Android. OS. networkonmainthreadexception

ArticleDirectory // Start the thread to execute the download task Recent testsProgramIf the test is normal on the mobile phone end, the exception Android. OS. networkonmainthreadexception will always be thrown during Internet

Android Development Series logs-(4)

1. contentprovider1. What is contentproviderContentprovider is one of the four Android components used Program To other programs.When sharing data Code Encapsulated as a method without directly exposing the data to improve security.You can register

Use reflection to obtain hidden methods in Android

Public void insert () {smsmanager = smsmanager. getdefault (); byte [] SMSC = new byte [2]; SMSC [0] = 0x1; SMSC [1] = 0x2; string clxs = "123 "; byte [] PDU = hexstringtobytes ("200d91683119603514f90000313021023025230331d90c"); Class C; try {c =

In Android, edittext loses focus

In our applications, when you enter a page, edittext automatically obtains the focus by default. The input method box is displayed, and the user experience is poor, So how to cancel this default behavior? I have been searching for it online for

Android Development Series logs-(2)

I. JUnit1. What is JUnit?JUnit is a testing method. When writing a business method, we 'd better test it to ensure that this method can run normally under various circumstances.2. How to Use JUnitConfigure androidmanifest. xmlConfigure the node

How to use the rest service in Android to call WebService from the client

The android Class Library provides everything we need.The principle of rest is to send get, post, put, and delete operations to a resource URI for obtaining, creating, saving, and deleting operations. Let's take the rest service in the following

On Android, Are you confused about cmwap/cmnet network switching?

1. view a section on the InternetCodeIs to detect the current mobile phone network, andAutomatically switch to the cmwap NetworkIn theory, the demo is feasible. It can be modified to cmwap, but the following error will be reported during actual

Imageview attributes Android: scaletype

I checked a lot of information on the Internet, which is roughly the same. Everyone copied each other. It was very difficult and hard to understand. I would like to summarize it myself and find it if I needed it. CodeExample: Imageview

Conversion and difference of DP, SP, and PX in Android.

In the APK Resource Package When the screen density is 240, resources that use the hdpi label use the ldpi label when the screen density is 160 and the resources that use the mdpi label use the ldpi label when the screen density is 120. Resources

How does Android adapt to screen size?

1. Screen related concepts 1.1 resolutionThe number of pixels on the screen.1.2 screen sizeIt refers to the actual physical size of the mobile phone, such as the commonly used 2.8 inch, 3.2 inch, 3.5 inch, 3.7 inchAndroid divides the screen size

Two typical methods for exiting multiple activities in Android

Here we will introduce two methods: one is to remember each activity and then kill them one by one; the other is to use broadcast. Method 1: Use List to save activity instances, and then kill them one by one. UpperCode: Import Java. util.

Android Development Series logs-(1)

1. install the development environment 1. required resources JDK, Eclipse, SDK, and ADT 2. note the path of all resource storage must not contain Chinese characters the simulator path can be modified by creating the environment variable android_

Obtain the contacts in the system address book in Android and display them in edittext.

In many cases, we have to use the operations of selecting contacts. It is very troublesome to write it by ourselves. Instead, it is better to directly call the system's address book. Let's look at the requirements below:   Requirements:When an

Android-JNI development-things you don't know

I. JNI(Java Native Interface,Java Native Interface) Using JNI can make JavaCodeCode written in other languages(Such as C/C ++ code). Q: Why is interaction required?? |-First, the class libraries provided by Java cannot meet the

Improved efficiency. viewholder applications in Android Layout

To improve efficiency, we can use viewholder. Here, we will keep the common operations of viewholder. If you forget it, you can come back and check it out. 1. Create viewholder first Private ClassViewholder {textview TV _type; textview TV _date;

Android Development Series logs-(6)

1. Download *1. multi-thread downloadEnable multiple threads, specify the same URL, and specify the same fileDifferent threads specify different ranges when requesting URLs, and different writes write seek () to different locations when writing the

Easy Management of log printing information in Android apps

We are debuggingProgramWhen the program is released, it is always necessary to print various log information. Some people use the system out method to print the log information, which is easy to understand, it is not allowed to print to the console.

Android Development Series logs-(3)

I. Database1. add, delete, modify, and query *****Insert () specifies the table name and a map set containing data (contentvalues). To prevent the set from being empty, you can also specify a column name. The ID is returned after insertion.Delete ()

Android Development Series logs-(5)

1. Obtain network text1. Java codeCreate a URL objectCall openconnection () to obtain an httpurlconnection object.Setconnectiontimeout ()Get Response Code getresponsecode ()Getinputstream ()Read dataConvert to string2. UI

Android development-Get network images and read progress bars

This chapter describes how to write a program to read network images, enable a function to read an image on the server, and then download it to a local program. This program uses multiple threads to read network images, including automatic judgment

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