Android Metering Unit: Px, In, mm, PT, DP, dip, SP

PX: is the pixel of the screen in: inches MM: millimeter PT: LB, 1/72 inch DP: A density-based abstract unit, 1dp = 1px dip: equivalent to dp SP: it is similar to DP, but it also scales according to the user's font size preference.

Android obtains the screen size and density

In Android, the screen length and width are obtained.CodeBut the results do not match the actual results. For example, if my mobile phone is i9000 and the screen size is 480 * 800px, the result is 320*533. The results were unreliable, so I wrote a

Android gravity sensing example

Many games in Android use gravity sensing technology,We have studied gravity sensing. The source is at the bottom left of the screen, and the arrow points to a positive direction. From-10 to 10, the Unit is a floating point number. Consider the

Two full-screen display modes for Android

1. directly set the activity topic to full screen mode in the androidmanifest. xml file. Android: theme = "@ Android: style/theme. notitlebar. fullscreen" For example, in the newgame view, the full screen display method is as follows:

Android font flashing animation (thread)

Android font flashing animation, implemented using thread and Timer Public class activitymain extends activity { Public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) { super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); setcontentview (R. layout. main); spark ();

Multithreading for Android-asynctask and handler

This article describes how to use asynctask and handler. First, we need to clarify the next concept, what is a UI thread. As the name implies, the UI thread is the one that manages the user interface! Android UI thread operations are not secure,

Android Development notes-ADB parameter Guide

ADB (Android debug Bridge) Android provides a common debugging tool. With this tool, we can debug and developProgram, Adb.exe is in the directory of the android SDK (or platform-tools) You have installed. ADB usage: ADB [-d |-E |-S ] When

Android-special image effects Processing

Android-Image Processing Method Conversion-drawable to bitmap Zoom Rounded corner-round corner Reflection-reflected Bitmapprcess code: Package COM. learn. games; Import android. graphics. bitmap; Import android. graphics. canvas;

Android linearlayout and relativelayout implement precise Layout

First, let's clarify the differences between several concepts:Padding margin: it is the meaning of margins. The key issue is to understand what the margins are.Padding: the margin between the content of the control and the edge of the control.

Android APK decompilation (with image)

During this time, I was learning about Android Application Development. I was thinking that since it was developed in Java, it should be a good decompilation to getSource codeGoogle, it is really simple. The following is my practice process. I

Build an android ndk development environment in Ubuntu

HowBuild an android ndk development environment in UbuntuWhat about it? The following is a step-by-step tutorial. Step 1. Download ndk (note that I downloaded the R4 version ): Http://  

Android: couldn't save which view has focus because the focused view ### has no ID

Problem: Android: couldn't save which view has focus because the focused view ### has no ID There are two possible causes: Solution 1: Android: icon = "@ drawable/icon" Android: Label = "@ string/app_name"> Android: Label

Android font setting based on screen size

Adapt to different Android phone screen sizes 240*320 320*480 480*800 480*854 540*960 800*1200 800*1280 Public static int adjustfontsize (INT screenwidth, int screenheight) { If (screenwidth return 10; }else if (screenwidth return 14;

Android surfaceview learning example

Surfaceview is a subclass of view. It is used in the same way as any class derived from view. You can apply animations like other views and place them in the layout.Surfaceview's surface can be drawn using all the standard canvas methods described

Android surfaceview game development example

When we need to develop a complex gameProgramWhen the execution efficiency requirement is very high, the view class cannot meet the requirements. In this case, the surfaceview class must be used for development. For example, when a game requires a

Android, the first objective: the programmer

To develop a project involves the following aspects: 1. Use of gravity accelerator for images The routine generation can be found online. A small demo has been completed by the routine. 2. ProgressAlgorithm(That is, how to change the values of X,

Android view learning example

View is a superclass of Android, which contains almost all screen types. Each view has a canvas for drawing, which can be expanded at will. You can customize the view in game development. The canvas function can meet our needs in game development.

Android 8 open-source game engines

1. angle (2d Java) Angle is a 2D game engine that is designed for the Android platform and is agile and suitable for rapid development. It is developed based on opengles technology. This engine uses JavaCodeWrite, And you can replace the

How to Implement timing and countdown in Android

Method 1 Timer and TimerTask (Java implementation) Public class timerTask extends Activity { private int recLen = 11; private TextView txtView; Timer timer = new Timer (); public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) { super. onCreate

Android context (Application/Activity) and Memory leakage

Context in android can perform many operations, but the main function is to load and access resources. There are two types of context in android: application context and activity context. Generally, activity context is transmitted between different

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