Android APK adds code obfuscation for Programs

In SDK 2.3, we can see that a proguard folder is added under android_sdk _ path/tools/. Google places proguard Technology in the android SDK, it can be implemented through normal CompilationCodeConfused. After Version 2.3, no matter which SDK

How to enable Android applications to support installation on SD card during development

Before Android 2.1ProgramIt can only be installed in the body memory (RAM). This feature prevents Android development from some point of view, because Ram has limited space, therefore, this feature limits the size of the application and the

Create a startup interface in Android to edit

1、create a startup image splash.png and place it in the res-> drawable-hdpi folder. 2. Create a layout file splash. xml Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Android: gravity = "bottom | Center"

Android monitoring incoming call display

When we call a phone, we need to monitor the incoming call of the phone number.CodeControl. Let's take a look at the display of incoming calls using the display feature.  Package com. Smart;Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. content.

Simulate incoming calls on the android Simulator

Recently, the project needs to implement a call display control function.AndroidApplication On emulatorAnalog callEffect The method is as follows: 1. Single phone number  Open command line cmd, enter Telnet and press Enter.

How does Android solve the problem of blacklist when dragging listview?

Recently, listview is used to display some string data. It is found that if you do not hold down the text part and drag the listview, everything is fine, but if you hold down the text part, all the text parts will become black.The solution is

Teach you how to correctly start the android SDK 1.5 simulator [ZT]

This article is from "android"     Teach you how to correctly start the android SDK 1.5 Simulator It has been a while since we started to call the beast G1 (it took a lot of meters to buy the G1 at the time). As soon as we got the new machine,

"Called animal School" hands-on instructions on how to "insert" an SD card to the android SDK 1.5 simulator [ZT]

This article is transferred from "Android Network"   "Called animal School" hand in hand to teach you how to "Insert" the SD card to the android SDK 1.5 Simulator Last week, I wrote an article titled"How to startAndroidSdks 1.5 Simulator"Tutorial!

Download an android learning File

How do I download network files to a local device? Simply put, it is the same as copying and pasting files locally, that is, copying the content in the files on the network to your local file to download the files. Andoird ApplicationProgramTo

"Called the animal School" takes you to taste the dessert made by "aunt": Android 2.0 (eclair)-live

This article is transferred from "Android Network"   "Called the animal School" takes you to taste the dessert made by "aunt": Android 2.0 (eclair) -- live       Let's talk about the SDK for everyone. Basically, This SDK version keeps

"Called animal School" is the first to experience donut's smooth taste on Android SDK 1.6

This article is transferred from "Android Network"   "Called animal School" is the first to experience donut's smooth taste on Android SDK 1.6   The SDK 1.6 with the donut feature finally arrived, and it was excited and excited to see the

[Apsara stack-Apsara Stack] updates and improvements to Android 1.5 SDK Release 3

This article is transferred from "Android Network ": [Apsara stack-Apsara Stack] updates and improvements to Android 1.5 SDK Release 3   Google updated the SDK simulator a few days ago, and the version was upgraded from R2 to R3. Download

Android learning to get basic mobile phone contact information

Go directlyCode... View code 1 Cursor ccursor = getcontentresolver (). Query (contacts. content_uri, Null , Null , Null , Null ); 2 Cursor dcursor; 3 Startmanagingcursor (ccursor ); 4 While (Ccursor. movetonext ()){5 //

Simple implementation of surfaceview for Android Learning

The following is a smallProgramCodeSurfaceview is used to draw a circle on the screen. You can change the circle position by pressing the arrow key and touching the screen. Mainactivity 1 Package Com. view; 2 3 Import Android. App.

Android remains at the top of the floating window

Today, we found that some software can display some floating small windows on the android desktop. After some searches, we finally found a solution,CodeAs follows:     Floatingfunc. Java   Package hrxcframe. Comm; Import Android. App.

Small json parsing example for android

I learned how to parse json. I will share with you a small example.The following code is used:Public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState );SetContentView (R. layout. main );String x;JSONObject obj;Try

Android layout property Addendum

1Android: gravity sets the content alignment in the control. android: layout_gravity sets the alignment of the control.2When android: gravity and android: padding are used at the same time, la s by gravity and then adjusts By padding.3Android:

Android DPI computing

How to calculate the screen DPI? As long as we know the screen resolution and size (diagonal line length), we can calculate the corresponding screen density, and then obtain the screen density according to its range. Dpi can be calculated based on

Android completely exits

Inherit Application to implement the manager container of an Activity and manage all the activities. When you exit the Application explicitly, traverse all the activities cyclically and call finish (). The pseudocode is as follows: 1 public class

Build an x86 Simulator for Android on Windows (below)

Next, after creating an Android x86 simulator, the default screen is wide and there is no operation to rotate the screen. To enable the screen to be displayed as a portrait of a normal mobile phone, perform the following operations: 1. Go to the

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