After vmware clones the image, the new Centos cannot start the network.

After the image is cloned from a vmware or kvm xen Vm, the network cannot be started for the new Centos instance. The system prompts Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.Two known solutions: (1)

Solution for normal Centos users to keep black screen

I am ashamed to say that. A long time ago, when I started using Linux. I also like to use the Linux GUI. But I did not do this later, because we all said that it is better to learn Linux on the Character interface. This is a blog post with memories

Solution to ORA-00845 error of Oracle11gR2 in CentOS

PS: Some time ago, a demo environment of Oracle 11g for Linux do not know why, cannot start up, report the ORA-00845 error. After searching, the problem is that the size of the SGA exceeds the size of the Operating System/dev/shm. At that time, I

CentOS 6.2 phpmyadmin cannot load mcrypt Extension

Everything went smoothly when phpmyadmin was installed today. When logging on, I am prompted that the mcrypt extension cannot be loaded. Check the PHP configuration. After thinking about it, I didn't seem to add -- with-mcrypt when compiling php.

Solve the Problem of attaching lvm partitions to CentOS

Today, a friend has a problem with the server hard disk. After a new hard disk is installed and the system is installed, the problem occurs when the old hard disk is mounted,In linux, use a new hard disk to install the system. After the system is

Solve Centos 6.3 Without locate

A lnmp test was performed to minimize the installation of centos 6.3 in the past few days. Today, I opened this Vm and used locate to find files. Prompt -Bash: locate: command not found So let's start updatedb. Prompt -Bash: updatedb:

CentOS cannot find ifcfg-eth0 Solution

Problem description: The ifconfig command cannot find the eth0 device, and the/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/contains only the ifcfg-lo file, without the ifcfg-eth0. Temporary solution 1: Run the ifconfig eth0 192.168.1.x command to set the eth0 IP

Centos Chinese garbled Solution

How can we solve this problem if various Chinese characters are garbled in CentOS. This article describes common Garbled text and solutions. 1. The CentOS system accesses and Chinese garbled characters are foundSo we used the previous method:#

When CentOS starts the Network, the following error occurs: connect: Network is unreachable.

Symptom: Ping IntranetPing the Internet IP address. The domain name cannot be normal. The error "connect: Network is unreachable" is returned. The command for adding a gateway to the Linux network configuration is displayed inadvertently

CentOS crash cannot start graphical interface solution

This problem occurs twice. centos6.4 was used once a year ago, and centos6.5 was recently used. The reason should not be accidental, but I do not know how this problem occurs for the moment... When centos is installed for the first time, the page

When the CentOS server runs out of memory

You may rarely face this situation, but once so, you must know what is wrong: insufficient memory or out-of-memory (OOM ). The result is very typical: you cannot reallocate the memory, and the kernel will kill a task (usually the one running ).

How to fix grub damage in CentOS

How can we fix grub File Corruption? 1 intentional damage #dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=100 count=1 #sync #sync Because MBR occupies 512 bytes, the first 446 bytes are given to bootloader, the last 64 bytes are given to partition, And the last 2

Putty connection to the VM centos is denied Solution

Today, I used putty to go to The centos System in the ssh local Vm and found that the connection was rejected. This is the first time I used putty to connect to a virtual machine on my computer. When I encountered this error, I first thought that

Solve Chinese garbled Characters Related to opening txt files in CentOS

In linux, we sometimes open txt files in windows and find Chinese garbled characters in the txt files normally displayed in windows. The reason for this is that the Chinese compression methods of the two operating systems are different. In windows,

Solve the problem that the CentOS logon window cannot be used.

After it is started, it stays in this place all the time. After clicking it, it returns to this page and you cannot log on to the page. You can use SSH to connect to and log on, but many commands cannot be used. It seems that nothing has been

CentOS command-read

The read command is used to read text from the keyboard or standard input. Read user input in interactive form. The "Enter key" is used as the end by default. It is generally used in automated sh scripts. # Use non-echo (non-echoed) to read the

If you enter the correct account and password for 64-bit Centos, you cannot log on to the system.

Very strange ~ CentOSx86_64: init 3 modeYou can log on remotely through SSH, but the monitor cannot directly connect to the keyboard.Entering the correct account and password on the logon page will return to the logon page again without any

Can centos partitions be merged?

My Linux server also needs to change the partition mode because of business changes. The preceding partitioning method is as follows: Now I want to merge/oradata into the/home directory, but the original data in the/home directory cannot be

After centos is changed to the main board, the network cannot be accessed.

After the CentOS cloned from the VM is restored, the network cannot be connected. If ifconfig is used, no eth0 is detected, and the virtual NIC address is changed.Solution: First, open/etc/udev/rules. d/70-persistent-net.rules with the following

Solve centos network display connected but cannot open webpage

System centos6.4, desktop system, network configuration using Networkmanager The connection is displayed, but the Internet cannot be pinged, And the webpage cannot be opened. Many posts are searched on the Internet, and various attempts have not

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