Openpetra and centos mono 3.0 deployment packages

Openpetra is a management software provided for non-profit and other charitable organizations. The software is flexible and customizable and can help volunteers and non-profit organizations manage tasks. Openpetra currently has six integration

How to install centos kernel source code

Incomplete kernel source code: Installation:* Kernel-devel (both 32-& 64-bit ubuntures)* Kernel-xen-devel (both 32-& 64-bit ubuntures)* Kernel-PAE-devel (32-bit architecture only)Run:Ln-S/usr/src/kernels/2.6.18-238.19.1.el5xen-x86_64/lib/modules/$

Install centos Virtual Machine on xen (using a 163 image)

Install xen:# Yum install kernel-xen Restart and select the xen kernel during startup. View the xen status after startup:# XM listName id mem (MIB) vcpus state time (s)Domain-0 0 747 2 R -- 3623.1 Install virtual machine:Virt-install-N

Obtain the source code of the centos command.


  Installation Tools # Yum install Yum-utils   Set Source: [Base-Src] CentOS-5.4-base Src- Base url = OS /SRPMS/ # Items list = /? Release = 5.4 & arch = srpms & repo = OS

Deploy LVS (NAT) + keepalived in centos 6.3 to achieve high-performance and high-availability Load Balancing

I. Introduction VS/NAT schematic: II,System Environment Tutorial topology: System Platform: centos 6.3 Kernel: 2.6.32-279. el6.i686 LVS version: ipvsadm-1.26 Keepalived version: keepalived-1.2.4 Iii. Installation 0. Before

Mount NTFS hard drives to centos

Mount NTFS hard drives to centos Check whether the fuse and ntfs-3g software is installed in the system, if not, download the installation first. Fuse is the built-in installation package. You can use rpm-Qa | grep fuse to check whether the

Cygwin/x xdmcp connects to centos

Cygwin/x xdmcp connects to centos Display Manager usually has three types of xdm, em, and KDM. The specific working methods of Display Manager can be found in Wikipedia and Linux XDMCP howto. Among the three types, KDM is the easiest, so KDM is

Install KDE or gnome on centos

Install KDE in centos # Yum grouplist# Yum groupinstall "X Window System"# Yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment" Or # Yum groupinstall "KDE Desktop Environment" 1. Check whether the desktop system is installedView method:View with

SSH remote connection configuration in centos

1. Configure IP # Setup Select Network Configuration Select Device Configuration Select eth0 Use DHCP [*] to change to [] use space key to remove * Enter as the static IP address. Netmask input Enter

[Organize] configure and install centos

1. Modify SSH Configuration References: Http:// Modify command: VI/etc/ssh/sshd_config Restart the SSH command:/etc/rc. d/init. d/sshd restart 2. Install JDK 6 in Linux 1. Download the jdk rpm package jdk-6

Install Apache on centos

Reprinted and modified from:Http:// more information, see:Http:// 1)

Install and configure nginx in centos, and use IIS for Load Balancing

I. Environment preparation Install centos: 6.2For centos introduction, see: Nginx version: 1.2.1 about nginx, see: 2. Linux Common commands to introduce how

How to disable desktop services when centos is started

If centos is not started, you can change the system running level to enter the centos page. Input # Init 3 View running level # Runlevel 5 3 # The current running level of the system is "5" and the last running level is "3". The

Linux: centos, ssh settings on Mac, and file upload and download in sceurecrt

After the Java project is ready, the final deployment usually uses securecrt (or other terminals) to connect to Linux and upload the war package. It is necessary to learn several basic Linux commands. 1. Ssh settings on centos 1.1 In the

Simple centos 5.3 Lemp and vsftpd Configuration

Linux + nginx + MySQL + PHP Do not forget 1. Enable epel, rpmforge centos installation source, and rpm-I two RPM packages 2. Install GCC and other compilation tools Yum install GCC... 3. Install a bunch of header files, such as Yum install

Centos installation graphic tutorial

ArticleDirectory   The full name of centos is" Community The Enterprise Operating System (community enterprise operating system) is published by red hat. Source code Re-build the Red Hat Enterprise Edition Linux Red Hat Enterprise

Hadoop 1.0.3 Installation Process on centos 6.2 [the entire process of personal installation is recorded]

// Install SSH [Root @ localhost/] # sudo Yum Install SSH   // Generate the key [Root @ localhost/] # ssh-keygen (You can press enter all the way) to generate the following two files:/root/. Ssh/id_rsa/root/. Ssh/   [Root @

How to Set static IP addresses in centos

During the project, the IP address of the host is changed every time the server is restarted because the company's LAN uses the automatic IP address acquisition method. To solve this problem, I have consulted

Install mono 2.10.8 on centos 6.0

1. Update the system Yum update   2. install necessary Libraries Yum install GCC gcc-C ++ bison pkgconfig glib2-devel gettext make libpng-devel libjpeg-devel LibTIFF-devel libexif-devel giflib-devel libX11-devel FreeType-devel fontconfig-devel Cairo-

Use Yum to install or uninstall the centos GUI package

Source: Previously, the graphic interface was installed by default when I installed the company's servers. The next day, the company's engineers told me that the graphic interface could not be

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