Android dialog box basic application detailed tutorial

When we do development at ordinary times, we will inevitably use a variety of dialogs. I believe that anyone who has experience developing other platforms will know that most of the platforms only provide a few of the simplest implementations, if we

Android simulator Android SDK 4.0.3 R2 Installation Complete graphic tutorial

In the latest Android 4.0.3 R2 simulator, GPU support has been added to support the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, allowing developers to use the simulator to test their own OpenGL games. After camera support was added last year, the new version of the

Android SDK manager cannot be updated

Eclipse Output ErrorReason: connection to refusedIt is estimated that this is the credit of the great GFW. We only need to configure the hosts file and add the following sentence at the end of the file:

Several second-hand books are sold for Android/WP/Design Pattern Algorithms, basically brand new

Windows Phone 7ProgramDesign RMB 55 Http:// Id = 18588908013 In simple terms: Windows Phone 7 Application Development, RMB 30 Http:// Id = 18762816776   Big talk design model: 17 RMB

What are the good game engines on the Android platform?

3D engine: • Untity3d 3.0 Http://• Airplay sdks 4.2Http://• Shiva3d (beta version)Http://• DX StudioHttp:// Newsid = 12fd905c-36d7-4823 -...•

FAQs about Android listview

Listview is a common space in Android.However, its height is sometimes difficult to control.If the layout contains , include the listview. The height of a unit is changed to the height of a unit.Solution /*** Set the height of the list box to solve

Android SDK download address in China

I don't know whether it's because of the recent kaihui. OpenAndroid SDK Official WebsiteIt is very slow. It is almost impossible to download the latest version of platform. I don't know why Google has set up image sites in different countries like

[Android Q & A] How do I obtain the cell phone screen size?

This question is not complex, but there are a lot of people asking, so I should concentrate on answering it. Starting from Android 3.2 (API Level 13), use the following method in the activity to obtain the screen size (in pixels ): Display

[Android Q & A] highlights of Development Environment Issues

To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. Compared with iOS development, Android development environments have many versions, resulting in many problems. Obviously, we should not waste valuable time solving the problems brought about by the

[Android Q & A] How does listview load remote images? (With code)

Listview plays a very important role in Android applications, but many developers have encountered a lot of trouble when using listview. A common problem is that the List displays a series of records with a thumbnail (product photos, user portraits,

[Android Q & A] How does one implement the "exit application" function?

Users who have just switched from desktop application development to mobile phone development are often troubled by this problem. After a user presses the Home key, the application is not "completely exited", but "running in the background ", it

[Android Q & A] What should I do if the screen is rotated and the activity is rebuilt?

This issue is explained in a specific section in the android development documentation. In simple terms, activity is the most important mechanism for interaction with users. Any configuration changes may affect the activity interface.The system will

[Android Q & A] How to Deal with activity process killing?

We need to understand the main difference between Android mobile phone Development and desktop development: an Android mobile phone usually runs multiple applications (Apps) at the same time, and each app corresponds to a system process, when the

[Android Q & A] What are the differences between PX, DP, and SP?

ArticleDirectory Px: DP: Dip: SP: MM: In: PT: I believe that every new Android user will encounter this problem. I hope this post will make you no longer struggle. Px: That is, pixels. 1px indicates a physical

Android development issue summary

1. When installing Android SDK with installler (SDK starter package), the system prompts that JDK cannot be found, but JDK has already been installed on the machine. One effective solution for many people is to click the "back" button and then

Android development-Intent

1. What is intent? Intent Chinese meaning is the purpose. In Android, it also means "purpose. This is where we are going. Intent is needed to go from this activity to another activity. ExampleCodeI: 1: // Define an intent 2:Intent intent

[Android] Permission for accessing Android permission

Android. Permission. access_checkin_properties Allow read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database. You can modify the value of the table (allows read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database, to change

Install and use Android ndk R5 on Windows

WindowsInstall and use android on the System Ndk R5  I have heard of Android's ndk application for a long time, but I have never had time to study it. Today I spent some time building an ndk environment on the Windows platform and successfully ran

Common android Development Terms

This topic is a collection of Android terms and descriptions. 1.apk Extension APK is the extension of the android package. An android package containsProgramFor all related files, the APK file includes the androidmanifest. xml file and

[Android] Android listens to network status + source code

You want to obtain the android network events First, you must register a explorer. Cycler Android: Name = "Com. Ray. Ray. Receiver. connectionchangereceiver" Android: Label = "Networkconnection" > Intent-Filter > Action

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