Android phone pulling Summary

Today I want to write a simple phone call.ProgramWhen I wrote it out, I always reported an error. I tracked it and found the error. I didn't have the permission. I used to say it when I was reading the book, but I still forgot it when I was writing

About the image resolution in draw in Android

Differences between drawable-hdpi, drawable-ldpi, and drawable-mdpi Hdpi mainly contains high-resolution images, such as WVGA (480x800) and fwvga (480X854)The mdpi mainly contains medium-resolution images, such as hvga (320x480)Ldpi uses

Android reads files under a resource file

When I was reading the file today, I suddenly thought about how to read the file if it is stored in the raw directory?   Note that files from resources and assets can only be read but cannot be written.   Read from raw files as follows:  

Android monitors Battery status

Recently, a GPS-related project has been developed, because it involves the use of GPS. As we all know, GPS consumes a lot of power, so I want to know how to know the current power, when the power usage reaches a lower limit, the user is reminded in

Android determines the network status and opens the Network Settings dialog box when there is no network.

When using Android to connect to the network, it is not always possible to connect to the network. At this time, we 'd betterProgramMake a judgment on the network status when starting. If there is no network, immediately remind the user to set it.

Android icationicationmanager and notification

Sometimes we runProgramBut you need to give the user a prompt. At this time, you need to use the prompt information, that is, display an icon or text in the prompt bar to remind the user. The following is the implementationCode:   Code

Android uses three methods to obtain webpages (submit forms through post and get)

Here, we have integrated the three types of information used to obtain the webpage content. We have already processed the preceding three methods for submitting and uploading files through a form. Now we have integrated these three methods into one,

Set the android scene mode

You should be familiar with setting the scene mode, but how to use your ownProgramYou can set the scenario mode in multiple ways, that is, you can use the built-in or custom scenarios, but when developing some programs, you may need to change the

Android uses intent to start common applications and services)

There are still many things to do after the Chinese New Year's Eve, and there is less blog writing than before. Please wait for time to add it! Open the browser to display the webpage:Uri uri = URI. parse (" ");Intent intent =

Permission list for Android (2)

Access_fine_location, marker, and access_mock_location are information about GPS positioning. Android. Permission. access_fine_location, Android. Permission. permission, and Android. Permission. access_mock_location must be declared.

Android adds shortcuts to the desktop

Sometimes you need to add shortcuts on the desktop for ease of use. The following are two ways to add shortcuts: 1.   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Void

Android GPS Positioning implementation (2-1) using Google Maps

To display Google Maps on the android client, you need to use Google's API. This time, Google is directly used instead of the android SDK. Because there is no detail, how many differences are there between them, it is not clear yet. Wait for a while

Android gets miei ismi SIM card serial number and other information

  Because I have written one before, I feel that the writing is not detailed. Here is a supplement!   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Telephonymanager

Android development of TCP and UDP clients

In the process of Android development, it is inevitable to develop TCP/UDP CommunicationProgram, The following two sectionsCodeDescribes an instance of TCP/UCP: Code 1:   Private void tcpdata (){ Try { Socket S = new socket ("",

Implementation of Android GPS positioning (1) continued

Why is this essay continued, not (2), mainly because the positioning information is displayed on the map in (2, and this articleArticleIn the previous article, I wrote about how to implement GPS positioning, but did not write about how to test

Android Speech Recognition (code in other materials)

Today I saw a Simple Speech Recognition book.CodeNow, just copy it and make a simple note, in case you can't find any information when you need to search for it. I also hope that my friends who need to study in this area will pay attention to it.

Why does Android not allow Google to end the entire program, but to end a single activity?

Don't worry about the remaining memory size. In fact, many people bring the habit of using other systems. Most Android applications do not exit the design, which is related to the system's scheduling mechanism for processes. If you know Java, you

Android sharedpreferences Record Data

Using sharedpreferences to record data in Android is like using an INI file to record data in computer software development. It just makes some simple records, such, whether the software starts an operation automatically or not, but the file format

Android gets the phone serial number

Today, I am discussing how to use a mobile phone to work in the Organization. I suddenly think of the serial number of the mobile phone card. As long as the serial number of the mobile phone card is used, I can uniquely identify a mobile phone card,

Android mobile phone photo

Today, I took a photo on my cell phone for almost one day. Later, I thought about it, and now I don't know what I know, right? First, if I use this method to take a photo,ProgramIn the simulator, problems may occur when it is started. I don't know

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