Android: attr/progressBarStyleHorizontal" Android: layout_gravity =

Android development: Direct finger-dragging

I. Basic Knowledge: To achieve this effect, a container is required to store the images displayed by Gallrey. Here, these images are loaded using a derived class inherited from the BaseAdapter class. We need to listen to the setOnItemClickListener

Android quick and simple music player implementation

The player functions are as follows: 1. Pause and play2. Implement dragging, fast forward, and fast return3. Synchronization of lyrics4. Next song, last song.5. album Image Display6. Background playback. The notification bar is displayed.7. Call,

Implement long-pressed and drag in android Automated Testing

During the android Application automation process, you may encounter scenarios where you need to press and drag long. For example, in a UC browser, you can press the icon in a navigation bar to make it movable, then, move it to another place and

Android path Query

You can use the getDirection () method of RasterMap to query the path. Similar to the query address, the path query result notifies the application through the callback function, the following example returns the path from Nanjing to Beijing. The

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