The realization method of gesture interaction based on Android _android


Nothing to do, pondering on the android gesture interaction, found that the Internet in the gesture of the article is not many, and a lot of reference value is not big. So out of this blog, and we share. Since I am writing this blog, the study of

Android notes: onconfigurationchanged detailed _android

Engaged in Android development, will inevitably embed in the application of some advertising SDK, embedded in a large number of SDK, found that almost every request in Androidmanifest.xml to declare the activity of the Ad SDK will be required to add

Android to cut a picture into more than one image of the implementation method _android

Here are two packaged classes that enable you to cut pictures. For reference and study only. One is the Imagepiece class, which holds a bitmap object and an int variable that identifies the sequential index of the picture. Copy Code code as

Android Foundation Summary Chapter III: Activity task-related introduction _android

This article mainly introduces the Android basic summary of the three: Activity task-related, has a certain reference value, there is a need to understand. Today we're going to talk about the task-related content of the activity. The last time we

Analysis of Android Development optimization: Application of soft reference and weak reference _android

If an object has only a soft reference, the garbage collector does not reclaim it if there is enough memory space, and the memory of those objects is reclaimed if there is not enough memory. The object can be used by the program as long as the

Analyzing Android Development Optimization: Tips for optimizing from a code perspective _android

Usually we write programs that are done under the pressure of the project plan, where the completed code can complete the business logic, but the performance is not necessarily the most optimized. In general, a good programmer will continue to

Analysis of Android Development optimization: An optimization of Interface UI (Iii.) _android

Sometimes, our pages may contain layouts that are hidden by default, and the hidden layout is displayed when a user triggers a certain action. For example, we have an activity to display a list of friends, and when the user clicks "Import" in menu,

3 Implementation methods for timed tasks in Android (recommended) _android

In Android development, there are 3 ways to implement tasks on a regular basis: First, the use of handler and thread sleep (long) method (not recommended, Java implementation) Second, the use of handler postdelayed (Runnable, Long) method (the

Invoke the WebService instance in Android _android

In some cases we may need to interact with MySQL or Oracle databases, and some friends ' first reaction is to load the driver directly into Android and then make data additions and deletions. I personally do not recommend this approach, a mobile

Android to cut image code sharing at any rate _android


A small partner of the company writes that the picture can be cropped at any rate. I think it's very useful. Simply record it here and it will definitely be used later. public class Seniorcropimageview extends ImageView implements

A variety of ways Android acquires system time _android

There are several ways to get system time in Android, which can be divided into Java Calendar class acquisition, class implementation, and Android. The summary is as follows: Method One: void GetTime1 () { long

Android obtains apk details (including package name, version number, SDK, etc.) via the AAPT command _android

Company Yun-Dimensional asked me how to install the simulator on Windows, I you say you install simulator what? He said, "I install the simulator to view the app's package name for this information to do statistics." I immediately thought, it is

Android Customize view with Typedarray configuration style properties in detail _android

Android Custom View with Typedarray configuration style properties Detail In order to improve reusability and extensibility when customizing view, you can add the configuration of style attributes for custom view, such as customizing picture

Android Reboundscrollview Imitation iOS drag rebound effect _android

Original intention: In fact, there are many such scrollview items on the GitHub, but have to say that the function too much too messy, I just want a simple effect of the scrollview, another monitoring under the sliding distance just, think about it

Android Custom Drop-down Refresh control refreshableview_android


This is in the understanding of the lower-pull refresh function under the principle of the product, Drop-down refresh can be said to be a domestic app in the necessary functions, even Google for this out of the Swiperefreshlayout, a MD-style

Android notes: CM9 source download and compiler application _android

The company has also recently started to modify the framework based on Android4.0 ICS, the company's mobile phone is temporarily not suitable for home testing, there is no kernel permissions.Personally, I have two mobile phones, one is HTC G9 Aria,

How to use sharedpreferences for data storage in Android _android

Many times we develop software to provide users with software parameter settings, such as our commonly used QQ, users can set whether to allow strangers to add their own friends. For the preservation of software configuration parameters, if it is

Android Hands-on tutorial Tenth article imitation Tencent mobile phone assistant small rocket launch effect _android

Before the system from the source of the toast to do a brief analysis, see blog: Click to open the link This article gives a small case, custom toast, simulated Tencent Guardian's small rocket launch. If you want to quickly understand the code,

Android Hands-on tutorial nineth text message efficient backup _android

Android SMS efficiently backs up this article and takes on an article. Use efficient ways to back up SMS--xml serializers. Store text messages and store them in an object way. First create JavaBean: Package com.itydl.createxml.domain;

Android kill process Several methods detailed introduction _android

Android kills the process: For the end of the process in the development of app application is still necessary, here sorted out three ways, we can choose according to the needs. When the application is no longer in use, you usually need to close

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