How to filter redundant resource files in Android project _android

This article is an example of the filtering of the Android project redundant resources file solution, very practical value! The detailed description is as follows: Many developers often experience this in the development process of Android projects:

Android implementation of GPS positioning code example _android

Obtained by GPS is a location type of longitude and latitude, can be converted to two double latitude and longitude.Latitude: 23.223871812820435Latitude: 113.58986039161628First create a TextView and two button Then add the code

Android improvements Broadcastreceiver Examples of detailed _android

The previous articles discussed activity and service separately, and this article discusses broastcastreceiver,broastcast as a means of communication between applications. Broastcastreceiver is also closely linked with intent, dynamic/static

The secrets of Android development notes Webview_android

Overview:A view that displays the Web page. This class is the basis for scrolling through your Web browser or simply displaying some online content in your activity. It uses the WebKit rendering engine to display Web pages, including methods for

Android to upload file function method _android

This article described as an Android upload file source code, each step of the implementation process are equipped with detailed comments, thinking more clearly, learning This example of the upload file code, you can deal with other formats file

Android Game Development Custom gesture--Input method gesture technology _android

When it comes to software development, we usually like to use newer versions of the tools, but why do I use a lower version of the SDK to develop the Android game? Here are the reasons: 1, the Android SDK belongs to backward compatibility! So the

Android implements the method of writing the sent SMS to the SMS database _android

SMS is a common function of mobile phone, this article is an example of the implementation of the Android will be sent to the text message database method. Share for everyone to use for reference. Specifically as follows: Generally speaking, after

Android High Imitation iOS wheel selection control _android

Recently, according to the needs of the project, sorted out a relatively comprehensive wheelview use control, borrowed before see a word, is standing on the shoulders of giants, made a number of small adjustments.Here, put the effect chart first.

Android Event distribution detailed and sample code _android

Event distribution is a very important mechanism in Android and is the basis for user interaction with the interface. This article will create a flowchart of event distribution by using the example print log, making it easier for everyone to

Android enables you to check for and download apk updates, install APK, and get network information _android

The example described in this article is the Android code for a weather report, which includes downloading and installing APK, checking apk updates, displaying ' already up-to-date ' or ' unable to get version Information ' dialog box, getting

Android implementation to load advertising pictures and countdown to the open screen layout _android

This is an example of an Android open screen layout that can be used to load advertising pictures and countdown layouts. Program set the Layoutparams, dividing the extra space ratio of 6 5, the specific weight ratio can be defined according to the

Android Simple gesture Password Open Source Library detailed _android

Brief introduction This paper introduces a detailed process of using and implementing the open Source Library of Android gesture cipher, which mainly realizes the following functions: Support the drawing of gesture cipher, and support the

Android to improve the Telephonymanager function Quest _android

The previous article describes how to use the Java reflection mechanism to invoke the Bluetooth hidden API, this article continues to practice the Java reflection Mechanism, explore telephonymanager in the framework included in the SDK hidden in

Code obfuscation for Android application development _android

Obfuscation Device (Proguard) Obfuscation compresses, optimizes, and confuses code by removing unused code and renaming classes, fields, and methods with obscure names. The result is a smaller. apk file, which is more difficult to reverse project.

Android improved Bluetooth hidden API Quest _android

The previous article explains the basic use of Bluetooth in Android, and this article delves into the hidden APIs in the next Bluetooth context. People who have used the Android system setup (Setting) know that pairing and pairing can be established

Implementation of an improved analog signal oscilloscope for Android _android

The previous simple introduction of the Android program in the development of the use of Audiorecord and Audiotrack, this time combined with Surfaceview to achieve an Android version of the phone analog signal oscilloscope. Recently the Internet of

Android to achieve Taobao selected product Size button Group Instance _android

Say not much, the first effect chart: Now let's talk about some of the principles inside! First, the principle: 1. In fact here we use a ViewGroup control group, add these buttons to have this effect! But here ViewGroup 's the inheritance

Android Learning Notes-save data to SQL database (saving data in SQL Databases) _android

Knowledge Points: 1. Using SQL Helper to create a database2. Check and delete data (Prdu:put, Read, Delete, Update) Background knowledge: The previous article learned about Android save files, and today I learned to save data to a SQL database. I

Android view class and Surfaceview class detailed _android

The main class of Android game development is display class except control class, and it is very important and complicated to display and game logic processing. Display and canvas can be implemented in J2ME, and the view class is displayed in

ArrayList and Arrays Mutual conversion _android in Android

List-–> Array In the development of people should often encounter List with the array types of mutual conversion, a simple example: Package test.test1; Import java.util.ArrayList; Import java.util.List; public class Test { /** *

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