Android attribute build. Prop Generation Process Analysis

This article briefly analyzes how build. Prop is generated. Android build. the prop file is a variety of properties (LCD density/Language/Compilation Time, etc.) collected during Android compilation .), after compilation, the file is generated in

Use of M, mm, and mmm compilation commands in Android

By viewing the build/envsetup. Sh file in the android source code directory, we can see that:-M: makes from the top of the tree.-Mm: builds all of the modules in the current directory.-Mmm: builds all of the modules in the supplied directories. To

Android ADB root permission

Method: Modify./Default. Prop Set Ro. Secure to 0, persist. Service. ADB. Enable to 1, and the adbd process will start as the root user.     Principle: You can take a look at the/init. RC fragment in the root directory of the Android

Android then presses the back key to exit the application.

Private Static Boolean isexit = false; Private Static Boolean hastask = false; timer texit = new timer (); timertask task = new timertask () {@ overridepublic void run () {isexit = false; hastask = true ;};@ overridepublic Boolean onkeydown (INT

Learning Journey Based on Android ndk-JNI Data Type

Based on Android ndk Learning Journey ----- JNI Data Type Classic old-fashioned Process , LearningProgramming LanguageThings , Learn the most basic data types first , JNI This is also true. JNI Defines a series of basic data

Android development tutorial-start

Hi everyone Recently, everyone is very enthusiastic about learning Android. However, due to new knowledge, it is easy to forget some details and uncommon knowledge after the lecture. In response to the requirements of a large family, I will sort

Android development tutorial-to do things well, you must first sharpen the tool

Hi everyone Today, we started our second course. During the course of the lecture, we found that some people were directly running the source code I provided. Here, in our workshop, learning programming is not just as long as we can understand it,

Build an android Development Environment

Previously, I installed my computer on my computer. This time I changed my lab computer and the computer configuration was a little poor. However, I decided to give it a try for future convenience. Remember that you can add a site directly in "help"

Android Development notes-Simulator Selection

After the development environment is set up, you can start your own Android development journey. You need to use the simulator every time you simulate a project. Because the machine configuration is not high, you need to enable eclipse and the

Android Development notes-attributes learned today

Before leaving the lab, I posted some basic knowledge I learned this afternoon (what did I do this morning? I am busy restoring data ): 1. LastProgramDuring packaging, files in the res folder are packaged only when used, and files in the assets

Android Development notes-three ways to change the font color

When adding text in textview, you sometimes need to change the color of some text fonts. Today I learned three ways to share them: 1. Set the font color directly in the configuration XML file under the layout file, and change the color by adding

Android Development notes -- handler Summary

I. Handler definition:It mainly accepts data sent by sub-threads and uses this data with the master thread to update the UI.Explanation: When an applicationProgramAt startup, Android will first open a main thread (that is, the UI thread). The main

Android Development notes -- common attributes of tablelayout

Today I saw the layout of simple Android controls, which may be absolute, relative, table, linear, or frame layout. Some attributes in the table layout are relatively complex, the following describes some attributes of table layout: Frequently Used

Android development tutorial-content provider

Hi everyone! Today, we will mainly explain the android Data Sharing Mechanism content provider. Easy: Hiring Personnel Director: How much do you know about computers? Applicant A: I have used calculators, electronic watches, and

How does Android disable screen sleep and lock screen?

Introduction   We often launchProgramWe do not need to wake up the screen lock function of the system. For example, if we are running a program such as xxxnowtv or XXX player, users sometimes do not want the screen lock function to start when

Android development tutorial-data storage (1) shared preferences, files, Network

Hi everyone! Today, we mainly learn about the data storage mechanism of Android. There are four main methods. Today we will introduce shared preferences, files, and network. Next we will introduce the SQLite method. As an example, it is easy:

Android development tutorial-layout (linear layout) (relative layout)

Hi everyone It has been a long time since the last blog post was published. At the end of the year, the project was very busy. First, I couldn't take the time to update it. Second, it may be a bit lazy. Whatever the reason, sorry, we will

Android development tutorial-button checkbox edittext textview

Hi everyone! Starting today, I will write frequently used controls in the android UI to help you learn these controls. As an example, joke... Mr. A found that his wife often had a stranger's text message on his cell phone, and the content of

Android development tutorial-everything is ready, and the Environment is built by DongFeng

Hi everyone I believe that after your own efforts, you have a basic understanding of Java basics and can write some simple functions.CodeAdd comments to help you understand and digest them. As usual, I would like to entertain myself before the

Android development tutorial-Android calls WS

Hi everyone! In the previous section, we set up the Java version of WS. How can we access it on the Android client? This is the knowledge point we need in this section. As shown in the following example: A young programmer and a project manager

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