"CentOS" Linux sudo permissions centrally managed case

ObjectiveSo that the company's Linux system Rights management more standardized, so that each user has their own permissions, to prevent some users because of the permissions too large after some misoperation, causing the server is not functioning

Linux (CentOS) Build SVN server full Raiders

While it's easy to build SVN on windows, it's not very efficient, of course, compared to Linux. However, it is very cumbersome to build SVN on Linux, so this article is going to be a step-by-step tutorial on how to build SVN on CentOS

Linux CentOS Modify NIC ip/Gateway settings

1. Modify the configuration file for the corresponding NIC IPVi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0Modify the following contentDevice=eth0 #描述网卡对应的设备别名, for example, in Ifcfg-eth0 file it is eth0Bootproto=static #设置网卡获得ip地址的方式, the possible

CentOS configuration Smaba sharing files with Windows

Operating environment: CentOS 6.5 64bitWhat is the shared file between Linux and Linux between--nfs,windows and Windows-the shared Files feature is OK, and between Windows and Linux?This is what this paragraph is going to say--samba.Check if Samba

Laptop win2008 R2 Hyper-V installation CentOS

I. I5 above CPU support virtualization, but the default is off, first into the BIOS settings to open the virtual function;Two. " Install Hyper-V and restart in the Server Manager, "role";Three. Set up the wireless network Bridge, the cable is not

Yum installs wine under CentOS

Linux under the installation of wine can be compiled from the source code installation, but generally feel trouble, so try to use Yum to install, solve a lot of package dependencies.First install a EpelRPM-IVH http: //dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/

Solution for xxx is not in the soduers file under centos!

When sudo is used, the system prompts "xxx is not in the sudoers file. this incident will bereported. XXX is your user name, that is, your user name does not have permission to use sudo. You just need to modify the/etc/sudoers file. The following is

Solve the Problem of synchronization time with ntpdate in CentOS

Solve the Problem of ntpdate asia.pool.ntp.org during ntpdate synchronization in Centos. [Root @ www init. d] # ntpdate asia.pool.ntp.org 28 Sep 17:34:13 ntpdate [20614]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting [Root @ www init. d] #/etc/init.

Reasons for crontab execution failure in CentOS

1 crond service not started Crontab is not a Linux kernel function, but depends on a crond service, which can be started or stopped. If you stop the task, you cannot execute any scheduled task. The solution is to open it: Crond Or Service crond

Win cannot access the Virtual Machine Centos service solution

1. The local machine can ping the Virtual Machine 2. The virtual machine can also ping the local machine 3. The virtual machine can access its own web 4. The local machine cannot access its webIt was later discovered that the firewall blocked port 80

Solve the problem that the mail function in CentOS cannot send emails


This problem is that in the compiled LNMP environment, the WordPress WP Tread Comment plug-in's automatic email reply function is invalid !! Then I installed a PHP probe to test whether the mail function exists, but the mail cannot be sent out.

How to find an open-source project on sourceforge and install it on centos-Take htop installation as an Example

1. What is htop? Top is a common monitoring program in linux. htop is equivalent to its enhanced version. It displays different parameters in color and supports mouse operations. For more information, see this document. Ii. How to

CentOS 6.4 USB flash drive preparation, installation, and troubleshooting

CentOS 9.3 U disk installation disk made with UltraISO Premium Edition 6.4, Press the key to begin the installation process, However, press enter without any response. The error "vesamenu. c32" in the CentOS 6.4 ISO file is found on the Internet.

Centos 6.5-installed UEFI-GPT rolled back to MBR boot

I installed centos 6.5 on the server. UEFI is used by default. I didn't pay attention to using GRUB only. Then the problem occurs, I installed another hard disk with grub boot system on the server, After the hard disk is started, if the hard disk is

High CPU usage when running CentOS in VirtualBox

Statement: the following method is not original, but a solution found on the official VirtualBox forum. I don't know why, when running CentOS in VirtualBox, VirtualBox will always fill up a CPU core. So every time CentOS is run, the CPU fan is

Summary of problems related to installing Bind 6.0 in CentOS 9.7

1. [root @ linuxidc ~] # Yum-y install bind * // use yum to install all bind Software2. [root @ linuxidc ~] # Rpm-qa | grep bind // query all software installed in

Remove the annoying makewhatis in the centos System

Today, we suddenly found that a redhat virtual machine occupies too much CPU resources, making the system very slow. Check and find that this is the ghost of makewhatis. This thing has no effect on me. Just turn it off. There are two places to

Problems related to Chinese garbled vi in Centos

In windows, the default mode is gb encoding, while in vim mode, the default mode is UTF-8 (gedit is also UTF-8 by default. Modified the configuration file so that vi supports the gb encoding.$ Vi ~ /. VimrcLet & termencoding = & encodingSet

The 64-bit centos server cannot log on to the correct account or password.

Very strange ~ CentOSx86_64: init 3 modeYou can log on remotely through SSH, but the monitor cannot directly connect to the keyboard.Entering the correct account and password on the logon page will return to the logon page again without any

Error table of Centos server errno

The strerror () function returns the error description String Based on the errno value. The following program prints the comparison table: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)Http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/ -> 01. #

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