Android String-array Data source simple to use _android

In Android, using String-array is a simple way to extract XML resource file data. Examples are as follows: Put the corresponding data into the Arrays.xml file of the values folder Xiamen Fuzhou Quanzhou Zhangzhou

Android IPC interprocess communication with the latest Androidstudio aidl operations) _android

Objective What is the relationship between thread, handler, and Handlerthread in front of the threads that combed Android? These are all in the same process, the communication between processes, or the communication between different applications

Android High Imitation micro-5.2.1 main interface and message alert _android

Haven't updated the blog for a long time, recently in the company's project, which is my contact with the first formal project. Through the inspection of the project, found oneself accumulated a year of knowledge or far from enough, want to improve,

Several common methods of Android adapter _android

Several common methods of Android adapter are shared with the following details 1 When is the ListView set up to monitor the adapter data? In Setadapter (ListAdapter adapter), the data listening in the original Madapter in the ListView is

Android Premium Sony Scrolling album _android


Although the Sony handset sells is not good, but some things still do well, the industrial design Needless to say, the Sony album's double finger arbitrary scaling function is also particularly cool. Its Desktop widget scrolling album I think it is

Obfuscation packaging for Android apps sharing _android

Obfuscation packaging for Android applications1. Add the following proguard.config=proguard.cfg in the of the engineering document, as shown below:Target=android-8 Proguard.config=proguard.cfg Eclipse will generate proguard.cfg

Detailed introduction to the methods used in the Android service _android

Service as the four components worthy of our more attention In Android, the activity is primarily responsible for the presentation of the front page, and the service is primarily responsible for tasks that require long-term operation. For example,

Android app for code obfuscation example detailed _android

Received a new task to confuse existing projects with code. There has been some understanding of confusion before, but it's not detailed and complete, and it's tricky to know something is confusing. But fortunately the current project is not too

Android Network programming network communication Several ways instance share _android

Now, mobile apps penetrate all walks of life, the numbers are hard to count, most of them use the web and the interaction with the server is overwhelming, so what are the ways to access the Internet in Android? Now we've summed up six ways: (1)

Android implements search buttons and clock complexity via path _android

The most complex graphics in Android are made by path, such as drawing a curve and then moving an object along with the curve, such as a search button, such as a simple clock implementation: So what is path! Definition: path is the way, which is

Android activity stack and management example detailed _android

This example shows how to change the order of existing activity in the current task stack by setting the intent object's markup. 1. Activity initiation Tag description for intent object: Flag_activity_brought_to_front This tag is

Android Development tutorials for Android handler usage _android

The use of Android handler, before speaking handler, we first mention a small problem, is how to let the program 5 seconds update title.First of all, let's take a look at the people who are used to Java programming and how to write the program

The implementation code of the Android magnifier _android

Nearly three months did not write a blog, because of work transfer, a lot of experience, ideas have no time to record down. Now the time is a little abundance, I will try my best to take the time to make up the things I want to write without writing.

Android byte[] and short[] Conversion method Code _android

1, tool code Copy Code code as follows: public class Bytestransutil { Private String TAG = "Bytestransutil";private static Bytestransutil instance = NULL; Private Bytestransutil () {LOG.I (TAG, "instance Bytestransutil");} public

Android implementation of landing page logo with the keyboard retractable dynamic (perfect solution to the problem of keyboard pop-up occlusion control) _android

In the last two projects, project requirements require us to implement the/* landing page content to be topped up with the keyboard popping up, to avoid the keyboard blocking the landing button * * This effect, the baby in the heart bitter Ah, was

Android read-write SD card operation write data read Data sample _android

Copy Code code as follows: Package com.example.sdcardtest; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import

The environment of Android NDK development and Simple example _android

Introduction of NDK and JNI NDK is all called the native Development Kit local language (c&c++) development package. The corresponding is the frequently contacted ANDROID-SDK, (software Development Kit) software development package (only supports

Android ListView Default to select an implementation code _android

Here is the directory generated using TOC: layout file definition ◦listview definition◦item template Definition • code ◦ Initialization List◦ User Click to process • Effect -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Android imitates iphone list Data View Refresh animation detailed _android

Because I personally like to jump between different pages to add some fun animation, today accidentally saw an animation effect feel good, several effect chart is as follows: Since the fun is written in the blog, directly said: The effect is similar

Android realizes a sample sharing of page information not being reset when the screen is switched _android

When the screen rotates and switches, the Android mechanism is:Destroy the current screen activity, and then reopen a new activity that adapts to screen changes.So how do we get the page information not reset when the screen is switched? Solution

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