Android multi-Threaded Download Instance _android

Copy Code code as follows: public class Mainactivity extends activity { declaring controls Path and number of threads Private EditText Et_url, Et_num; Progress bar public static ProgressBar Pb_thread; Actions that show progress Private

Android Split Wheel Series The method of writing Verification code control _android

Objective First look at the effect What's the good? Don't worry, I'll teach you step-by-step. Summary of the knowledge points used: The use of 1.Canvas and pint, we use it to draw dots, lines, words Basic usage of 2.View In fact, to do this

Android Activity and service communication (between different processes) detailed _android

In Android, the activity is mainly responsible for the presentation of the front page, the service is mainly responsible for the long-term tasks, so in our actual development, we will often encounter the communication between the work and service,

Android Custom View Implementation Verification code _android

This article is based on some of the extensions of the Android Custom view (i) and some of the contents of the Android Custom view constructor. First, we define a declare-styleable tag declare-styleable tag that is used to add custom attributes to

Analyze the simple use of String-array data sources in Android _android

In Android, using String-array is a simple way to extract XML resource file data. Examples are as follows: Put the corresponding data into the Arrays.xml file of the values folder Copy Code code as follows: Xiamen

Android to judge the problem of the screen _android

Android on the screen to solve the problem should be two: first. Layout problems; Reload the problem. 1. Layout problem: If you don't want the software to switch between the two screens, the easiest way to do this is to find the activity you

Parsing the problem with an Android res run error _android

Copy Code code as follows: W/resourcetype (756): Failure getting entry for 0x7f020004 (T=1 e=4) in package 0:0XFFFFFFB1 D/androidruntime (756): Shutting down VM W/DALVIKVM (756): Threadid=1:thread exiting with uncaught exception (GROUP=0X2AAC4

Detailed discussion on Android multithreading and asynchronous processing _android

1. Questions raised 1 Why do I need multiple threads? 2 How to achieve multithreading? 3 What is the core of multithreaded mechanism? 4 in the end how many ways to achieve? 2, problem analysis 1 Why the need for multithreading is the nature of

A case of _android and processing of back key in Android application

mainactivity is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Package cn.testnbackpressed; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import android.view.KeyEvent; Import; /** * Demo Description: * Handle the Back key press event *

Android Imitation Sina Weibo, QQ space and other posts display (2) _android

First, introduce This is a post on Sina Weibo, just including the topic, expression, @ Friends three display. The display method has been elaborated in the previous article, which uses spannablestring. This article mainly introduces the Analytic

Android in Linux under the Brush tutorial _android

Only need to download the corresponding ZIP package, do not need to install any phone helper. 1, download the corresponding Zip package (ROM) For example, I am under the above site of the magic of the corresponding

Android Custom Controls Imitation QQ Edit and select round Head _android

Android Everyone has a lot of users need to upload the avatar needs, some of the choice of square, some rounded rectangle, some round.First we have to do a custom control of the image processing, the incoming picture, through the user selection area,

Android to implement multithreading download pictures _android

A lot of times we need to download the images on the remote server on the Android device to display, and today we'll sort out two better ways of downloading the remote pictures. method One, directly through the HTTP class provided by Android to

Android Adapter 6.0 Bluetooth communication implementation process _android

Prior description:Andoran teeth need to locate the right to apply, in the Android 6.0 users need to manually confirm the right to use, you can query the data to achieve, if it is troublesome, you can use the Third-party Bmob Integrated tool class

Android Custom View implements code _android for the letter navigation bar

Thinking Analysis: 1, custom View implementation of the letter navigation bar 2, ListView Implementation Contact list 3, the letter navigation bar Sliding event handling 4, the letter navigation bar and the middle letter linkage 5. The linkage

Android Integrated micro-Letter login steps Detailed _android

First, write in the OnCreate of application: public static Iwxapi SApi; @Override public void OnCreate () { super.oncreate (); SApi = Wxentryactivity.initweixin (this, appconst.weixin_app_id); } Add in places

Android Background Send mail sample (collect application exception information +demo code) _android

The last time I said how to collect the error messages of our published applications, we can debug and improve the program. The last collection method is to send the information collected through the HTTP POST request to the server by turning the

Explore the solution of ListView multiplexing in Android to cause layout confusion _android

First, what are the specific requirements: As shown in the figure, this has the ABCD four option topics, when clicked on a option, if a is the correct answer, it becomes the pattern of the hook, if the wrong answer, then become the wrong pattern,

Introduction to major resource files and folders in Android _android

In the Android project folder, the main resource files are in the Res folder. 1:assets folder is stored without compiling the original file, that is, the folder inside the file will not be like Xml,java file is precompiled, you can store some

Android implements cool checkbox effect _android

First, put out the implementation of the effect of the diagram: GIF may be a bit too fast to run on a real machine better. Our main idea is to use attribute animation to dynamically draw the selected state and the drawing process of the hook. See

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