Android: couldn't save which view has focus because the focused view ### has no ID

Problem: Android: couldn't save which view has focus because the focused view ### has no ID There are two possible causes: Solution 1: Android: icon = "@ drawable/icon" Android: Label = "@ string/app_name"> Android: Label

Android surfaceview learning example

Surfaceview is a subclass of view. It is used in the same way as any class derived from view. You can apply animations like other views and place them in the layout.Surfaceview's surface can be drawn using all the standard canvas methods described

Android emulator accesses web service through proxy

1. Start the simulator (Android 2.2 emulator) and go to Settings> wireless & Network> mobile networks> Access Point names. Then open telkila.   2. Set the following as follows:-Proxy: your proxy address-Port: your proxy Port After the above

Android surfaceview game development example

When we need to develop a complex gameProgramWhen the execution efficiency requirement is very high, the view class cannot meet the requirements. In this case, the surfaceview class must be used for development. For example, when a game requires a

Android smack source code analysis-receive messages and how to parse messages

The smack package used in Android is actually called asmack, which provides two different Connection Methods: socket and httpclient. It also provides a lot of APIS for operating XMPP protocols, and also facilitates the expansion of various custom

Export the android project as a jar package.

[Abstract] How does android ProgramCompress it into a jar package and export it 1. Create a Java Project 2. Add Android. jar to Java build path> libraries. 3. In package explorer, right-click the project and choose export Java-> JAR file. Use1

Android, the first objective: the programmer

To develop a project involves the following aspects: 1. Use of gravity accelerator for images The routine generation can be found online. A small demo has been completed by the routine. 2. ProgressAlgorithm(That is, how to change the values of X,

An article about Android layout [export from:]

Layout plays a significant role in quickly setting up the interface and improving the adaptability of the interface on screens with different resolutions. Here we will briefly introduce layout of Android and study its implementation. Android has

Android video monitoring (package download)

Some time ago, due to a demo, I learned about video monitoring-related information and sorted it out. I put it here and it may be useful in the future. I. Mobile phone monitoring -() This is the monitoring source (currently my computer comes with

Android SMS reading

Android SMS read Package COM. homer. SMS; Import Java. SQL. date; Import Java. text. simpledateformat; Import android. app. activity; Import android. database. cursor; Import android. database. SQLite. sqliteexception; Import

Free PSD design file for Android image user interface

Do Android Developers often need GUI interface element files, and the resources on the Internet are not necessarily easy to use? Today I will present several GUI element files under android, this package includes fully editable Photoshop files, the

Android games (crazytank)

AlthoughProgramI handed it in early morning, but this articleArticleOnly now can time be written. This is a program used to participate in the Google challenge. It started in early October and went on for a month. It was handed in mid November 10

Entry: reading sequence of Android documents

Because I read the android blog Article This section describes several articles, one of which is SDK > The reading sequence of the doc analyzed by the author has aroused my interest. Indeed, what should I do if there are so many documents? What

Measurement Units supported by Android

The link cannot be provided because the link on the android official website is harmonious. The following content is displayed in the cache of Google Android in Japanese. Save it. 1. you can create common dimensions to use for various screen

Hardcode UI for Android

Import android. app. activity; import android. widget. imageview; import android. widget. relativelayout; import android. widget. textview; @ suppresswarnings ("UNUSED") public class syncstatuspanel extends relativelayout { Private class

Useful Tools and Toolbox for Android Development

Mobile Application Development has a huge market. At present, although iPhone users are the first in the market.However, it seems that the popularity of Android platforms will not slow down in the short term.Its market share is increasing.Therefore,

Sort out phased data for Android Application Development

I. Enterprise address book Address book resources References:Http:// From =Http://

Android view learning example

View is a superclass of Android, which contains almost all screen types. Each view has a canvas for drawing, which can be expanded at will. You can customize the view in game development. The canvas function can meet our needs in game development.

Android 8 open-source game engines

1. angle (2d Java) Angle is a 2D game engine that is designed for the Android platform and is agile and suitable for rapid development. It is developed based on opengles technology. This engine uses JavaCodeWrite, And you can replace the

Android context (Application/Activity) and Memory leakage

Context in android can perform many operations, but the main function is to load and access resources. There are two types of context in android: application context and activity context. Generally, activity context is transmitted between different

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