Install ApacheBench on centos

In the past two days, we have tested the PHP performance optimization method. In order to make a stress test and observe the effect, we chose ApacheBench as the stress testing tool. In fact, it is often said that AB. However, this tool is provided

Centos 5.3 server configuration (2)

Address:   Select the software package to be installed. Here we only need to install the server, so we only need to select "server. Remove the "packages from centos EXTRAS" selection box. Select customize now

Centos 5.3 server configuration (III)


Address: Edit/etc/hosts Use VI to open/etc/hosts:   VI/etc/hosts The content is similar to this: # Do not remove the following line, or various programs# That require Network functionality will fail.127.

VPs centos 5 automatic synchronization and scheduled task synchronization system date and time

VPS system startup completed automatic synchronization system Date and Time:   Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> VI/etc/rc. LocalAdd the following at the end of the

Centos 5.2 SSH Chinese garbled Problem Solution

After centos5.2 is configured, Chinese characters can be displayed normally. After checking, the UTF-8 character set is supported. The connection between putty and SSH Secure Shell found garbled characters, mainly including executing Vim garbled

Centos hard disk partitioning Solution

Hard Disk partitioning scheme Installing Linux on a computer is an important step in partitioning a hard disk. The following describes several partitioning schemes. (1) solution 1/: The recommended size is 5 Gb or above.Swap: swap partition. the

Centos 6.4 graphic installation tutorial

1. First, you must have a centos 6.4 installation media. The following page appears when you start the computer with the media: Interface Description: Install or upgrade an existing system install or upgrade the existing system Install

Chinese support for centos installation (Linux Chinese file name garbled)

Because the English version of the system does not support Chinese characters, Chinese file names are garbled. Follow these steps to install Chinese support on centos: 1) download and install two language packs:

Centos 5.3 server configuration (1)

Address:   This seriesArticleThe purpose is to explain how to set up some required servers on centos 5.3, including Apache web server, Postfix email server, FTP server, DNS server, MySQL, firewall, and so on.

Centos accessing windows Disk Partitions

1. Install the compiler: Yum groupinstall "development tools" 2. Download components: Http:// 3. Compile and install ./ConfigureMakeMake install# Or'Sudo make install'If you Aren't root 4. Mount Mount-

Centos SSH installation and configuration

Original article:Http:// SSHThis is short for Secure Shell, developed by the Network Working Group of IETF.Application LayerAndTransport LayerBased on the security protocol. Traditional Network

View centos versions and platforms

#Lsb_release-LSB version: core-3.1-ia32: core-3.1-noarch: graphics-3.1-ia32: graphics-3.1-noarchDistributor ID: centosDescription: centos release 5.4 (final)Release: 5.4Codename: Final This command applies to all Linux releases, including RedHat,

Troubleshooting of TNS errors after centos oracle10 is installed and restarted

During idle hours in the last two nights, I started to integrate some things on the Linux platform. Today I am going to install the Oracle database below. I have also seen many excellent posts on the Internet, refer to their methods and record their

How to configure static IP address on centos 6.3 Linux Server

This post will covers the steps to configure static IP address, default gateway, netmask, DNS server and make a network auto start at boot on centos 6.3. server normally configured with static IP address, so that easier to maintain the configuration

Installing gitlab 2.1 On centos 6

Step 1: Install needed packages You will need remove installed Ruby because repo version is 1.8.7 and we need 1.9 at least Yum remove Ruby Yum install wget Enable epel Repos Wget

Centos RHEL 5.3 kernel Compilation

Download linux- to/usr/src #Wget Tar-jxvf linux-2.6.27.tar.bz2# Cd linux-2.6.27# Make mrproper# Make menuconfig# Make clean# Make bzimage# Make modules# Make modules_

Configure svn http server in centos Linux

The basic installation packages include: httpd of subversion/httpd/SVNMod_dav_svnMod_authz_svn two modules. (YUM install mod_dav_svn subversion httpd) There should be two SVN service forms: 1. The default port through SVN: // ip: port established

Install the latest mono through yum in centos

Yannic @ yannic-VB: $CD /Etc/Yum. Repos. dYannic @ yannic-VB: $TouchMono. RepoYannic @ yannic-VB: $VIMono. Repo   [ Mono ] Name = mono Stack ( Rhel_5 ) Type = Rpm - Mdbaseurl = http :// FTP . Novell . Com / Pub / Mono /

Some records when using VMware to install centos

1. When partitioning a hard disk, select: create a custom partition structure to build a partition structure as needed. 2. Hard Disk representation in Linux 1) IDE hard disk, expressed in HD. Hda indicates the first IDE hard disk, hda1

Centos 6.2 Chinese Input Method installed with yum

Centos 6.2 Chinese Input Method installed with yum 1. Su Root 2. Yum install "@ Chinese support" 3. Exit 4. Go back to the desktop and choose system> preferences> input method. 5. If not, log out first. 6. Add the input method as prompted. 7. log

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