Android gets the phone's CPU and determines whether it's a single or multicore _android

Copy Code code as follows: /** * Gets the number of cores available in this device, across all processors. * Requires:ability to peruse the filesystem at "/SYS/DEVICES/SYSTEM/CPU" * @return The number of cores, or 1 if failed to get result *

Introduction to the camera use of Android variants (Transform) _android

Introduction The Android deformation (Transform) matrix, to summarize the use of camera, camera mainly to achieve 3D deformation, rotation, rotation, etc., camera source code is implemented by native (local codes), the interface is also relatively

Android Custom table Controls meet people's visual needs _android

Android platform has provided us with a number of standard components, such as: TextView, EditView, Button, ImageView, menu, and many other layout controls, common are: absolutelayout, Linerlayout, Relativelayout, Tablelayout and so on. But as

The use method of log in the development of Android system and its simple principle _android

In the process of program development, log is a widely used mechanism for recording program execution, which can be used for both program debugging and event recording in product operations. The Android system provides a simple, convenient log

Android Popwindow implementation of the left pop-up menu layer and Popupwindow Main method Introduction _android

Popupwindow can achieve a floating layer effect, the main methods are: Can customize view, through the Layoutinflator method, can appear and exit animation, you can specify the display location.In order to Popupwindow multiple functions and strive

Android Development Tips My menu I'm the Boss (custom menu) _android

The Android SDK itself provides a mechanism for creating menus by default. However, the menu created through this mechanism is very functional, but it is a bit "dirt" in the interface effect. For a program with a gorgeous interface with a bit of

Complete Android expression function processing scheme _android

An overview of Android expressive function processing scheme 1. Principle and Realization idea 2. Facial Image Display 3. Facial Expression Panel 4. Insert and delete the expression of the input box 5. Facial expression Add script Android in

Android split () string Segmentation Special use case detailed _android

Split () Split string 1. Distinctions in different contexts Java: Split string cannot be written as split ("$")//$ for characters to be split Android: Split strings need to be added with bracket split ("[$]")//$ for characters to be split 2.

A GC memory leak problem with Android _android

1. Android Memory leak concept Many people think that Java programs, because there is garbage collection mechanism, there should be no memory leaks. In fact, if we do not use an object in a program, but because there is still a reference to it, the

Parsing Android data encryption or encryption algorithm _android

Objective: These days the company temporarily pulled to do Android IM instant Messaging protocol implementation, the general view of their agreement, because the previous did not participate, is said to be due to server performance restrictions,

Android Learning Course Suspension Window menu making (9) _android

This example for you to share the Android Suspension Window menu of the specific code for your reference, the specific contents are as follows Code: Package Siso.multilistview; Import Android.os.Build; Import

How to solve the oom problem of Android parsing picture!!! _android

Everyone good, today to share is to resolve the problem of the resolution of the picture Oom, we can use bitmapfactory here a variety of decode methods, if the picture is very small, will not appear oom, but when the picture is very large It is

Android Learning Tutorials Category sideslip Menu (5) _android

The example of this article for you to share the Android classification of Sideslip menu production methods for your reference, the specific content as follows Code: Package Com.siso.crazyworld; Import

Android Learning Tutorials Pictures Hair glass effect (4) _android

This tutorial for you to share the android hair glass effect of the specific code for your reference, the specific content as follows Code: Package Com.siso.crazyworld; Import android.content.res.Resources; Import

Android Learning Tutorials High imitation Android micro-letter 6.0 (2) _android

Examples of this article for you to share the Android imitation Android micro-letter 6.0 of the specific code for your reference, the specific contents are as follows Code for Package Siso.geekworld; Import

Mjrefresh Custom Refresh animation effect in Android development _android

"One" common usage The most original usage, the coupling degree is low, but cannot unify the management. We need to write the following code in each controller, very cumbersome, after the project to modify more cumbersome, a controller to a

Android adds an event to the ListView button above each item _android

This article describes the ListView to add an event to the button above each item as follows: 1. First look at the effect of the picture:Here for testing only, I write the data dead, as needed can be modified on their own, in addition to achieve

Android--android Lint Tool Project resource cleaning and detailed _android

Android--android Lint Tool Project resource cleanup Recently maintained projects for more than two years, through the iterations of many predecessors, the project has not become robust, and become very bloated. The Android Lint tool cleans it up

Explanation and usage of fragment in Android _android

Objective The Android fragment lifecycle is similar to activity, and may actually involve data transfer, Onsaveinstancestate State preservation, Fragmentmanager management and transaction, Toggle the animation. Let's start with a brief

Android Multilevel tree-type list control _android

When we develop the app, we often encounter the need for multilevel list display. The Android Native SDK does not have a level 3 level 4 or more list control at all.So we're going to implement a treelistview-like control, and here's an effect chart

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