Use Fiddler to perform HTTP monitoring on the android Module

First, make sure that the computer and mobile phone that install fiddler are in the LAN that can be accessed from each other. It is impossible to direct the mobile phone proxy to a PC without mutual access.   2. Enable the remote connection with

Offline installation of Android SDK for File Transfer

Today, I updated my computer and searched for Android SDK offline installation.ArticleThere are still many, basically by downloading the API package directly to speed up the installation. ForExistingIt is very convenient to try a new method for the

Android lbs app: Spring Festival at home bored yesterday busy for a day, finally no teacher self-study, developed my first Android Program

Android lbs app: Spring Festival at home bored yesterday busy for a day, finally no teacher self-study, developed my first AndroidProgram If you have an Android phone, you can install it and run the test. Thank you! : Http://

Ii. mono for Android learning: Installing IDE and possible problems

Installation sequence: 1. Install JDK Select your desired version: 2. Install the android SDK Http:// 3. Install mono During the running

Android interface design specifications-3

ArticleDirectory Start the application Action bar Small/context icon Notification icon Icon An icon is a graph that occupies a small part of the screen space and provides a quick and intuitive representation of an action,

Android interface design specifications-4

ArticleDirectory Text principles in Application Example Text principles in text style applications should be short It must be concise, simple, and accurate. Do not set a limit of 30 characters (including spaces). Do not violate this

Scaletype attribute of imageview in Android

The property Android: scaletype of imageview, that is, imageview. setscaletype (imageview. scaletype ). Android: scaletype controls how images are resized/moved to match the size of imageview. Imageview. scaletype/Android: the differences between

Source code Scene Analysis of Android: Basic knowledge

At present, the Internet industry is developing vigorously towards the mobile Internet, and the development of the mobile Internet is inseparable from the support of the mobile platforms behind it. As we all know, in the mobile platform market,

Original android game: Tomb run 3D

Game name: Tomb SprintApplicable Platform: AndroidGame type: Leisure and adventureMaterial status:Several models and images are provided by our colleagues, and others are original.Production Tools: Unity3d, 3DS MAX, Visual Studio 2010Production

Determine the resolution of iPhone and Android smartphones

Both safari mobile and Android browsers on the iPhone are based on the WebKit kernel. In the past two days, I thought that the website needed a version for smartphone resolution, so I began to study the relevant materials. In the previous two

Mono for Android Introduction

The first chapter briefly describes mono and mobile device related knowledge, and review the main content of the previous chapter: A simple comparison of. NET Framework and mono Precautions and brief introductions for mobile development, Android,

Monoforandroid Chapter 1 Introduction to Android, mobile devices, and marketplace

After configuring the development environment, we will start learning about monoforandroid. Before entering development, we will give a brief introduction to some basic knowledge. The write may be messy or cool. Sorry. In the past few years, the use

Android UI design specifications-5

Document directory New Features of jelly bean-android 4.1 New Features of ice cream sandwich-android 4.0 Touch Long press Sliding Screen Drag Double-click Pinch Pinch and close Mode Ensure that our applications are consistent, novel,

Android interface design specifications-6

Application Structure Applications have many layout changes to meet different requirements. For example: L apps like calculators or cameras are built on a single screen to process only one core function. L like a phone application, it is switched

Android interface design specifications-1

Document directory Flexibility Optimize Layout All resources Policy Status Communication Boundary In the past two years, apart from management departments, some projects should also be taken into account, but mainly for mobile projects.

Android interface design specifications-7

Document directory Up and back Use navigation in applications Applications navigate through the home screen widgets and notifications Navigation between applications Navigation Consistent navigation is an essential part of the overall user

Android interface design specifications-2

Document directory Space considerations 48dp Reference Unit Why 48dp Reference Unit Gaps Default color Font Ratio Color Color palette Measurement and grid Mobile devices have different physical sizes and are at screen resolution (DPI ). To

Theme of Android

• Android: theme = "@ Android: style/theme. Dialog " Display an activity as a dialog box• Android: theme = "@ Android: style/theme. notitlebar "Do not display the application title bar• Android: theme = "@ Android: style/theme. notitlebar.

Android permission Overview

This problem often occurs when developing Android applications because you do not have the configuration permission. For example, you often do not have the permission to use the camera in the configuration file when using the System camera, in this

Android call system camera

When developing Android applications, we often need cameras for taking photos or recording videos. Here we will introduce the simplest method: Call the System camera to take photos and save the photos. How to start the camera: startActivityForResult(

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