Android open rar Compressed file _android


Copy Code code as follows: private void Open (String filestring) { Intent Intent = new Intent (); Intent.setclassname ("Com.rarlab.rar", "com.rarlab.rar.MainActivity"); File File = new file (filestring); Uri data = uri.fromfile (file);

Implementation of the Android development tutorial slide off fragment Example _android

Main code: (with Comments) Copy Code code as follows: Package com.example.checkboxtest; Import Android.annotation.SuppressLint;Import Android.content.Context;Import;Import;Import

Android development tutorial using thread to implement view smooth scrolling sample _android

Recently have been trying to do the effect of the Drop-down refresh, pondering for a long time, only to go through the Ontouch method to pull down the entire view of the steps, the next is able to pull down, loosen the hand to be able to slip back

Android asynchronous Request server Data sample _android

1, after the android4.0 version, the main thread (UI thread) is not supporting the network request, the reason is probably the impact of the main thread, the speed is too slow, easy card machine, so need to open a new thread request data;

Android Basics Tutorial Night Mode Implementation Example _android

Copy Code code as follows: Package Org.david.dayandnightdemo.cor; Import Android.os.Bundle;Import;Import Android.content.Context;Import android.content.SharedPreferences;Import

Create a transparent Progress dialog box instance in Android _android

First, let's take a look at what is called a transparent progress dialog box: Next we'll talk about how to create:1. Use Eclipse to create a new Andr OID project that uses Android 2.2 or more.2, in the/res/layout folder, create a linear layout

Android and iOS Test five of the best open source Automation tools _android

Automated testing plays a very important role in product testing. There are a number of positive ways to implement test automation, including minimizing test execution time, ensuring greater coverage during critical release phases, and working

Android uses Viewpager to achieve infinite sliding effect _android

Objective In fact, think carefully about the principle is quite simple. It's just when we slide to the last page and then slide backwards to the first page, and when we slide to the first page and slide forward, we navigate to the last page.

Android QQ New User Registration interface drawing _android

First look at the effect chart: Problem: 1. Drop down list (because you haven't seen this yet ...) ) 2, the title bar display problems 3, the button to Enable settings .......... Here's the code: Layout Fragment_main (Issue 1)

Android Three implementation of the timer detailed and implementation methods _android

method One: Handler+thread Package Com.xunfang.handerDemo; Import; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.os.Handler; Import Android.os.Message; Import Android.widget.TextView; /** * Handler Timer * * * *

UTF-8 code (garbled) problem solving method for Android post data _android

A bug was encountered today: a piece of data that was posted to the server by the client caused an unknown exception on the server side. The server side confirmation is a coded conversion error. This intercepts the network packet for analysis and

Multi-Threading detailed _android of Android multithreaded processing (R) In fact, this does not start a new thread, just the execution of the runnable in the Run () method, but did not execute the start () method, so runnable walk or UI thread. 1. If, like this, you can manipulate the UI, but run or

Android SMS receive monitor, automatic reply SMS operation example _android

To define an action for a broadcast receiver: Copy Code code as follows: private static final String TAG = "SMSService"; /** * Information Send status Broadcast */ private static final String action_sms_send = "com. Smsservice.

Android Debugging Tools adb command Daquan _android

I. Introduction of ADBThe SDK's Tools folder contains important commands for the Android emulator Operation ADB,ADB is called (The Android Debug Bridge is the function of the debugging bridges.) Through the ADB we can debug the Android program

Android realizes QQ New user registers the interface to encounter the problem and solves the method _android

In the previous article to introduce the Android QQ login interface encountered problems and solutions, this article continues to introduce you to the Android QQ interface knowledge. First to show you the effect of the picture: Problem: 1. Drop

Use the Include tag and merge tab to reuse layouts in Android _android

Although Android offers a variety of components for small, reusable interaction elements, you may also need to reuse a large component for the layout. To efficiently reuse the full layout, you can use the and tags to embed another layout into the

Android background thread and UI thread communication instance _android

This section shows you how to send data to the UI line Chengri objects in a task that allows you to work in a background thread and then display the results on the UI thread. Defines a handler in the UI thread Handler is part of the Android system'

Android App Background Service report working status instance _android

This section covers the work requests running in the background service, and how to report status to the sending requestor. It is recommended to use Localbroadcastmanager to send and receive status, which restricts the ability of only this app to

The bad asynctask_android in Android

Asynctask is a very common API, especially when processing data asynchronously and applying the data to the view's operational context. In fact, Asynctask is not so good, even some bad. In this article I'll talk about the issues that asynctask can

Android's cmd command shutdown restart and restart Recovery_android

Android when it started, really let some small number of software fire A, cut fruit, Tom Cat, blowing skirt is one of the representatives, of course, there is a strong practical shutdown software, we go to Baidu search. Screenshots: I.

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