[Linux] Centos git error fatal:http request failed

Using git pull, git push, git clone will report an error similar to the following:Error:the requested URL returned error:401 unauthorized while accessing https://git.oschina.net/zemo/demo.git/info/ Refsfatal:http request failedThis is generally due

CentOS SELinux MiniDLNA

Want to deploy a home-style DLNA server in SELinuxBecause the installed MiniDLNA does not have the SELinux policy, the following issues occur:1 Yum Installation2 failed to startEXECVP does not have permissions,chmod U+x/etc/init.d/minidlna3 Startup

Install the NIC wireless driver in centos

I think my colleagues are very experienced in developing Ubuntu and want to learn about Linux. I have learned about this before, and finally chose centos, without using ubuntu. Of course, this is my personal reason. Re-partitioning the hard disk

How to remove the Nasty Static route in centos

Every time you use the route-N command to view a route, you can always see the annoying existence of the static route. Why don't you want to show it? The method is simple.[[Email protected] ~] # Vi/etc/sysconfig/Network Networking =

View and modify the time zone in centos

1. view and modify the system time: View System Time:#Date Change the system date-2: # date-s month/day/year The system time is set to AM:# Date-S 10: 20 2. System Time Zone modification: View the system time zone: # date-R (+ 0800 is UTC

Installing chromium browser on centos 6.4

Installing chrome on centos may be infeasible right now, because chrome adopts the technique -- C ++ 11 which is unsupported on centos.But we may choose to install chromium -- the Open Source edition of chrome.And the install procedure is easy as

How to Build OpenLDAP server with fedora 20 and centos 6.5

Objective: To use LDAP as the data directory of the System user and manage LDAP data based on the Web. InstallTo use yum for installation, you must install Apache, PHP, and LDAP software packages to manage the LDAP server in Web mode. To verify

Install and configure Squid Proxy Server in centos 6.4

I. Introduction The proxy server stands for proxy server. Its function is to obtain network information from the proxy network user. Squid is a software used to cache Internet data. It receives user download requests and automatically processes the

Centos startup details

What is the centos startup process? 1. Load the BIOS information (the computer hardware information is saved in the BIOS) and find the first boot device (we can set the boot in the BIOS for the hard disk) 2. Find the MBR Boot Loader Based on the

Install lamp--rpm on centos

Install lamp--rpm on centos I. Required software and environment: System Environment: centos 5.5x64 MySQL version: mysql-5.0.77-3.el5 PHP version: php-5.1.6-23.2.el5_3 Apache version: httpd-2.2.3-31.el5.centos Ii. Install MySQL [[email protected] ~]

Install git server on centos

1. Yum install lrzsz wget git 2. Install gitosis: gitosis is a git user permission management system. It manages user permissions by managing the/home/git/. Ssh/authorized_key file on the server. It is a python module package. # Yum install

Install libpcap on centos

1. Install GCC:Yum-y install gcc-C ++ 2. Install flex:Yum-y install flexIf no flex is available, the system prompts "your operating system's Lex is insufficient to compile libpcap" When libpcap is directly installed; 3. Install bisonYum-y install

Git server construction in centos 6.5

1. Version Control Version Control is a system that records changes in the content of one or more files for future reference to specific version revisions. There are three version control systems: 1. Local Version Control System Many people are

Deploy PPTP server in centos 6.2

1. System Environment Description [[email protected] ~]# uname -aLinux cdit-00007b48 2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed May 16 00:01:37 BST 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux [[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/issueCentOS release 6.2 (Final)Kernel \

Install nginx in centos

NginxThe server will not go into details. In the case of high traffic and high concurrency, this software has superior performance and extremely low CPU and memory resources! Check whether there is a PCRE Library. If not, install it because the

Configure rabbitmq in centos 6.5

Configure the Erlang dependency environment first yum -y install make gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel m4 ncurses-devel openssl-devel Install Erlang 16b03 rpm --import http://binaries.erlang-solutions.com/debian/erlang_solutions.asc wget -O

[Centos] How to Solve GCC version conflicts?

Today, I encountered a problem that is quite difficult. On centos, I used Yum to install the compiling environment and run: Yum-y install make GCC gcc-C ++ kernel-devel M4 ncurses-devel OpenSSL-devel As a result, the compilation cocos2d-x has an

Compile Lua in centos to support dynamic links.

When compiling Lua in Linux, I usually use make generic. In this way, compilation is fine and all programs running Lua are OK. However, this way, the external C dynamics are loaded. Links to the library, but always reports the following errors

[CentOS] How to Solve gcc version conflicts?

Today, I encountered a problem that is quite difficult. On centos, I used yum to install the compiling environment and run: Yum-y install make gcc-c ++ kernel-devel m4 ncurses-devel openssl-devel As a result, the compilation cocos2d-x has an error:

Centos installation network installation using a local Image File Installation

Sometimes helpless, no disk, the U disk is only 4 GB and a centos disk is 4.16 GB, how to install it on the network, sorry, please use more than 20 mb of bandwidth, pay attention to the network startup method. If there are no conditions, the

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