Android development: logcat is invalid and ADB is invalid

Logcat is an extremely important tool, but sometimes it becomes invalid, for example, when you repeatedly plug in or use several machines together. In this case, ADB usually has a problem. There is a restart ADB option in the triangle drop-down menu

Simple tutorial on modifying host files in Android

The significance of modifying the host in the great tianchao is self-evident. You must be clear about what you can do by modifying the host. For example, if the famous Motorola mobile Forum itfunz crashes, you can log on to the host by modifying the

Cross-device link caused by MV without CP command in Android

There is no CP command in the andorid command line (why not integrate the command ?), After installing busybox, you can run the CP command. Why not input the MV command in Android directly?MV/sdcard/testaudio/system/Meida/Audio/testaudioWhat about

New Android projects do not know how to select versions

With the deepening of work, one project after another experienced users, each time a new project framework was opened, they first encountered an extremely embarrassing problem. Faced with many SDK versions, which one should I choose? We often hear

Loading modes of four Android activities

I saw this on someone else's blog.ArticleIf you think it is good, you can get it here for reference. Article Source: ApplicationProgramEach component has a life cycle, starting from the android

Solutions to the GPS positioning problem of Android China Mobile custom machine

If you haven't deleted the mobile phone navigation, you will find that you haven't opened anything, but the mobile phone navigation in running services is on! I believe everyone has tried it. When I buy it, everyone only has mobile phone navigation

Delete An android Google account

After logging on to the Google account, you can choose "Restore factory settings" or "format data ". It cannot be deleted (Note: These two methods are newly installed by yourself.ProgramAll are formatted. 3rd Methods: Use the re File Manager to

Remove the title bar of Android and disable full screen

Remove the title bar: ApplicationAndroid: icon= "@ Drawable/icon"Android: Label= "@ String/app_name"Android: Theme= "@ Android: style/theme. notitlebar"> OrCodeIn: Requestwindowfeature (window. feature_no_title );//Remove title bar Note that

Android-Development Environment Construction

1 -- download required software Android SDK: Eclipse: JDK:

What do iOS 7 need to do with Android?

Five years ago, IOS took the lead. Now, Android has gradually matured and dominated most of the smart phone market. However, the iOS ecosystem is more mature and healthy, and the design style is also recognized by more people. IOS is accused of

[Android] deleting a file with garbled characters in the file name

The original intention is to back up a hosts file, then modify the content of hosts (for everyone's understanding), copy it with RE, and paste it to show thisGarbled filesYes. Use Re to delete the file. The system prompts that the file is

Property summary in the activity configuration section of the android manifest File

Android: alwaysretaintaskstate = ["true" | "false"] Android: cleartaskonlaunch = ["true" | "false"] Android: configchanges = ["MCC", "MNC", "locale", "touchscreen", "keyboard", "keyboardhidden", "navigation", "orientation ", "screenlayout",

Android package a jar package containing activity and resource files and call it in the project

Studying how to package resources and activity files into jar files for project calls has taken a lot of detours and tried different methods, which is not ideal, finally, we found the perfect solution from the official Android documentation. Here is

In Android, how do I add advertisements?

I have always wanted to know how to add advertisements to Android apps. I used my spare time to find a very useful advertisement platform in China called "universal Century" (you can click to learn more ), A small application was added to the

The Android Application running reports the unable to resolve superclass of L error.

In Android development, if you upgrade the ADT to more than 17 (including 17), if your project references other third-party jar packages, the following error will be reported during running. This is because third-party packages will be put in a libs

Android textview vertical auto-scroll

When developing Android applications, it is easy to scroll horizontally or to make a marquee. The attributes of textview are supported. As long as the settings are accurate, textview will scroll, making development easier, however, textview does not

Release an Android app-poetry Daquan

Collection of more than 4000 poems and appreciation of poems. History spans from pre-Qin to modern times, and is the most comprehensive collection of poems in history. The Software category is clear, including the list of dynasties, author list,

Release an Android app-poetry Daquan version update

After a period of time, the "Poetry Daquan" app has gone through 5 versions of updates, and now it has been updated to v1.5, with a large number of updates mainly concentrated on the UI, the main starting point is to improve the ease-of-use of

Android development: this is an interesting phenomenon caused by dv Virtual Machine resource recovery. It is attached with an available zip tool class.

Since I started to use Android and Java, I have had many "amazing" contact with jvm and its gc mechanism. Many jvm gc implementations have different strategies. I personally know that, even the implementations of various Android mobile phone

Android development: Notes

1. I just found an amazing thing. In tabactivity, gettabhost () is used (). setcurrenttab (2); set the current subactivity to the first, for example, the second, but the first subactivity will still create. Currently, we do not know the situation

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