Basic tutorial for Android Program Development (3)

Debug your project   This is usedEclipseInAndroidPlug-inEclipseThe debugger in also has excellent compatibility. To demonstrate this, let's createBugInCode, Change yourHelloandroidSource codeAs follows:   Public class helloandroid extends

Android project recommendation

Games: I. 15 android game source code (mainly developed by andengine and libgdx. It is said that open-source game publishers are mainly concentrated in the European and American user groups, while the Java series in Europe and the United States

Use SD card in Google Android Simulator

Use SD card in Google Android SimulatorFrom the perspective of this document, the android simulator allows us to use a disk image in the FAT32 format as a simulation of the SD card. Today, I tried to record the process and share it with you:1. Go to

Android processing of Runtime

In general, it is very troublesome for us to deal with time. For example, to implement Perpetual calendar, we will use the lunar calendar, the Gregorian calendar, and the lunar calendar .. There is also the issue of time difference that I want to

Android asynchronous download of network images (2)

In the previous section, we used handler, thread/runnable, URL, httpurlconnection, and so on to asynchronously download network images. However, using this method has the following Disadvantages: The thread overhead is large. If each task needs

What is Android?

Android is an operating system, middleware, and key application.ProgramSoftware set. The android SDK provides necessary tools and APIs for developing applications using Java on the Android platform.   Android platform features:

Android APK file signature-keytool and jarsigner

1. Generate a keystoreLocate the position in the JDK binfile and enter the following name line: Keytool-genkey-alias changebackgroundwid get. keystore-keyalg RSA-validity 20000-eystore changebackgroundwidget. keystore Do not wrap the

Android browser plug-in development

I recently learned something about the android browser plug-in: I need to know the following: 1. what is the plug-in 2. how to load plug-ins and create instances in the android browser 3 interaction between browser plug-ins and scripting

Android parses XML files (II)

In the previous section, we used DOM to parse XML documents. This method conforms to our daily thinking and is easy to use. However, it directly transfers documents to the memory, which is relatively memory-consuming. Here we can use another method

GoogleMap of Android (2)

As mentioned above, there are several ways to obtain the longitude and latitude of the mobile phone's location.? Location Manager and location are provided through GPS, network, and status API. Here, locationmanager is used to obtain the location

The manifest. Permission class defines 106 permissions for Android.

In androidmanifest. XML, We need to declare permissions for operations required by some software,For example, if our software can send text messages, we need to make the following statement in androidmanifest. xml: Package = " fetion.

First knowledge of fragments-not qualified Android Developers who do not know fragments

  Fragments was introduced in Android 3.0 (API level 11), but it is backward compatible. It supports the old Android version. Only need to import jar package support (in this directory: Android-SDK-Windows \ extras \ Android \ support \ V4 \

Usage of the focusable attribute in Android-Implementation of the underlying button

When you see the button on the main interface of Budweiser beer client, it looks novelty. First, watch the film: Pay attention to the arrow I drew in the figure. At that time, the black circle of the mouse was clicked, and then the button was

Add custom member methods for open classes for Android

Some Java classes in the android SDK are open, some are not open, and the same is true for APIs. The so-called open classes or APIs here are only the scope of javadoc and are not public and private in Java. That is to say, it does not matter for

Add custom controls for Android Widgets

First, let's look at a reference: Aremoteviews object (and, consequently, an app widget) can support thefollowing layout classes: * Framelayout * Linearlayout * Relativelayout   Andthe following widget classes:   * Analogclock *

Android API: simplecursoradapter ()

Simplecursoradapter () is the constructor of the simplecursoradapter class.   Description: Simplecurosradapter is a simple adapter that matches columns in cursor with textviews or imageviews defined in the XML file. You can specify columns in

Android asynchronous download of network images (part 3)

In section 1, we use handler, thread/runnable, URL, httpurlconnection, and so on to asynchronously download network images. Then the asynctask method is changed in section 2. Then we will apply other methods in this Section. This method is a bit

Android API: activity. managedquery ()

Description: Obtain a cursor object containing the specified data and the activity takes over the life cycle of the cursor. First, this function obtains a cursor object containing the specified data (specified by the query method parameter) by

Android asynchronous download of network images (Part 1)

Projects sometimes need to obtain images on the network and download them to the mobile client for display. How can this problem be solved? The implementation logic is as follows: 1: Enable a thread in the UI thread to download images. 2:

Android detailed dialog box alertdialog. Builder usage

We usually do Development You can use a variety of dialog boxes. Platform Developers will know that most platforms only provide a few simple implementations. If we want to implement a dialog box that meets our specific needs, you may first think

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