Android Custom Control Case Rollup 1 (menu, Popupwindow, Viewpager) _android

Custom controls write controls to their own needs. Android's own controls sometimes don't meet your needs, and at this point we can only implement the controls that fit the project. At the same time, Android allows you to inherit existing controls

Android Development file read and write application case Analysis _android

I. Basic Concepts Save a file in an Android application and save it in two places ① mobile phone with the storage space, small (such as 200M), suitable for saving some small files, Android save location in the data/data/application package

Android Check network connectivity status implementation steps _android

Obtaining network information requires the appropriate permissions to be added to the Androidmanifest.xml file. 1) To determine whether there is a network connection Copy Code code as follows: public Boolean isnetworkconnected

Android Development file operating mode deep understanding of _android

I. Basic Concepts Copy Code code as follows: Context Object private context; Public Fileservice { Super (); This.context = context; } Save File Method public void Save (string filename, String filecontent) throws

"Android Basics" Detailed animation animation introduction and implementation _android

In front of the Popupwindow implementation display imitation Tencent News bottom pop-up menu useful to animation animation effect to realize the menu display and hide, this article to introduce the next bar. 1.Animation Animation type The Android

The logic of nested selection of Taobao shopping cart Recyclerview or listview in Android _android

A scenario with Recyclerview nested Recyclerview is used. The first interface of the shopping cart is Recyclerview, and each item contains a store. Use Recyclerview in the item to include multiple items in a store or shop. Realize the idea: Use

The storage and reading summary of Android serialization and the simple use of _android

Android serialization 1. The purpose of serialization (1). Permanently save object Data (Save object data in a file, or disk (2). Object data is transmitted over the network through serialization (because network traffic transmits data in a byte

Use Android Studio to detect memory leaks (leakcanary) _android

Memory leaks are the biggest headaches for Android developers. Perhaps a small memory leak could be the nest of a ruined sink. How can I detect a memory leak?The Memory Control console (monitor) in Androidstudio provides a memory monitor. It allows

Read a file or folder instance under the Android root directory _android

The last few days is really a variety of significance of the busy, busy exams, but also busy with curriculum design, hand and outsourced projects, the other side of the school project to do, their own things still in the document stage, it is really

Android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE Permissions Problem Resolution _android

Android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE permission restrictions have been changed to system permissions The normal application has been unable to call So the articles found on the Internet to use Android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE have been

Android uses ListView to achieve paging refresh (thread sleep simulation) _android

When there is too much data to display, in order to better enhance user perception, in many apps will use paging refresh display, such as browsing the news, sliding down to the current ListView last Message (item), will be prompted to refresh the

Android call system camera to take photos of two methods to achieve the example _android

Android Call system camera take photos of two ways to achieve the example In our Android development, we often need to do this function, call the system camera to take pictures, and then get the photos taken. Here are the two methods I've

Android Client Implementation Registration, login details (2) _android

The above describes the Android client and server interaction, the implementation of the registration function, Android client Registration/login details (i) This article will continue to introduce the app and server interactive implementation of

How to store the data of Android development _android

In Android, the storage of data is divided into two ways: 1, directly in the form of files stored in the directory 2, in the JSON format stored in the database There are two different ways to store data in a file: 1. txt file generation 2.

Android creation and parsing XML (v)--detailed dom4j approach _android

1, dom4j overview DOM4J is a easy to use, open Source library for working with XML, XPath and XSLT on the Java platform using the Java Coll The Ections Framework and with the full support for DOM, SAX and JAXP. DOM4J Official website: dom4j dom4j

Android creation and parsing XML (iv)--Detailed pull approach _android

1, Pull overview The Android system is ORG.XMLPULL.V1 to create XML-related packages, which not only provide XmlSerializerfor creating XML, It also provides a pull-mode parser for parsing XML Xmlpullparser Instead of extracting XML events like

Android creation and parsing XML (iii)--detailed sax approach _android

1. Sax overview Sax is a parser that consumes less memory and has a fast parsing speed. It takes the event startup, does not need to parse the entire document, but according to the content order to see whether a part of the document conforms to the

Android creation and parsing XML (ii)--detailed DOM approach _android

1. Dom Overview Dom to create XML, you apply the standard XML constructor javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder to create XML documents, you need to import the following Javax.xml.parsers javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder

The Android tab layout is implemented in 4 ways (Fragment+tabpageindicator+viewpager) _android

Android is now implementing the tab type interface more and more, today the common implementation of the way to give you a summary. It is now written: 1, the traditional Viewpager implementation 2, Fragmentmanager+fragment implementation 3,

The method of obtaining two-time signature sign for Android micro-credit Payment _android

This example for you to share the Android micro-credit payment to obtain two signed sign method for your reference, the specific content as follows /** * Get Sign Signature * * @return/private String Genpayreq () {//Get the value of the

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