Android uses Fragment to adapt to different screens and resolutions

The following is a detailed analysis of the use of Fragment. If you need a friend, please refer to it. Recently, things are very busy. A new project is coming out, but many functions need to be re-implemented, and code and Debug have been being

The effects of scrolling between the left and right sides of the android platform

The Code is as follows: Public class GroupActivity extends Activity { Private List gbList; // Private MyListAdapter adapter; Private ItemClickEvent listener; // Private MyHandler handler; Private GridView [] gridvs; // Private LinearLayout

Implementation Code for Android to read user numbers, phone serial numbers, and SIM card serial numbers

The following describes the implementation code for reading the user number, mobile phone string number, and SIM card serial number from Android. 1. Use the core code provided by TelephonyManager: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: TelephonyManager

How to use the "Which" command in Windows Linux

In Linux, there is a command called which, which can find and display the directory where a command is located in Path.In Linux:[Adam @ I ase adam] $ which ls/Bin/ls[Adam @ I ase adam] $ which rm/Bin/rm has a where.exe in the Resource Kitts of NT.

Obtain the Android mobile phone model, system version, App version, and other information.

MainActivity is as follows: Package cn. testgethandsetinfo; import android. OS. bundle; import android. text. textUtils; import android. widget. textView; import android. app. activity; import android. content. context; import android. content. pm.

Android obtains the path (URL) of the selected image in the SD card.

The upload function of an image must provide the path of the uploaded image in the SD card, summarize some columns on the Internet, and modify the code. For more information, see, hope to help you Recently, I am working on an image upload function.

Android multi-screen adaptation

Problem: During the test, it is found that the Display Effect of applications on different monitors is different (some texts cannot be completely displayed). Naturally, the screen adaptation problem occurs. Sort the rules as follows: (1) several

Android registered broadcast methods and their advantages and disadvantages

In android, to accept broadcast information, we have to implement this broadcast receiver. We can inherit BroadcastReceiver to have a broadcast receiver. There is not enough receiver. We have to rewrite the onReceiver method in BroadcastReceiver,

Android calling system Email multi-Attachment

In Android, Intent is used to call other programs for related processing. Of course, Email is no exception.In Android, there are three types of Intent for calling Email:Intent. ACTION_SENDTO send without attachmentIntent. ACTION_SEND send with

Performance Design for running Android applications

Mobile devices running Android applications are limited by their computing capabilities, storage space, and battery life. Therefore, it must be efficient. Battery life may be a reason for your optimization, even if it seems to be running fast enough.

Background selector in android

/*** Add a file in the res/drawable folder, which sets the image trigger status. You can set state_pressed, state_checked, state_pressed,* State_selected, state_focused, state_enabled, and other statuses:** Android: state_pressed* If it is true, the

Common Android adb commands

1. query several android devices connected to the adb server> Adb devicesList of devices attached0123456789 ABCDEF device2. install an apk to the android device.> Adb install-r B: test6577PinyinIME.apk2509 KB/s (1284852 bytes in 0.499

Implement the Android canvas application using double buffering technology

The dual-buffer technology means that after the user operation interface is complete, a buffer zone will be provided to save the user operation results. Why is dual-buffer technology used? For Android game development, the UI is all re-painted every

Android imitation QQ WeChat opening navigation and login interface

You are already familiar with the UI of social networking applications. This UI is the best reference for the first time when you use it. You can slide the navigation between the left and right of some products, finally, enter the application. This

How does android modify the default time format?

1. Modify the file alpsframeworksbasepackagesSettingsProviderresvaluesdefaults. xmlAdd code 24 The red flag indicates the 24-hour format. It can also be changed to 12 (12-hour format)2. Modify the file

APP star mobile app development tutorial

APP star is a free mobile application development platform and a mobile application platform that can be independently developed without the help of programmers. The application star platform is based on components and graphical development. It does

Permission added for android

Android. permission. ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES// Allow read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database. You can modify and upload the table by modifying the value. Android. permission. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION// Allow a program to

Getting started with Android Program Development

Creating a new project is simple. As long as you have installed the Eclipse plug-in and your Eclipse software version is 3.2 or 3.3, you can start development.   First, let's take a look at the advanced steps for creating the "Hello, World" program:

Using SQLite database in Android Development

SQPte is a very popular embedded database. It supports the SQL language and has good performance only by using a small amount of memory. In addition, it is open-source and can be used by anyone. Many open-source projects (Mozilla, PHP, Python) Use

Android development threads and processes

  Process:The processes run by the component are controlled by the manifest file. The , , , and nodes of the component contain a process attribute. This attribute allows you to set the processes for running the component: You can configure the

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