Set the Android startup interface in the AndroidManifest. xml file

For example, the Login program of Android and the Helloworld program of Android cannot run a correct program correctly. It has been depressing for a long time, finally, after a test, the program of the self-built project was successfully run in the

How to use Baidu map sdk in Android

Baidu map Android SDK is an application interface based on Android 2.1 (v1.3.5 and earlier versions support android 1.5 and later versions) You can use this SDK to develop a map application for Android mobile devices. by calling the map SDK

In-depth parsing of custom Android attribute format

The following is a detailed analysis of the custom attribute format in Android. For more information, see 1. reference: refer to a resource ID.(1) attribute definition: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: (2) attribute usage: Copy codeThe Code is as

How to add button events in android

Solution: 1. Add a button in activity_main.xml IN res/layout and name it "button1. 2. Add button event binding in MainActivity. java: View btn1 = this. findViewById (R. id. button1 ); Btn1.setOnClickListener (new ButtonClickListener ()); 3.

Android SMS/MMS

First, activity_main.xml layout: Xmlns: tools = ""Android: layout_width = "match_parent"Android: layout_height = "match_parent"Android: paddingBottom = "@ dimen/activity_vertical_margin"Android: paddingLeft = "@ dimen/

Unslide and unlock when android enables pattern unlocking

If you want to change the lock to a layer, You need to modify it as follows: LockPatternKeyguardView. java: Private Mode getInitialMode (){ IccCard. State simState2 = IccCard. State. NOT_READY; Final IccCard. State simState = mUpdateMonitor.

Android connection server Servlet

Enter the user name and password on the logon page. After Successful Logon, the system jumps to the homepage. If the logon fails, an error message is displayed. When passing parameters, use the List of BasicNameValuePair as httpPost. setEntity. You

Memory Optimization for Bitmap in Android Application Development

In Android applications, image resources are the most memory-consuming resources. In addition, in the Android system, when reading Bitmap, the size of the image stack assigned to the virtual machine is only 8 Mb. If the size exceeds the threshold,

Android has recently taken a picture to delete an album.

Private void deleteLatestPhoto (){ String [] projection = new String [] {MediaStore. Images. ImageColumns. _ ID, MediaStore. Images. ImageColumns. DATE_TAKEN }; Cursor cursor = managedQuery (MediaStore. Images. Media. EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI,

Handler common methods in Android

Package com. example. testhandler;Import android. OS. Bundle;Import android. OS. Handler;Import android. OS. Message;Import android. app. Activity;// Handler common methods:// 1 post ()// 2 postDelayed ()// 3 sendMessage ()// 4 handleMessage

Android background does not send Email with Intent

The following is an encapsulation of the mail sending function. using these methods, you can easily send emails or even add attachments.Import java. util. Date;Import java. util. Properties;Import javax. activation. CommandMap;Import javax.

Android platform completely exits the application

Android will call android when exiting the application. OS. process. killProcess (android. OS. process. myPid () or System. exit (0), which is only effective for the first Activity (that is, the Activity of the entry. If there are three activities A,

Android implements simple Timed Shutdown of applications

 Let's take a look at the simple graphic interface. It's easy to implement Timed Shutdown !!! (The entire project is included in my upload resources.) Of course, we developed it in eclipse, so we should first create a project Shutdown (of course we

How does android obtain application signature information?

Public void getSingInfo (){Try {PackageInfo packageInfo = getPackageManager (). getPackageInfo ("Com. example. yao", PackageManager. GET_SIGNATURES );Signature [] signs = packageInfo. signatures;Signature sign = signs [0];ParseSignature (sign.

Network image loading in Android4.0

4.0 the system cannot load network images in the main thread. Otherwise, an exception is reported. You can use the new thread method to solve the problem: Package com. smalt. thread;Import java. io. InputStream;Import android. graphics.

Android determines whether there is a network N Method

1 ./** * Obtain the network connection method.** @ Param context* @ Return*/Public static NetworkInfo getActiveNetwork (Context context){If (context = null)Return null;ConnectivityManager mConnMgr = (ConnectivityManager) context. GetSystemService

Use the Soap protocol on android

Package XXX; import org. ksoap2.SoapEnvelope; import org. ksoap2.serialization. soapObject; import org. ksoap2.serialization. soapSerializationEnvelope; import org. ksoap2.transport. httpTransportSE; import org. xmlpull. v1.XmlPullParserException;

Android NFC development practices

Beam examples provided in Android 4.0 SDK are indeed a good template for NFC development. For the NDEF message processing process that understands NFC, see the following code. Public class Beam extends Activity implements

Android Development Environment configuration problems

First download the latest android SDK version. However, The latest SDK clearly states that "the Android SDK archive now only contains The tools. it no longer comes populated with a specific Android platform or Google add-on. instead you use the SDK

When android calls the system text message Intent, it will pre-fill the receiving number and content

Some time ago, the world called the Intent of the SMS that comes with the system in an application, but the recipient's number never passed. The Code is as follows: The Code is as follows:Uri smsToUri = Uri. parse ("smsto: 123456 ");Intent

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