A link to the practice of hellope's Android project-design

This article isThis seriesArticleThe first article only aims to write down the design and implementation process of the android sub-item. This article will first introduce the design of the Connected View project, as well as the relevant content and

How to Implement hellope's Android Project)

This article introduces the architecture of the project, analyzes the functions, and develops the boardview class and time control class and introduces several interfaces. This time, we will complete the game board drawing and touch event processing,

Android simulator SD card usage

Android SDK + eclipse provides the SD card simulation method. The usage is as follows: 1. Create an SD card image file.   Mksdcard 1024 M sdcard. img   This command will generate an sdcard. imgfile in the current directory, which is the SD

Androiddraw + droiddraw implement Android program uidesign

Androiddraw is an android application integrated with droiddraw.Program, Which allows you to use the droiddraw ApplicationYou can also preview your guis on an Android device. 1. First download and install droiddraw, the version I use is droiddraw-r1

How do I add files to the SD card on the android simulator mobile phone?

Add a file directly to the SD card of the simulator in ddms. If an error occurs, the following error occurs:Failed to push xxxxx.txt on emulator-: Read-Only file system error, because your sdcard permission is insufficient and you need to create an

The connection to ADB is down in Android, Problem and Solution

1. Error:Build failedD: \ workspace \ Ganji \ build. xml: 144: the following error occurred while executing this line:D: \ workspace \ Ganji \ build. xml: 271: Unable to delete file D: \ workspace \ Ganji \ TMP \ proguard \ TMP. JarSolution:A

Setting the control value in the android thread reports an error.

Setting the control value in the android thread is generally used with handler, as follows: Package com. Yarin. Android. examples_04_15; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. OS. Handler;Import Android. OS.

Use startactivityforresult to return data in Android

Suppose: Here I have two activities: A and B use bundle to encapsulate data when passing data from A to B, and then jump from A to B, when B needs to encapsulate the data and send it back to a, it jumps back to. When receiving data in a, you must

Scrollbar activity in Android practice

Although several commonly used layout in Android have the scrollbar attribute, it cannot automatically display scrollbar on the activity when there is too much content, later, we found that scrollview is used to handle this situation. The specific

Android's understanding about activity

Android ActivityProgram-- Activity carries the view, which is similar to the Controller in MVC. I have to say that intent (intent) is used to implement activity and other components (including other activities and services. Broadcast, etc. It is a

Android CTS Test Summary

I have been conducting Android compatibility tests recently. I started the tests after configuring device according to Android-cts-manual provided on the android official website. First, configure the software environment: 1. Download the Android-2

No vrouters, no wifi hotspots, and free access to ad-hoc in Android

Today's Android phones basically support WiFi Internet access. mobile app updates, large game downloads, and online games are all quite traffic-consuming, if there is no wireless router in the house, how can we enjoy this free network lunch? In fact,

Android automated testing tool-monkey

Preface: Recently, I started to study Android automated testing methods,SortedSome tools, methods, and frameworks, including the android testing framework, CTS, monkey, monkeyrunner, benchmark, and other test tools.  1. What is monkey? Monkey

Build android on 64-bit centos

 Set up the android environment on Linux and share it with you because of many problems. Using Java for development, we all know that JDK is the first choice, followed by an eclispe, followed by a third-party SDK + plugin. JDK installation is not

Three implementation methods of timer in Android

In Android development, the timer generally has the following three implementation methods: I. Use the handler and thread sleep (long) Methods2. Use the postdelayed (runnable, long) method of handler3. Handler, timer, and timertask Next we will

Android bitmapfactory's outofmemoryerror: bitmap size exceeds VM budget solution

This error is sometimes encountered when decoding an image using bitmapfactory provided by Android, namely, java. Lang. outofmemoryerror: bitmap size exceeds VM budget. This is often caused by an excessively large image. For normal use, one way is

How to Implement helloPe's android Project)

In the previous article "connecting to the practice of the helloPe android project-design", we designed a link-to-View Project for android, including the division of functional modules and the design of Core algorithms. This article introduces the

Continuous view of helloPe's android project practice-implementation (III)

The previous two "implementations" have basically implemented the background framework of the program. Today, the activity class of the program will be involved. In this class, in order to have a better visual effect, we will introduce some

HttpClient in Android practice

Recently, I am reading Android development. HttpClient is used to submit or obtain server-side data. However, the API provided by Android is still a little unavailable, so I made a package according to my own needs, as shown below:   The

Monkeyrunner tool for Android Automatic Testing

MonkeyrunnerTools  Preface: Recently, I started to study Android automated testing methods, and made some simple arrangements for some of the tools, methods, and frameworks, this includes the android testing framework, CTS, Monkey, Monkeyrunner,

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