Install subversion on centos 4.7 release

It's messy. It's just a record of the installation process. If you want to install SVN, please refer Http:// Http:// Bytes -----------

Use the automysqlbackup tool in centos to automatically back up data in mysqllinux and use crontab to execute scheduled tasks.

I have seen that the old version of server administration can be automatically backed up, And I think workbench should be fine ...... I didn't expect it to work, and MySQL only considered adding this function to Community plugin. Sorrow ......

Install Tomcat in centos

Now Peking University's image has been removed, so sad ...... Several images opened under WIN won't work, or images opened in the centos browser. In terminal, enter Wget

Set up Yum local source in CentOS-5


1. Start the system. I mount it with an ISO image and mount it to/Media/CDROM. Mkdir/Media/CDROMMount-a-t iso9660-o loop/home/user1/CentOS-5.4-i386-bin-DVD.iso/Media/CDROM 2. Install the FTP service ( If the system has been brought, you can easily

Install git in centos 4

$ Sudo touch/etc/yum. Repos. d/atrpms. repo/etc/yum. Repos. d/Dag. Repo /Etc/yum. Repos. d/atrpms. Repo [Atrpms] Name = atrpms for Enterprise Linux $ releasever-$ basearchbaseurl = Repository /Etc/yum. Repos. d/Dag. Repo [Directed acyclic graph]

Centos 5.2 China image/etc/yum. Repos. d/CentOS-Base.repo

In the initial environment settings, we can use Yum as a resident service to automatically update the system. However, the default server is an official site, which is far away from Chinese users and is extremely fast. However, you can modify the

Centos users & group permissions & added/deleted users details

1. Linux is a multi-user, multi-task operating system, including user accounts and group accounts.Subdivide user accounts (ordinary user accounts, super user accounts) in addition to the user accounts that think there are also group accounts. The so-

Centos user and group management

I. Group Management 1.Add User Group Groupadd   2.Delete User Group Groupdel   3.Modify user group Groupmod   4.Switch User Group Newgrp If a user belongs to multiple user groups at the same time, you can use Newgrp

Solve Chinese garbled characters in centos

How can we solve various Chinese garbled characters when using centos. 1. The centos system accesses and finds Chinese garbled characters. So we used the previous method: Yum-y install fonts-Chinese. After the centos system is installed,

Installing and configuring VNC in centos

1. Check whether the VNC client and server have been installed: [Gavin @ centos ~] $ Rpm-q vnc-Server Package VNC is not installed Vnc-server-4.0-8.1 Cent OS 5 already contains the VNC installation package 2. Add the user name to the

Use Yum to operate gnome and KDE desktops in centos

1) install GNOME Desktop Yum groupinstall "X Windows systems" Yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment" KDE Desktop Yum groupinstall "X Windows systems" Yum groupinstall "k desktop environment" 2) by default, you can add desktop = "gnome" or

Update centos firewall settings to enable port 80 access

Check whether port 80 of the server is blocked by the firewall. Run the following command:Telnet server_ip 80To test. 1>. The solution is as follows: View Source Print?

Centos Chinese man installation Configuration

Centos 5.5 is installed with minimal text. After installationRunMan ls appears-Bash: Man: Command not found Wget The procedure is as follows: First: Yum install man Tar zxvf

Centos Startup Mode and language settings

# Vi/etc/sysconfig/i18n Lang = "en_US.UTF-8" Sysfont = "latarcyrheb-sun16"     The default language is English. If you change the first line"Lang = zh_CN.UTF-8"", Then the shell on the local machine can see the normal Chinese, but connected

(Original release) how to install VMware Tools on centos? (OS) (Linux) (centos) (VMware)

AbstractSecurity VMware Tools has many features, but in centos, security is more difficult than security. This article is my security experience. IntroductionUse environment:VMware 6.0.2 + centos 5.1 There are several points for installing

Install the flash plug-in Linux (Red Hat) | install the Flash Player Plug-in 64-bit centos 6

Mozilla is not only a good browser, but also a very good Flash Player, especially its support for Chinese can save a lot of trouble, as shown in figure 1. In red hat, mollzia is the default browser. to enable it to play flash animation, you must

(Original) How can I disable the host information on the graphic interface when Linux is turned on? (OS) (Linux) (centos)

AbstractOne of the accomplishments of playing Linux is that when you are on the machine, you can see that each hardware component sets and services a statement [OK], but after entering the X Window, some on-premise messages are displayed on the

Linux centos 5.3 Yum source configuration process (available)


1. Enter the centos system as the root user. [Root @ xuxy ~] # Cd/etc/yum. Repos. d 2. Backup Repo [Root @ xuxy yum. Repos. d] # Music CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Base.repo.bak 3. Create a New CentOS-Base.repo file: (take centos 5.3 as an example)

Install nginx on centos 6.4 Server

1. Prepare the environment Yum-y install GCC gcc-C ++ Autoconf automake makeyum-y install zlib-devel OpenSSL -- devel PCRE-devel Yum install nginx 2. Download nginx Wget Http://     Tar-xzvf

Install and configure Tomcat 7 in centos R6

By default, centos has installed Java (if you have to use Java 1.7, download and install Java 1.7 ):   Install JDK Download the JDK from the official website, use SFTP to upload it to the server, and create a/usr/Java directory. [Root @ srv6 Java]

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