Install mono 2.10.6 in centos 5.5

Note: This articleArticleRefer to the article centos 6.0 installing mono 2.10.6 and mark the original article based on some problems encountered after the installation. 1. Update the system Yum update 2. install necessary Libraries Yum

Vmwaretools installation + centos resolution Adjustment

Install VMware Tools (install the VMware Tools Package to the root directory)1. On the VM toolbar, click "VM" and select "Install VMware Tools". Wait until an optical drive icon appears on the Linux desktop and a vmwaretools window pops up:2. Run

Vmbox centos network configuration to share the network with the host

VI/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0Device = "eth0"Hwaddr = "08: 00: 27: Be: 80: A6"Nm_controlled = "yes"Onboot = "yes"Bootproto = "DHCP"   Bootproto: Set the way for the NIC to obtain the IP address. The possible options are static, DHCP

Centos 6.2 was installed on the VM and Common commands in Linux were reviewed.

Preface I tried my best to install centos 6.2 on a virtual machine, but I forgot many common commands. I found some information on the Internet and used it on the terminal myself.Related Resources

Centos 6.4 compile and install gcc-4.8.0

1. DownloadSource code Wget 2. Extract Tar-jxvf gcc-4.8.0.tar.bz2 3. Download the dependencies required for compilation. CD gcc-4.8.0./contrib/download_prerequisites CD .. 4. Create

Resolved the problem of failed IP address, MAC address, and UUID modification after cloning the centos virtual machine.

Reference Solution:   So here's how we fix it: Remove the kernel's networking interface rules file so that it can be regenerated  # Rm-F/etc/udev/rules. d/70-persistent-net.rules   Restart the

Solve the problem of an error when deploying jasperreport in centos. Error: net. SF. jasperreports. Engine. util. jrfontnotfoundexception: font

  An error occurred while deploying jasperreport in centos:   Net. SF. jasperreports. Engine. util. jrfontnotfoundexception: font 'body' is not available to the JVM. See the javadoc for more details.   Cause: the default Operating

How to uninstall the built-in openjdk of the centos system and install the Sun JDK

View the current system JDK: rpm-Qa | grep JDK Result: [Root @ dc-01 Java] # rpm-Qa | grep JDK Java-1.6.0-openjdk-   Detach:  [Root @ dc-01 Java] # Yum-y remove java-1.6.0-openjdk-  

How to modify the root password when you forget the root password of centos.

Note: This method can only be performed on the console, but not remotely. The premise of entering the single-user mode is that the system boot loader works properly. The following uses GRUB as an example to describe the access method. There are

Centos 6 install hadoopcentos6 install Tomcat 7


This article takes the installation and configuration of a hadoop cluster composed of three machines as an example. The information of the three machines is as follows: Hostname role IP Address DC01 mast Dc02 slave

Install vsftp on centos

1. to test and understand vsftp, run the RPM package installation method, first run the rpm-Qa | grep vsftpd --------- command to check whether the package is installed. If not, install the package, I use yumyum install vsftpd. For details, see

Centos-based basic Linux network configurations, including eth0, DNS, and host

Centos Network Configuration 1. Nic Configuration The NIC must be correctly configured for the host to access the network. The NIC configuration is stored in the/etc/sysconfig/network-script/directory.The directory contains a lot of scripts

Set the open port of centos Firewall

When we use the centos system, the centos firewall sometimes needs to change the settings. The centos firewall is enabled by default. You can set the open port of the centos firewall as follows: Open the iptables configuration file VI/etc/sysconfig/

Basic commands for installing git in centos 5

I recently studied the deployment of cloudstack and recorded the process below: // Install the GIT dependent package first Yum install zlib-devel Yum install OpenSSL-devel Yum install Perl Yum install cpio Yum install expat-devel Yum install

Set the KVM Bridging Mode in centos 6

Disable Network Manager   # Chkconfig NetworkManager off # Service NetworkManager stop   Create a virtual network card for bridging   # Cd/etc/sysconfig/network-Scripts # Cp ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-br0   Edit ifcfg-br0   # Vi

Compile Bootstrap 2.3.0 in centos 6

DownloadSource code:Https:// Download the latest version of node. js from the address below:Http:// and install node. jsTar zxvf node-v0.8.20.tar.gzCD node-v0.8.20./ConfigureMake & make

Nokogiri tangle on centos

# Define the html url url = "" # Get the nokogiri document DOC = nokogiri: HTML (open (URL )) In centos, the above sentence cannot be parsed, and n writing methods have been tried. Later I found it was a nokogiri

Configure ftp in centos

Configure ftp in centos 1. Terminal command: yum-y install vsftpd. Vsftpd. 2. Create an ftp user group and user: $ Groupadd ftpgroup $ Useradd ftpuser-g ftpgroup-d/webroot/myftpdir-m $ Passwd ftpuser Password /Webroot/myftpdir is the folder

Upgrade redhat as5 to centos 5

1. Check whether the Redhat yum series package exists in the installed package.# Su root# Rpm-qa | grep yum 2. If yes, delete them all one by one.# Rpm-e -- nodeps component package name 3. Install the Centos upgrade package# Su root# Rpm-Uvh --

Install and configure SVN servers in CentOS 5.2

After installing the SVN server, this article is not integrated with Apache. The process is as follows: 1. Download related software: [Root @ youxia201 test] # wget [Root @ youxia201

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