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(If you translate it by yourself, please note it. Thank you. I will fix the missing image, typographical issues, and invalid links. Please check the androidsdk documentation before) Even if you writeCodeWith all the performance tests in the world,

Create and use an android Library Project

Create and use an android Library Project   Summary : Create a library for multiple projects to share Code Resources are very common requirements. There is very little such information on the Internet, basically it is about creating a Java

Android gets the root permission and restarts

This is a problem. It is said on the Internet that Mk + uid can be obtained. Previously, I only used cmd to obtain it, and I had to install a superuser on the premise that it had been cracked. CodeAs follows: (could you please enlighten MK)  

Android image cache Processing Method

of the challenges of developing for mobile devices is making your app run fast, even though it only has very limited capabilities. this is the problem we'll be adressing in this post, or to be more exact, We'll be adressing how to get your images

An error occurred while decoding the image using the decodestream () method of bitmapfactory in Android.

Obtain the image from the network. The data is an inputstream Stream object. Then, call the decodestream () method of bitmapfactory to decode and obtain the image.CodeAs follows:   Private Bitmap geturlbitmap (string URL){Bitmap bm; Try {URL

My android two-year summary

I have graduated from Shanxi to Beijing for more than two years, and I am lucky to have no twists and turns along the way. This is the lucky thing that makes me feel something missing. I always want to do something to make myself feel unempty, but

Android webview settings

Webview is equivalent to a browser in Android. developed based on WebKit, webview allows you to browse webpage files, and supports CSS JavaScript and HTML To use webview, you must first configure the following: 1. androidmanifest. "android.

Android listview asynchronously loads Images

package CN. riddles. activity; import android. app. activity; import android. OS. bundle; import android. widget. listview; public class mainactivity extends activity {private listview lv; @ override public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {

Android 9 patch Image

This article discusses the following two topics around the .9.png format: 1. Features of the image in this format 2. Production Method Features of a .9.png File Compared with a traditional PNG image, a 9.png image consists of an edge of one

Android: how to resolve application's parameter nullpointerexception

I also try writing a blog = How to PreventProgramAfter a long time of running in the background, switching back causes the value in the application to be cleared and crash.   1. Scenario You have a customize application (named myapplication )

New Android map usage: mapfragment

1. Limitations of mapview and mapactivity are that mapactivity must be inherited; otherwise, mapview cannot be used. This is the tangle. However, the latest official website has abandoned this bad mapactivity. Version 1 of the Google Maps Android

Android calls the front camera [original]

First of all, I want to vent my little dissatisfaction with Android. For Shenma 2.3, only APIs are available to support front camera. For Shenma 2.3 and earlier versions, there will also be front cameras, different methods are used to call the front

How to compile Android applications into image/ROM

Http:// Sometimes we want to integrate our Android appProgramCompile to image/ROM, so that the program will be installed in the/system/APP directory and cannot be uninstalled. BelowI use my own

Android app font Modification

Android provides three fonts: "sans", "serif", and "monospace ". 1. Set the font in the android XML file Android: Typeface can be used, for example, Android: Typeface = "monospace ". In this example, Android: text = "Hello, world! Hello, there are

Android: How to drag the gallery to prevent the gallery card from loading data immediately

One bad effect of gallery menu sliding is that each menu that goes through the middle is selected by default, and the data is loaded so that the switching is not smooth. There is a feeling of kakaka !! In fact, the thread is used to solve this

How to grant root permissions to Android applications

Write this articleArticleFirst, thank you Simon_fu , His two articles about Root This article is a supplement to his article. Simon_fu See the following two web pages: AndroidProgramSecurity System AndroidApplication acquisition RootPermission

Uniied emoji for Android

This is the most annoying thing I 've ever encountered since I made Android. It's a damn emoji expression, and it's so annoying .. I have no choice but to allocate this question to me. I can only do it with my scalp. 0. Spit it out first First

Three years of Android development habits

Android has been written for three years.CodeI really don't have much interest in it. Every day, I optimize code, framework, and technical support. Very boring. After half a year, only 1/4 of the projects were created, and 3 m of the SRC project

Write An ORM framework for the android database by yourself. It supports associations and lazy data loading.

Because IOS uses the SQLite database, the company requires that I use SQLite as well. We all know that SQLite SQL is not very useful, especially that we have at least 46 tables in the app, the data size can reach 2 GB at most, so we don't need to re-

Call the "Application Info" interface of the android System

"Android system settings-> ApplicationsProgram-> Manage Applications "lists the installed applications in the system. Select one of the programs to go to the "ApplicationInformation (ApplicationInfo) interface. This interface displays the program

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