How to Use third-party jar packages on Android platforms

The online search results show that they are added by adding the build path or using the user library. I don't know whether these complicated pasting persons have been tested or not, but I have never been able to perform the test for a long time, it

Android screen size and density table, and explanations of pixel units such as PX, dip, and SP

The concepts of PX, dip, SP, and DP are vague. I checked it online and found it clearly in theory. 1. PX (pixels): the point on the screen, which is related to the density. The density is high, and the PX size per unit area is large. 2. Dip or

Summary of style settings of listview in Android Development

In Android, listview is the most commonly used control. During the uidesign, many people want to change its background so that it can conform to the overall uidesign, it's easy to change the background. You only need to prepare an image and specify

Android Development Notes: screen adaptation

These days, I have just come into contact with a new project to build an android client. This week's work is to complete the UI interface and function implementation of the client, but the biggest headache for Android development is that it is the

Android aidl-Implementation Mechanism Analysis

1. based on the previously written aidl usage, we are going to study the activitymanager framework during this time and conduct more in-depth research on aidl. Because the android framework uses a large number of process communication mechanisms, it

Style settings of listview in Android

In Android, listview is the most commonly used control. During the uidesign, many people want to change its background so that it can conform to the overall uidesign, it's easy to change the background. You only need to prepare an image and specify

Synced display of lyrics by music players in Android

the principle of lyrics synchronization is actually very simple: the lyrics are displayed in a thread, which synchronizes the display progress and playback progress of the lyrics during music playback. the standard network lyrics are LRC. Let's

Android screen adaptation

Concepts required for image display: Pixel: the display of an image is composed of many small squares with different colors. Such a small square is called a pixel, which is the smallest unit of the image. but what is the specific size of this

How to introduce third-party jar packages in Android

Third-party external jar library files can be used on the Android platform. In the eclipse development environment, the third-party. jar file can be used in only three steps:1. on the package explorer panel, right-click and choose Properties From

In Android, pack your custom components into jar packages.

During the project development process, we will inevitably use our own custom View Controls. Then, if needed, we will directly copy them to the corresponding project, although this is a solution to the problem, it is not very good after all. The

Analysis and use of parcel in Android

To put it simply, parcel is a container for storing and reading data. In the Android system, the binder Process Communication (IPC) uses the parcel class to exchange data between the client and the server, in addition, aidl data is also interactive

Android layout tag-viewstub, requestfocus, merge, include

When defining Android layout (XML), it is very important to have four special labels, three of which are related to resource reuse, respectively , , and . However, examples in previous cases or official documents do not focus on the importance of

Summary of style settings for Android progressbar

Multi-style progressbar Normal Circular progressbar     This type of progress bar indicates a running process, such as sending text messages and connecting to the network. It indicates that a process is being executed. Generally, you only

Hide and exit the android Program

AndroidProgramWhen you press the back key of your phone, the system will call the destroy () method of the Upper-layer activity in the program stack by default to destroy the current activity, when this activity is started by another activity, it

Android access permission Overview

ProgramTo read security-sensitive items, you must declare related permission requests in androidmanifest. xml. The complete list is as follows:Android. Permission. access_checkin_propertiesAllow read/write access to the "properties" table in the

Image Scaling Method in Android

Method 1: Scale by fixed proportion When developing image browsers and other software, it is often necessary to display the thumbnail of an image. In general, we need to take a thumbnail of the image according to a fixed size, generally, the

Android simulator shortcut

Home Key (small house key) The Home Key is mapped on the keyboard, which is quite memorable. Menu key The button used to open the menu. The F2 key is mapped to the keyboard, and the pgup key is also supported. In addition, it seems that this

Android is used to open intent of various files)

Import Android. App. activity; Import Android. content. intent; Import Uri; Import Uri. Builder; Import java. Io. file; Import Android. content. intent; // Customize the android intent class, // You can obtain

Android does not allow the pop-up keyboard to block the view

The androidmanifest. xml file "Stateunchanged", "statehidden ", "Statealwayshidden", "statevisible ", "Statealwaysvisible", "adjustunspecified ", "Adjustresize", "adjustpan"]... > Attributes: Android: windowsoftinputmode How the main window of the

Develop, compile, and package Android applications using command lines

The android SDK provides a series of command line tools for Android Application Development, debugging, and packaging! Eclipse is able to develop Android applications. It also calls these tools. It is easier to work only when you have mastered the

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