Build an android Development Environment

the development of Android is in full swing, and the development is not very busy now. Now I have learned how to set up the android development environment in windows, which is a record for myself, for more information, see new entry! (1) install

Upgrade thsocket for Android Bluetooth APIs

Previous two articles Article We mentioned the pairing, discovery, activation, and other operations on the Android platform Bluetooth. This article begins to establish a socket for Bluetooth communication through the javasthsocket class. Android 2.0

Android UI development topic (4) view self-painted controls

In many cases, if you want to design a beautiful Android UI, you must consider the self-painted controls to display class views on the android interface, we can use the inheritance extension to override related methods to draw our graphics. First,

Back key event capture on Android

Many users do not understand how to capture the back key event on the Android platform. The back key is the back key on the mobile phone. General software does not capture relevant information, which may lead to yourProgramSwitch to the background,

[Entry 5] Introduction to the camera architecture of Android

Part 1CameraOverview Android Of Camera Include Viewfinder ( Viewfinder . Currently Android Released version Camera ProgramAlthough the functions are relatively simple, the program architecture is divided into two parts: client and server.

Android UI development Topic (ii) Basics of plotting

Today, we will continue to introduce the content of the underlying plotting class of the Android platform. In the interface design of the android UI development topic (I), we will introduce operations on the Android platform resources and bitmap

[Entry 6] detailed explanation of the android GSM Driver Module

As mentioned above, requests are received through multiplexing I/O in ril_event_loop, and Initialization is also analyzed. Now let's take a closer look at how this mechanism works. Ril_event_set is responsible for configuring an event. There are two

Android UI development topic (3) Various drawable

This section describes the various drawable types on the Android platform. graphics. under the drawable package, we can see that there are more than a dozen drawable classes. What are the relationships and differences between them? I.

[Entry 3] Android Application Development entry 5

1. What is Android? Android is an open-source mobile operating system developed by Google based on the Linux platform. It includes the operating system, user interface, and Application Program -- All software required for mobile phone work, and

Android literacy 2

Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 388 & extra = Page % 3d1 InAndroidThe reference to resources in development is very important.AndroidThe good and bad engineering structure. In fact, we can see the relationship between

Build an android development environment in Ubuntu

After a very busy afternoon, I have made reference to a lot of materials. Now I have set up an android development environment under Ubuntu. See an article before buildingArticleIt cannot be said that android does not support Java 6, but

[Entry 4] Android core modules and related technologies

Android is a mobile device platform. Its software hierarchy includes an operating system (OS), middleware (middleware), and applications. Program (Application ). Based on the software block diagram of Android, the software hierarchy is divided into

Android UI development topic (I) Interface Design

Recently, many users have expressed great interest in the design of the android user interface. It is essential for the android UI to develop self-painted controls and make games to have a good grasp of the drawing base. This topic will be discussed

[Entry 8] Android Application Framework

Take helloactivity Program For example, we will briefly introduce the framework of Android applications. It is hoped that the reader can write an andorid Application Based on helloactivity. Helloactivity Project Source code In the android directory

Upgrade thadapter class for Android Bluetooth APIs

Using the thinthadapter class, you can search for peripheral Bluetooth devices on Android devices and then pair (BIND) them. Bluetooth communication is based on a unique MAC address for mutual transmission. Security Pairing is required for Bluetooth

One of the android entry-level literacy

Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 387 & extra = Page % 3d1 Learning Android I think it has been more than two weeks. Android The framework is quite good, but the inheritance relationship and method naming of the provided

Deviceadmininfo class added in Android 2.2

Android 2.2 adds an android. app. admin. the deviceadmininfo class can help us obtain a package information with the Administrator permission. The deviceadmininfo class has a constructor called deviceadmininfo (context, resolveinfo receiver) to

[Getting Started] Android Application Framework

Take helloactivity Program For example, we will briefly introduce the framework of Android applications. It is hoped that the reader can write an andorid Application Based on helloactivity. Helloactivity Project Source code In the android directory

Android development FAQ Summary

Q: What is the entry point of the Android Application? Why is main () not executed? A: In Android applications, whether the activity or service entry point is oncreate, we can see clearly the lifecycle in the SDK documentation, of course, android123

Android development Book recommendation

Many beginners Android Developers still like reading books and learning about SDK documents and apidemo. android123 recommends two entry-level books on New Year's Day, as a book of Turing education, there is still a guarantee of quality.The first

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