Solve the Problem of Android failed to rename directory

Failed to rename directory e: \ Android \ tools to E: \ Android \ temp \ toolpackage. old01 Failed to rename directory e: \ Android \ tools to E: \ Android \ temp \ toolpackage. the old01 problem cannot be updated. The cause of this problem is

Android debugging solution: re-installation failed due to different application signatures

The debugging information is as follows: [10:08:37-apidemos] re-installation failed due to different application signatures. [10:08:37-apidemos] You must perform a full uninstall of the application. Warning: This will remove the Application Data!

Build an android development environment in Ubuntu

After a very busy afternoon, I have made reference to a lot of materials. Now I have set up an android development environment under Ubuntu. See an article before buildingArticleIt cannot be said that android does not support Java 6, but

Android UI development topic (I) Interface Design

Recently, many users have expressed great interest in the design of the android user interface. It is essential for the android UI to develop self-painted controls and make games to have a good grasp of the drawing base. This topic will be discussed

[Entry 8] Android Application Framework

Take helloactivity Program For example, we will briefly introduce the framework of Android applications. It is hoped that the reader can write an andorid Application Based on helloactivity. Helloactivity Project Source code In the android directory

Upgrade thadapter class for Android Bluetooth APIs

Using the thinthadapter class, you can search for peripheral Bluetooth devices on Android devices and then pair (BIND) them. Bluetooth communication is based on a unique MAC address for mutual transmission. Security Pairing is required for Bluetooth

Deviceadmininfo class added in Android 2.2

Android 2.2 adds an android. app. admin. the deviceadmininfo class can help us obtain a package information with the Administrator permission. The deviceadmininfo class has a constructor called deviceadmininfo (context, resolveinfo receiver) to

Android development FAQ Summary

Q: What is the entry point of the Android Application? Why is main () not executed? A: In Android applications, whether the activity or service entry point is oncreate, we can see clearly the lifecycle in the SDK documentation, of course, android123

Android development Book recommendation

Many beginners Android Developers still like reading books and learning about SDK documents and apidemo. android123 recommends two entry-level books on New Year's Day, as a book of Turing education, there is still a guarantee of quality.The first

Progress bar of the android Control

Progressbar is the progress bar of Android. Experience   Source code download The following describes progressbar in detail. I. Description In the progress of some operationsA visual indicator that shows you the progress of the

Android development Article 1 (setup of the installation environment)

Introduction This series is suitable for people with 0 basics, because I started from 0. This series records my experience in Android development and I hope to share it with you! As a newcomer to the android team, I hope to give you some advice if

Serialization and deserialization of JSON in Android

Recently, the project needs to convert the object into a JSON string and deserialization as an object in Android. After reading the android SDK documentation, it is found that there is no class similar to datacontractjsonserializer in Android C, if

Install Android development tools offline (for Windows 32bit/64bit)

Every installation of Android requires a certain amount of time, especially when the network is poor, it seems helpless if there is no network. The following method allows you to quickly install the andoid development tool. Of course, the first

Android apps can be installed on SD cards during development

Before Android 2.1 Program It can only be installed in the body memory (RAM). This feature prevents Android development from some point of view, because Ram has limited space, therefore, this feature limits the size of the application and the

Android HTML & xml escape characters

, & And so on in HTML have special meanings. (the first two characters are used for the link sign and "escape" characters. When these three characters are used, their escape sequences should be used, as shown below: & Amp; or & &

Android API learning soundpool and mediaplayer

There are two ways to play audio on the Android platform: 1. soundpool-suitable for scenarios with short promotion and high response speed (game sound effects or button sounds) 2. mediaplayer-suitable for long and time-demanding scenarios Bytes --

How Android gets the screen hardware resolution

Textview TV = (textview) findviewbyid (R. Id. TV ); Displaymetrics dm = new displaymetrics (); Getwindowmanager (). getdefaultdisplay (). getmetrics (DM ); // The resolution is only an integer. Int width = math. Round (DM.

Android SDK 2.2 Development Environment

Hakuci Tag: Android, video tutorial Android SDK 2.2 Development Environment Google held the second day of the Google I/O 2010 Conference at the Moscone township International Expo Center in San Francisco (October 11, May 20) the latest version of

Problems frequently encountered during installation and testing of the android Development Environment

You can find a lot of information on how to install the android development environment on the Internet. The following is a summary of several problems and solutions that often occur during the installation process. 1. RunningProgramThe

Android APK Decompilation

  I.DecompilationAPKGetJavaSource code  Reprinted from: Http://   download tool: dex2jar and JD-GUI This 2 tools

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