Android activity jumps to another activity_android

Development environment: android4.1.1Experiment function:In the first Hello world! Displays good in the activity for the label, which has a button named next. Click the Next button to enter the second activity, with only 1 close buttons in the

Android serialization of XML data _android

What is XML?First let's take a look at what XML is. XML, Extensible Markup Language (extensible Markup Language), used to mark an electronic file with a structured markup language that can be used to mark data, define data types, is a source

Android pause or stop playback of other music players implement code _android

The code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: public static final String playstate_changed = ""; public static final String meta_changed = ""; public static final

A brief analysis of the powerful dialog_android in Android

Android often uses the dialog (pop-up effect), and is very powerful, can simulate the N-type pop-up effect. As shown in the figure: Here's a small example to show you the powerful dialog in Android. The code has written a detailed comment, and

Android Bluetooth Development In-depth analysis _android

1. Response privileges using Bluetooth Copy Code code as follows: 2. Configure the native Bluetooth module Here first to understand the Bluetooth operation of a core class Bluetoothadapter Copy Code code as follows:

Performance Optimization Summary of Android development _android

A. Loading Pre-loading: 1. Reflection annotation frame reflect information, in application, multithreading preload to cache. 2. Pre-loading of resources Lazy load: 1.Fragment lazy load 2. Resource Lazy Load Two. Caching 1. HTTP cache,

Android easy to manage log log in applications log publish the method of all the log logs are removed _android

There are generally two ways to manage log, and bloggers recommend using the first method below: The first method: The first step: Define a Logtools tool class, believe you can understand, whose log, can use whose name do method name, such as

Android reads local or network images and converts them to Bitmap_java

When doing an Android project, we often need to read a picture from a local or a network and convert it to a bitmap picture for use, and here's how to read the local picture and convert it: Java code /** * Gets the absolute path to the

Android String-array Data source simple to use _android

In Android, using String-array is a simple way to extract XML resource file data. Examples are as follows: Put the corresponding data into the Arrays.xml file of the values folder Xiamen Fuzhou Quanzhou Zhangzhou

Android ListView Dynamic display of data according to the EditText search box _android

According to the EditText search box ListView Dynamic display of data is based on demand, feel that the things involved may be more interesting, so start to write a write, I hope to help you a bit. First, let's analyze the whole process: 1, create

Android IPC interprocess communication with the latest Androidstudio aidl operations) _android

Objective What is the relationship between thread, handler, and Handlerthread in front of the threads that combed Android? These are all in the same process, the communication between processes, or the communication between different applications

An example method for Android custom Tabactivity _android

First, change the tab bar position.Java code. Add in Tabactivity's OnCreate methodSetcontentview (R.layout.tab_host);The Layout tab_host.xml is extracted from the system resource file and slightly modified.The original Tab_host.xml contents of the

Android string resource file format method use instance _android

A lot of times we're sensitive. Google follows a large number of MVC architectures when designing Android, allowing it to be independent of writing public code, artwork, and concrete logic developers. How do you implement a formatted string in the

Android Phone Grab Package step _android

Android Grab Pack Preparation1. Android phones need to have root access first. A test method that obtains root permissions: Installs and opens terminal simulators (available through channels such as the Android Market). In the Terminal simulator

Sweet Alert dialog in the Android Studio application problem Description _android

See this sweet-alert-dialog is very cordial, because the front-end development I use the hint is this JS plug-in, Java Cow is very powerful, directly into a Java package plug-in, good! The following records how to refer to the project and use:

Android PDF Viewer Application problem description in Android Studio _android

had been done before. NET development, recently need to get a news app, the ability is limited, can only use HTML5 webapp+android Studio to complete this work.Android Studio mainly uses WebView to load the released WebApp, packaging and

Android High Imitation micro-5.2.1 main interface and message alert _android

Haven't updated the blog for a long time, recently in the company's project, which is my contact with the first formal project. Through the inspection of the project, found oneself accumulated a year of knowledge or far from enough, want to improve,

Obfuscation packaging for Android apps sharing _android

Obfuscation packaging for Android applications1. Add the following proguard.config=proguard.cfg in the of the engineering document, as shown below:Target=android-8 Proguard.config=proguard.cfg Eclipse will generate proguard.cfg

Android Network programming network communication Several ways instance share _android

Now, mobile apps penetrate all walks of life, the numbers are hard to count, most of them use the web and the interaction with the server is overwhelming, so what are the ways to access the Internet in Android? Now we've summed up six ways: (1)

Android Development tutorials for Android handler usage _android

The use of Android handler, before speaking handler, we first mention a small problem, is how to let the program 5 seconds update title.First of all, let's take a look at the people who are used to Java programming and how to write the program

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