Learning about Android

I am still learning about Android. Recently I have learned much better than a few days ago. Today I made another mistake. Of course, every time I make a mistake, I should give myself a warning, the mistake today was to use one view to get the ID of

Android phone pulling Summary

Today I want to write a simple phone call.ProgramWhen I wrote it out, I always reported an error. I tracked it and found the error. I didn't have the permission. I used to say it when I was reading the book, but I still forgot it when I was writing

Android reads files under a resource file

When I was reading the file today, I suddenly thought about how to read the file if it is stored in the raw directory?   Note that files from resources and assets can only be read but cannot be written.   Read from raw files as follows:  

Android monitors Battery status

Recently, a GPS-related project has been developed, because it involves the use of GPS. As we all know, GPS consumes a lot of power, so I want to know how to know the current power, when the power usage reaches a lower limit, the user is reminded in

Android determines the network status and opens the Network Settings dialog box when there is no network.

When using Android to connect to the network, it is not always possible to connect to the network. At this time, we 'd betterProgramMake a judgment on the network status when starting. If there is no network, immediately remind the user to set it.

My android two-year summary

I have graduated from Shanxi to Beijing for more than two years, and I am lucky to have no twists and turns along the way. This is the lucky thing that makes me feel something missing. I always want to do something to make myself feel unempty, but

Android icationicationmanager and notification

Sometimes we runProgramBut you need to give the user a prompt. At this time, you need to use the prompt information, that is, display an icon or text in the prompt bar to remind the user. The following is the implementationCode:   Code

Android webview settings

Webview is equivalent to a browser in Android. developed based on WebKit, webview allows you to browse webpage files, and supports CSS JavaScript and HTML To use webview, you must first configure the following: 1. androidmanifest. "android.

Android uses three methods to obtain webpages (submit forms through post and get)

Here, we have integrated the three types of information used to obtain the webpage content. We have already processed the preceding three methods for submitting and uploading files through a form. Now we have integrated these three methods into one,

Set the android scene mode

You should be familiar with setting the scene mode, but how to use your ownProgramYou can set the scenario mode in multiple ways, that is, you can use the built-in or custom scenarios, but when developing some programs, you may need to change the

Android adds shortcuts to the desktop

Sometimes you need to add shortcuts on the desktop for ease of use. The following are two ways to add shortcuts: 1.   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Void

Android gets miei ismi SIM card serial number and other information

  Because I have written one before, I feel that the writing is not detailed. Here is a supplement!   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Telephonymanager

Implementation of Android GPS positioning (1) continued

Why is this essay continued, not (2), mainly because the positioning information is displayed on the map in (2, and this articleArticleIn the previous article, I wrote about how to implement GPS positioning, but did not write about how to test

Android listview asynchronously loads Images

package CN. riddles. activity; import android. app. activity; import android. OS. bundle; import android. widget. listview; public class mainactivity extends activity {private listview lv; @ override public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {

Android: how to resolve application's parameter nullpointerexception

I also try writing a blog = How to PreventProgramAfter a long time of running in the background, switching back causes the value in the application to be cleared and crash.   1. Scenario You have a customize application (named myapplication )

How to compile Android applications into image/ROM

Http://blog.csdn.net/silvervi/article/details/6315606 Sometimes we want to integrate our Android appProgramCompile to image/ROM, so that the program will be installed in the/system/APP directory and cannot be uninstalled. BelowI use my own

How to grant root permissions to Android applications

Write this articleArticleFirst, thank you Simon_fu , His two articles about Root This article is a supplement to his article. Simon_fu See the following two web pages: AndroidProgramSecurity System AndroidApplication acquisition RootPermission

Three years of Android development habits

Android has been written for three years.CodeI really don't have much interest in it. Every day, I optimize code, framework, and technical support. Very boring. After half a year, only 1/4 of the projects were created, and 3 m of the SRC project

Write An ORM framework for the android database by yourself. It supports associations and lazy data loading.

Because IOS uses the SQLite database, the company requires that I use SQLite as well. We all know that SQLite SQL is not very useful, especially that we have at least 46 tables in the app, the data size can reach 2 GB at most, so we don't need to re-

Call the "Application Info" interface of the android System

"Android system settings-> ApplicationsProgram-> Manage Applications "lists the installed applications in the system. Select one of the programs to go to the "ApplicationInformation (ApplicationInfo) interface. This interface displays the program

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