Android study note 07. xml file parsing

1. Concepts XML: Extensible Markup Language, similar to the HTML tags. Scalability refers to the absence of prescribed, restricted, and fixed tags. There are two kinds of parsing Methods: Sax and Dom. DOM: loads all XML documents into the memory,

Cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3 cross-compiled to Android

I used a cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3 before get a day is not successful today to download the latest ndk8 update the SDK again is actually successful, I don't know whether the tool version is correct or what is wrong. Here we will sort it out: First, all

Knowledge Summary of Android Baidu Map

-------------------------- Android Baidu map source code ------------------------- Baidu MapAPI demo Http:// Baidu MapDemo Http:// AndroidMap

Nested listview in scrollview in Android

After studying scrollview nesting scrollview, I suddenly want to study the nested listview in scrollview. If you do not know how scrollview nested scrollview is implemented, refer to the In the

Android study note 04. debugging

1. debugging Method 1 is displayed in the logcat in ddms or in the showview I mentioned earlier. Then pass system. Put. println ("test successful! "); This method of adding   Method 2: Output debugging information: log. D ("debugging

How to call and send text messages on the Android platform

Initial addressHttp:// 1 case objective In this case, a simple communication tool is used to consolidate the layout of Android activity, linearlayout, basic control button, call and send text messages,

Use expandablelistview in Android to implement Layer 2 and Layer 3 list source code

The L2 list can be directly implemented using the expandablelistview in androidapi. the L3 list is actually a nesting of the L2 list, which is relatively cumbersome to implement. PartCode: Supertreeviewadapter. Java Public Class

Mono for Android trial

Initial address: Mono for Android trialHttp:// -------------------------------------------- Mono for Android (formerly mondroid) is a mono-based Android Application Development Tool launched by xamarin.

Android crop a circular image

I used to find a method to crop a circular image in the EOE forum, but the results were not very satisfactory. In the past few days, due to the company's business requirements, we need to crop the Avatar in a circular shape.This method is determined

Nested scrollview in Android

Original article: Scrollview nested scrollviewHttp://   As we all know, two scrollviews in the same direction in Android cannot be nested. What if there is such a requirement? (This requirement is

Intellij idea-another option for Android Development

I have heard of eclipse for a long time, but when I was a beginner in Java, the IDE recommended by a senior was intellij idea. Because another jetbrains product pycharm (a powerful Python IDE) has been used before, it is easy to use. Later, in the

Android audio Visualization

Related links: Android calls built-in recording audioProgramHttp:// Mediarecoder enables audio recording and playingHttp:// Android audio

Use SOCKET to send messages in Android

Source codeHttp:// Self-implemented Android curve chartHttp:// Android game physical engine source codeHttp://

In Android, onitemclicklistener does not work. Solution

Recently I wrote a project on which frame layout is used. A listview display contact is placed on the interface and a letter index on the right of the contact is located. When onitemclicklistener is set for the contact listview, it does not work.

Android custom dialog instance

I have been working for more than a month. I have a new understanding or a real grasp of many Android things. In order to make more small and white people like me take a detour, I will insist on meetingI have integrated some of my impressive

Android webview Parsing

Original article: webview ParsingHttp:// ---------------------------------------------- Phonegap + jquerymobile early adoptersHttp://   A high-performance

High-performance Android dim sum desktop skin

Good post: Android viewflipper for left and right sliding AnimationHttp:// Android Treeview Tree StructureHttp:// Some time ago, I studied launcher and made a

Android ndk Project Creation and compilation

Starting address: I, Project Creation 1. Create an android project, configure the development environment, load the SDK of the corresponding version, select File> New> project to create a project,

Use Android-defined floating player instances

Player. xml and objectactivity are the most important items in this project. The first is the layout of the player control. At first, I tried to use various la s to achieve the effect I wanted, because the progress display I used is a custom

Android Interface Design (content is displayed on the right of the hidden menu on the left) demo

Related posts: Android popwindow implementation left-side pop-up menu LayerHttp:// 13 essence of mobile app design: makes sense to describe the

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