[Excerpt] Android screen resolution

The iPhone's icon design is so simple that the iPhone's screen is only 320x480 pixels, soProgramNo adaptability issues. Android Before studying the android icon design, it is necessary to first understand how the android interface adapts to a

Android menu trace

Recently, I am very busy. I have been busy with projects of the Hangzhou Power Bureau and the wuxijiang hydropower plant, so I haven't updated my blog for a long time. Play android in the evening and find it interesting to develop Android menus.

[Excerpt] Graphic tutorial on Google Android operating system kernel Compilation

Like the standard Linux development process, an important basic task of Android platform development is to compile and port its kernel. This article, in conjunction with Android development documents and my practical experience, briefly introduces

[Excerpt] An attempt to draw a UI view in Android

In Android, when an activity receives a focus, it is required to draw its own layout. The android framework will deal with this painting process, but this activity must provide its layout level root node. Painting starts from the root node of the

Everything starts with hard-android SDK Installation

The first Google summer College Students' blog sharing competition-2010 andriod   I studied how to install the SDK successfully all morning. Next we will share the installation process.   Eclipse + Android SDK 2.1 environment deployment 1.

Deploy the program to the Android mobile phone

The first Google summer College Students' blog sharing competition-2010 andriod   Although the SDK and development environment have been installed and the android Virtual Device (AVD) has been established, it is still necessary to test on the

Android interface design tool-droiddraw

The first Google summer College Students' blog sharing competition-2010 andriod Software name: droiddraw Software size: 489kb (Windows Version) Supported systems: Mac OS X/Windows/Linux : Http://code.google.com/p/droiddraw/   The interface

Use git and repo to download the android source code

The first Google summer College Students' blog sharing competition-2010 andriod The following operations are completed in ubuntu10.04lts: Install git Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter

[Excerpt] Graphic Tutorial: SD card partition in Android

New Android users may encounter SD card partitioning problems. Why partition? What are the shards? What is the partitioning method? These problems are actually very simple. 1. The purpose of the partition and the three main partitions of the SD

[Excerpt] Android Building System Analysis

ArticleDirectory Goals Initialization and zookeeper Token set by product Module-based fetch Board level settings Rules To learn about a system, I often start with makefile or building system to understand the system

[Excerpt] Android screen element hierarchy

Android screen element hierarchy Android. App. ActivityFor an Android app, an android. App. Activity instance is the most basic function unit. An activity instance can do a lot of things, but it cannot be displayed on the screen. Instead,

Android threads are used to update the UI, such as thread, handler, logoff, and timertask.

Method 1: (Java is not recommended for Android) When I first started to use Android Thread Programming, I used to be like Java and tried to use the followingCodeSolve the problem NewThread (NewRunnable (){Public VoidRun (){Myview. invalidate ();}

[Excerpt] install Google Android SDK on Ubuntu (10.04)

Http://limssb.blog.163.com/blog/static/147304372010810101747796/ 1. Install JDK and eclipse ? View code bash 12 Sudo Aptitude InstallSun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-jdkSudo Aptitude

[Excerpt] Notes for compiling Android froyo in Ubuntu 10.10

  Http://www.eoeandroid.com/thread-38456-1-1.html   WeekendSystemUpgrade to 10.10. First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for the rapid development of ubuntu on the UI. Many details are well done, especially for fonts.Effect.Go to

[Excerpt] how to modify the system time in Android (the application obtains system permissions)

[Excerpted from] http://blog.csdn.net/liujian885/archive/2010/03/22/5404834.aspx Systemclock is provided in the android API. setcurrenttimemillis () function to modify the system time. Unfortunately, no matter how you call this function, it is

[Excerpt] Structure Analysis of the android 2.1 source code

Android 2.1 source code structure analysisRockie ChengFor Android 2.1| -- Makefile| -- Bionic (bionic C Library)| -- Bootable Code )| -- Build (stores basic development kit configurations such as system compilation rules and generic)| -- CTS

[Excerpt] installation of Android ADB driver in Linux

ArticleDirectory Overview Procedure Supplement References [Excerpted from] http://blog.csdn.net/zhenwenxian/archive/2010/09/23/5901350.aspx How to install the android ADB driver in Linux Overview Recently, due to the large

Event listening example in Android

Monitor incoming call statusAudiofocus is a feature available only after android2.2. For versions earlier than Android 2.2, another method is to listen to the phone status. At least when you call in, you can pause the music.The first step to

[Excerpt] Android development-dynamic library call

1. Write and generate a dynamic library available in Android (1) Write a dynamic library source Program File Take my_add.c as an example. First, go to/home/Android/development/, and create the lib_test folder under this directory. Run #

Ranking of the most popular Android Market applications in August

Because andoird market does not have the ranking function, the following lists are obtained through the atrackdog tracking. Advanced Task Manager is still under control. The $0.99 low-price policy may hold the ATM at its top position for a long time

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