Android uses a real machine to debug programs through USB

My host is very old and it takes several minutes to start an android simulator. But thanks to the fact that there is an android real machine, debugging directly on the Android phone is also a good choice. Next I will introduce how to use Android

AVD usage and error handling methods in Android

After setting environment variables, emulator of Version 1.1 can be started by entering emulator in the command line. However, in version 1.5, an AVD (Android Virtual Device) is added ), AVD is equivalent to a simulator, but you can use AVD to

Android message push technology androidpn

Message push is becoming increasingly popular. Now Baidu also provides message push services. You can search for them. There are three ways to push data from the server to the android client: 1. Round Robin, ApplicationProgramYou should

Imageview attributes Android: scaletype

I checked a lot of information on the Internet, which is roughly the same. Everyone copied each other. It was very difficult and hard to understand. I would like to summarize it myself and find it if I needed it. CodeExample: Imageview

Conversion and difference of DP, SP, and PX in Android.

In the APK Resource Package When the screen density is 240, resources that use the hdpi label use the ldpi label when the screen density is 160 and the resources that use the mdpi label use the ldpi label when the screen density is 120. Resources

Create the first Android app helloword

1. Create an android project. In the menu, choose File> New> Android project. 2. The items displayed in the pop-up dialog box are as follows:"Project name:". Enter the project name here;"Build target:", select the build target of the new Android

Two typical methods for exiting multiple activities in Android

Here we will introduce two methods: one is to remember each activity and then kill them one by one; the other is to use broadcast. Method 1: Use List to save activity instances, and then kill them one by one. UpperCode: Import Java. util.

Download Android Resources

Original article: Resource list: Dbank: # [Android. Development booksHd pdf]. apress. Pro. Android. Media. dec.2010-orietech[Android.

Android Development Series logs-(1)

1. install the development environment 1. required resources JDK, Eclipse, SDK, and ADT 2. note the path of all resource storage must not contain Chinese characters the simulator path can be modified by creating the environment variable android_

Set full screen and untitled mode in Android

During development, we often need to set our application to full screen. Here I know two methods, one is inCodeIn the configuration file! Next I will briefly introduce the various settings. 1. Set in the Code: Java code: Public void

Rebuilding the android Environment

To use Code And tools to develop Android applications, you need a suitable development machine and environment, as described below. Environment: Windows 2003 First, install jdk6(jdk-6-windows-i586.exe) After JDK is installed, install

Causes and solutions for Android program memory leakage

Memory leakage is also known as "Storage leakage". The space dynamically opened by the dynamic storage allocation function is not released after use. As a result, this memory unit remains occupied. UntilProgramEnd. Memory leakage. Memory leakage

Android uses the system intent for sharing and adds applications to the sharing list.

Reprinted from: Http:// | radish cabbage blog In the Android system, how does one add the sharing function to an application and add the application to the system sharing selection list? Intent.

Improved efficiency. viewholder applications in Android Layout

To improve efficiency, we can use viewholder. Here, we will keep the common operations of viewholder. If you forget it, you can come back and check it out. 1. Create viewholder first Private ClassViewholder {textview TV _type; textview TV _date;

Android learning notes-use intentservice

Intentservice is a subclass of the service class and is used to process asynchronous requests.The client can pass the request to intentservice through the startservice (intent) method. intentservice processes each intent object through worker thread

Android Study Notes-graphic Android Broadcast Mechanism

In a post in the blog garden, I saw such a breakdown of the android broadcast mechanism, which is very well-understood and easy to understand. By the way, I will share it with you here: From:

Android learning notes (difference between startservice and bindservice in service)

There are two ways to create a service:StartserviceOrBindservice The service cannot run on its own. You must call context. startservice () or context. bindservice () to start the service. Both methods Services can be started, but they are used

Android control-togglebutton Learning

Togglebutton has two states: select and not select, and set different display text for different states. First, let's take a look at the effect: Next, let's take a look at the togglebutton usage (relatedCode): Layout file of Main. xml

Android 3D Rotation triangle (3)

Stereo Package com. Sunny;Import java. NiO. bytebuffer;Import java. NiO. byteorder;Import java. NiO. floatbuffer;Import java. NiO. Protocol buffer; Import javax. microedition. khronos. EGL. eglconfig;Import javax. microedition. khronos.

Android Question 1

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