Several properties of FontMetrics in Android explain the full _android


To talk to you today about Android's understanding of several properties of FontMetrics, the final size of the text in Android is related to the type and font size of the font used to draw the text. Set Font type Paint.settypeface (typeface

The Android volley framework uses the method detailed _android

This article mainly from two aspects of the Android volley framework of the use of the method to explain, the specific contents are as follows First, the network request 1.get Mode request data 1 Create a request queue requestqueue

Android imitation QQ, micro-letter chat interface long by the prompt box effect _android

Let's take a look at the effect chart. How to use Sample code Promptviewhelper pvhelper = new Promptviewhelper (mactivity); Pvhelper.setpromptviewmanager (New Chatpromptviewmanager (mactivity)); Pvhelper.addprompt

Android Application Framework Application startup process detailed _android

In the Android application framework, Activitymanagerservice is a very important component, although the name is Activitymanagerservice, but through the previous blog introduction, we know that the four components are created with AMS to complete ,

Troubleshooting the Android SDK download and update failure method _android

When you recently changed your computer and started building an Android development environment, the download SDK always had the following error: Copy Code code as follows: Failed to fetch URL

Android Development notes: The message loop and Looper's detailed _android

Understanding LooperLooper is used to add a message queue (MessageQueue) to a thread, and to loop through a tool that, when there is a message, evokes a thread to process the message until the thread is finished. Looper is not normally used because,

Brief discussion on the androiddraw+droiddraw of implementing the UI design of Android program _android

Androiddraw is an integrated Android application with DroidDraw that allows you to get from the DroidDraw application Download your GUIs and also allow you to preview your GUIs on an Android device 1, the first download installation DroidDraw, I

3 Solutions for implementing timers based on Android _android

In Android development, timers typically have the following 3 implementation methods: a sleep (long) method using handler and threadSecond, the postdelayed (Runnable, long) method using handlerThird, the use of handler and timer and timertask

Simple use of conditional database Android:sqllite _android

SQLite analysis SQLite is a lightweight, embedded, relational database that has now been used in iphone, Android, and other mobile systems, SQLite portability, easy to use, small, efficient and reliable. SQLite embedded in the application

Android Sina Weibo down-pull refresh (latest message on top) _android

Check the latest news to use similar Sina Weibo dropdown refresh Function! Show the latest news on the top! The code is as follows: Pulltorefreshlistview Class Code Copy Code code as follows: Package;

Android Development Notes: Detailed data storage methods _android

Whether it is God horse Platform, God Horse development environment, God Horse software program, data are the core. For the development platform, if the data storage has good support, then the development of the application will have a great role in

Android writing file Browser simple implementation _android

Sometimes when we save files, we always use the file Browser feature. So today bloggers take us to make one. So to begin, browse the file and we'll need to write a file tool class. Import; Import java.util.ArrayList; Import

Android MMS: Deep MMS Support _android

Composing and editingMMS in the Android MMS application of the specific implementation of the form, or data structure is slideshowmodel, it is a node for each Slidemodel Arraylist,slidemodel is a model list, That is, it can receive any model of the

Android Imitation QQ, the realization of Sina album _android

In mobile applications, many times will use the image selection, image cutting and other functions. Recently I am also preparing an open source Photo album project to facilitate the development of applications later use, but also as convenient as

Android Recyclerview to implement Drop-down list functionality _android

There are a lot of applications on the market, with a drop-down list of features, all the options are placed in the Drop-down list, when the user clicks on the selection, pop-up all the options, the user selects an item, the Drop-down list

Android Memory leak Combat Analysis _java

Java is a garbage collection language, the advantage is that developers do not have to deliberately manage memory allocation, reduce the application due to local failure (segmentation fault) caused by the crash, while preventing the release of

Android uses floating windows to prompt users to operate _android

Last time we realized the use of Viewpager to implement a functional introduction to new users, today we will show the use of floating window to operate the user Guide. Look at the effect chart first. Although the interface is ugly, but you can

Android Drop-down Refresh Framework Implementation code Instance _android

The previous period of time projects used in the Drop-down refresh function, before the internet also found similar demo, but the quality of these demos are uneven, user experience is not good, interface design is not. The most is no way, finally

Detailed Android two ways to submit data to the server four ways _android

In the development of Android application, we often submit data to the server and get data from the server, this paper mainly gives the method of submitting data to the server using the HTTP protocol in HttpClient way. The code is relatively simple,

Android Login Interface Implementation code sharing _android

Recently because of the project needs, the baby has not done Android for a long time, but also because the project needs, now continue to make Android, hey, said more than tears ah, other needless to say, first to engage in a login interface to

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