Linux CentOs permissions lead to Apache-"DocumentRoot must be a directory" solution

The documentroot must be a directory error is frequently encountered when configuring the Apache service, and it has been a few hours since the first contact with Apache to find the cause of the error, which is generally due to selinux.SELinux

CentOS Linux plus HDD, partition and set auto mount

SDA indicates a 1th SCSI driveHDA represents the 1th IDE hard disk (that is, connected to the master port on the 1th IDE interface)SCD0 indicates a 1th USB driveWhen a new hard drive is added, a corresponding device file is generated in the/dev

The CentOS boot automatically mounts NTFS disks in Windows

installed windows and CentOS dual system, found in CentOS can not enter the disk in Windows, not to mention the files on the disk!By default, CentOS does not support widows NTFS hard disk partition read-write, to attach NTFS-formatted disk to CentOS

CentOS configuration Samba with Windows shared folder

Yum Install Samba/etc/samba/smb.confDirectory mask = 0777← Specifies the properties of the new directory (4 lines below)Force Directory mode = 0777 Directory Security mask = 0777 Force Directory Security mode = 0777 Create mask = 0777← Specifies

How do I configure shared folders for CentOS virtual machines and MAP network drives in Windows?

I. Why? Recently I am working on software development in Linux, but I want to use the "Source Insight" programming tool in Windows ".Ii. installation environment Local System: Windows 7 flagship Edition VMware: VMware Workstation 9.0 CentOS: CentOS 6

Nic configuration after centos Installation

This article is original. For more information, see the source. Centos Nic configuration Summary After downloading and installing centos6.5 and customizing the web server type, we started our centos journey. Why do we give up ubuntu? The reason is

Dogecoind Installation Reference in CentOS

Compiling dogecoind on CentOS There seems to be some collective difficulty installing altcoin programs on CentOS. this shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody who has used CentOS on even a semi-regular basis. compiling from source can be frustrating

If centos uses the CP command, the system does not prompt overwriting.

Today, I copied a folder on my VPS, but there is a folder with the same name and there are files in it. If I copied it directly, there are N prompts to confirm the replacement, press CTRL + C and search for it on the Internet. Several solutions are

Install the ganglia monitoring tool on centos

1. Introduction to ganglia Ganglia is a distributed monitoring system that has two Daemon: client GangliaMonitoring Daemon (gmond), server GangliaMeta Daemon (gmetad), and GangliaPHP Web Frontend (web-based Dynamic Access) is a Linux-based software

CentOS to quickly set up ssh login without a password

First, make sure you can ping Run the following command, Master login slave Run the following command on the master: 2.4 check the local sshd configuration file (root)   $ Vi/etc/ssh/sshd_config Find the following content and remove the

Install CentOs 6.5 on VMware 10

I recently re-checked laruence and prepared to install CentOs. The latest version is 6.5, and the book is 5.x, which is slightly different ~ My VMware version is 10.0.1 build-1379776 First, create a new virtual machine and mount the iso file (the

[Workerman] environment configuration for workerman in CentOS

1. System Environment Description In fact, you only need to know whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit, but post it. Here we use servers in our own virtual machines, so the company will not post them. [root@yuServer ~]# uname -aLinux yuServer.localdomain 2.

Common CentOS system commands

# Uname- # View kernel/operating system/CPU Information# Head-n 1/etc/issue # view the operating system version# Cat/proc/cpuinfo # view CPU Information# Hostname # view the computer name# Lspci-TV # list all PCI devices# Lsusb-TV # list all USB

Configuration and use of VNC Server in CentOS

VNC is an excellent remote control tool software developed by the famous AT&T European research laboratory. VNC is a free open-source software based on UNIX and Linux operating systems. It has powerful remote control capabilities and is highly

Centos 6.4 dual Nic binding Configuration

To bind a Linux dual-nic, you can use two NICs to virtualize an Eni (which must be supported by a switch). The aggregated device looks like a separate Ethernet interface device, in general, two NICs have the same IP address, and parallel links are

Cobbler batch installation system centos 6.4 installation Configuration

Recently, I have studied the cobbler batch installation system.The cobbler installation system is an upgraded version of kickstart earlier. It has the advantages of easy configuration and easy management on its own web interface. The disadvantage is

VMware, Centos, and Unity Modes

The 64-bit version of centos 6.4 is used here. 1. dual systems and virtual machines When I was just learning Linux, the teacher stressed that I should not use virtual machines, because it may be better than cd/tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/, and ubuntu

CentOS upgrade Git

The current version of Git (when I wrote this article) is 1.7.12. However, the Git version of CentOS is 1.7.1, and the highest version of Git installed with yum is 1.7.1, of course, if you haven't encountered any problems at work, there is certainly

OpenSSL & quot; heartbleed & quot; security vulnerability emergency repair solution [CentOS 6.x] [Red Hat 6.x] [download security patches on the official website]

Address: Jekkay Hu ( openssl, heartbleed, CVE-2014-0160, vulnerability repair, patch downloadTime: 1. Overview On the heartbleed official website, detailed information about the CVE-2014-01

Solution to CentOS password loss

Solution to CentOS password loss Restart the system, and then press any key in the next five seconds. For example Enter the following screen and press the [e] key, as shown in figure VcD4KPHA + pgltzybzcm9

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