Android SDK upgrade Problems

We often report the following errors on the SDK (Windows environment ,:     This means that the rename process failed, so we had to back up the Tools Folder (random), delete the entire folder of tools, and then click in the folder you just

Android edittext or autocompletetextview setonkey event

Modify the project today and change the homepage search. After the user enters the keyword, press the software keyboard and press enter to jump to the result page. CodeNo problem. I don't know why I always jump to the secondary node. debug

Remove the title bar and border from Android Dialog

Add the following to the values/style. xml file:Code(If the file does not exist, create an XML file named style. xml) Remove the background color border and set the background color in your layer. Step 2 add Android: theme = "@

Android APK installation prompt application Not Installed

Today, when Android is installed with the first version 1.0.1 and later version 1.0.2, the system prompts "ApplicationProgramNot Installed" The reason is that the signature is different. The default signature is debug. PackageWhen Android tool "-"

Android. OS. networkonmainthreadexception Exception Handling

The android. OS. networkonmainthreadexception is reported when the mobile phone number is Android 2.1. The error is caused by a problem with the WebService accessing the network. I found it online for a long time and said it was used. @

NFC has basically enabled communication between WP and Android phones

The emergence of NFC (near-field communication function) is undoubtedly an innovation in the history of mobile phones. It makes mobile phones closer to people's lives, windows Phone 8, the operating system of the new generation of mobile phones, is

Android smart TV stick

Android smart TV stick (also known as Android TV stick, Android smart player, Google TV stick, smart TV stick, Android hdmi TV stick, Android hd TV stick, etc ), it is a product running the Android operating system with an HDMI interface similar to

Webkey: remotely controlling your Android phone

Once upon a time, I forgot my cell phone. So I thought it would be nice if I could remotely control my cell phone. At least call transfer can be performed. If we connect a mobile phone to a computer using a data cable, we can use various tools and

How to install Google's official Android marketplace?

In fact, I have always felt that there is no need to install the Google service package;However, the u880 lacks the add-on attribute, and none of the three files found on the Internet can be used. The simplified Google service package is used to

What is the difference between Samsung S beam and Android beam?

Some time ago, I went with my friend to buy a mobile phone. The sales staff in the store sold a Samsung mobile phone to us and said, "This mobile phone has the S beam function. Just touch someone else's mobile phone, the video can be transmitted to

M8 Android m9rom version contact Import Method

Since I used the Android system in M8, I have carefully experienced several Rom, and most Rom problems are still quite large. The most prominent problem is that the operation is relatively slow and there is often no signal, in this way, it is not

M8 wince: Synchronize contacts to the M8 Android system

I recently refreshed the Android system and got worried about it. Ha, what should I do if my contact is lost? What should I do with old text messages? What should I do if no phone or SMS ringtones are available by default? A lot of problems. Now I

M8 clicks Android system note

Today, I watched other colleagues try to use the Android mobile phone system. I couldn't help it, and I turned my M8 into a wince and Android dual system to try it out. The entire process of flash is smooth. The steps are as follows: Back up M8

Android menu trace

Recently, I am very busy. I have been busy with projects of the Hangzhou Power Bureau and the wuxijiang hydropower plant, so I haven't updated my blog for a long time. Play android in the evening and find it interesting to develop Android menus.

Everything starts with hard-android SDK Installation

The first Google summer College Students' blog sharing competition-2010 andriod   I studied how to install the SDK successfully all morning. Next we will share the installation process.   Eclipse + Android SDK 2.1 environment deployment 1.

Deploy the program to the Android mobile phone

The first Google summer College Students' blog sharing competition-2010 andriod   Although the SDK and development environment have been installed and the android Virtual Device (AVD) has been established, it is still necessary to test on the

Event listening example in Android

Monitor incoming call statusAudiofocus is a feature available only after android2.2. For versions earlier than Android 2.2, another method is to listen to the phone status. At least when you call in, you can pause the music.The first step to

Ranking of the most popular Android Market applications in August

Because andoird market does not have the ranking function, the following lists are obtained through the atrackdog tracking. Advanced Task Manager is still under control. The $0.99 low-price policy may hold the ATM at its top position for a long time

Android listview button and edittext

Click the button to edit all edittext of listview and display the delete button. If (null! = Datalist & 0 Step 2 rewrite the adapter to set the button event in getview Holder. btdel. settag (position); holder. btdel. setonclicklistener (New

Android listview rewrite simpleadapter to display pictures asynchronously and process text

Simpleadapter = New Simpleadapter (context, mdata, R. layout. goods_info, New String [] {"name", "small_pic", "price "}, New Int [] {R. Id. goods_name, R. Id. goodsimg, R. Id. goods_price }){@ Override Public Void Setviewimage ( Final Imageview

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