How to install and configure Lighttpd web server in centos

OS: centos release 5.5 Lighttpd: 1.4.28 Install Sudo Yum install Lighttpd. i386 lighttpd-fastcgi.i386 lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost.i386 Run Check the configuration file Lighttpd-T-F Lighttpd. conf Start the Lighttpd ServiceLighttpd-D-F Lighttpd.

Essential tool for centos RedHat to defend against DDoS attacks: banip.txt

CopyCode The Code is as follows: ######################################## ###### # Version = "20100718" # Author = "phpsir" # Author_email = "" ######################################## ###### Maxnum = 50 Runmin_max= 300 # Runmin_max

How to configure the https server in centos 5

[Root @ centos5 ~] # Yum-y install mod_ssl online Loading "fastestmirror" plugin Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * Base: * Updates: * Addons: * Extras:

How to quickly build an environment under centos 6.3 minimal installation system

1. initialize the system environment to complete the system root, gcc compiling environment, php installation dependency, and system kernel optimization. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: lokkit -- disabled -- selinux = disabled Yum update-y Yum

Centos minimizes basic tuning and security settings after installing the system

Clear automatically started services Displays the startup status of all running levels of all services# Chkconfig-listStop all services started on running level 3# For oldboy in 'chkconfig-list | grep 3: on | awk' {print $1} ''; do chkconfig-level 3

Centos or ubuntu for linux servers

Linux server systems use CentOS, uBuntu, Gentoo, FreeBSD, and Debian. For the server operating system, Debian/Ubuntu or CentOS should be selected. CENTOS has the highest market share. [Small discussion] the difference between centos and

Modify the SSH port (CentOS/Debian) in one of Linux VPS Security Settings)

The old left has already shared in many previous articles the tutorials on installing lnmp and llsmp in centos or debian environments. It is certainly feasible to use personality guarantees of the old left, this is because I have written all the

VPS host CentOS system installation LNMP environment graphic tutorial sharing


The most common system environment for us to use VPS for installation is LNMP. I have been learning to install and use VPS recently. I also see many system environments available, of course, you can choose to manage the installation panel. For the

Centos rsync file synchronization configuration steps

Rsync is a data image backup tool in unix-like systems. It can be seen from the software name-remote sync Its features are as follows: Images can be used to save the entire directory tree and file system.It is easy to maintain the permissions, time,

Centos PHP5.3.8 + Nginx1.0.9 + Mysql5.5.17 detailed configuration

Operating Environment Operating System: Mac OS LionVM: VMware FusionVirtual System: Centos 5.5 +Operation User: RootObjective: To build an LNMP environment. Install dependency libraries and development environmentsCopy codeThe Code is as follows:

Batch backup of remote VPS (CentOS) data on a Windows host at regular intervals

However, after VPS is involved, it is not just about backing up MySQL, but also about backing up some independent site data. If there is a reliable third-party Linux host or cloud storage like Amazon, it is much simpler, and Linux-Linux backup is

Solution to disable. htaccess in CentOS

The result is 404 Not Found directly by clicking a link. Tragedy, it seems that there is a problem with Apache Rewrite, And the. htaccess file is completely ignored! After checking the Apache module, we found that the Rewrite module is enabled. It

How to configure and manage apache servers in CentOS (Linux)

I. WEB server and Apache1. web servers and URLs 2. Apache history 3. Supplement Http:// share of apacheserver At the same time, it must be noted that ngnix is in a period of strong growth, and it is a great feeling of

How to Use the LNMP one-click installation package to configure the CentOS server environment

You do not need to enter a large number of commands during compilation and installation. As a newbie who uses linux to configure the production environment, it is undoubtedly the least expected. The following describes how to install LNMP in CentOS.

Install Kloxo free virtual host Management System in CentOS VPS

For new users who don't want to learn commands and directly use centos vps, we recommend a silly virtual host Management System (Kloxo), which is free and can be bound without limit. Kloxo Introduction Kloxo, formerly lxadmin, is a free virtual

To install the Webmin Management System on a CentOS Server

Last time we introduced how to install and use the Kloxo control panel, but Kloxo is only for Web server management. If you want to manage linux systems, you also need to log on to SSH, use one line of command management. Webmin is undoubtedly the

Detailed description of CentOS Apache configuration

Software and structure required by LAMPHttpd mysql-Server php-devel php-mysqlYou can install it using an rpm package or directly using yum.# Yum install httpd mysql-server php-devel php-mysqlFirst, let's take a look at the structure of apache 2.0,

Standard for deploying Linux CentOS-based LNMP servers

First, minimize the installation of the system. I. system conventions Storage location of software source code package /Usr/local/src Source code package compilation and installation location (prefix)

CentOS SERVER + monitoring Bao SNMP monitoring overview

Run the following commands to install net-snmp quickly and securely. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: yum install net-snmp Yum install net-snmp-utils First, use the yum command to install net-snmp and net-snmo-utils.Copy codeThe Code is as

Simple configuration and installation of Squid 3.0 reverse proxy in centos

Installation: In this tutorial, the application environment is clean centos 5.5. Separate and load/data partitions in advance, and disable selinux and iptables. First, modify the file descriptor and set the temporary port range. These settings take

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