Enable FTP service in centos

# Chkconfig vsftpd on // automatically start the vsftpd service upon startup#/Etc/init. d/vsftpd start // enable the vsftpd service# Vi/etc/vsftpd. conf // edit the vsftp configuration fileFind the following and disable it:Anonymous_enable = No //

Centos installation zip and usage

After installing the RAR command in centos, the zip command is automatically installed.Click here for specific installation. Run the following commands in the/home directory:CD/home # enter the/Home Directory 1. compress the mydatafile under the/

Centos Startup Mode and language settings

# Vi/etc/sysconfig/i18n Lang = "en_US.UTF-8" Sysfont = "latarcyrheb-sun16"     The default language is English. If you change the first line"Lang = zh_CN.UTF-8"", Then the shell on the local machine can see the normal Chinese, but connected

(Original release) how to install VMware Tools on centos? (OS) (Linux) (centos) (VMware)

AbstractSecurity VMware Tools has many features, but in centos, security is more difficult than security. This article is my security experience. IntroductionUse environment:VMware 6.0.2 + centos 5.1 There are several points for installing

Install the flash plug-in Linux (Red Hat) | install the Flash Player Plug-in 64-bit centos 6

Mozilla is not only a good browser, but also a very good Flash Player, especially its support for Chinese can save a lot of trouble, as shown in figure 1. In red hat, mollzia is the default browser. to enable it to play flash animation, you must

(Original) How can I disable the host information on the graphic interface when Linux is turned on? (OS) (Linux) (centos)

AbstractOne of the accomplishments of playing Linux is that when you are on the machine, you can see that each hardware component sets and services a statement [OK], but after entering the X Window, some on-premise messages are displayed on the

Linux centos 5.3 Yum source configuration process (available)


1. Enter the centos system as the root user. [Root @ xuxy ~] # Cd/etc/yum. Repos. d 2. Backup Repo [Root @ xuxy yum. Repos. d] # Music CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Base.repo.bak 3. Create a New CentOS-Base.repo file: (take centos 5.3 as an example)

After CentOs 5.5 is installed, Chinese characters cannot be displayed (Chinese characters are garbled)

Symptoms: When you use CentOS, you may encounter CentOS in English. In this case, CentOS is installed by default (in English ). After installation, Chinese characters are garbled on the Internet. Solution: Go to CentOs resource website to find fonts-

Develop (xp + centos + leopard)

I haven't written it casually for a long time. It's been more than a month. First, I was busy with a news network before the test, a school multimedia platform based on SSH + jQuery + DWR. In the end, I didn't review the course, and I didn't take a

How to install LAMP and phpMyadmin using yum in CentOS 6.2

This article describes how to use YUM configuration to install the LAMP environment under CentOs6.2. Some brothers also like to use the compilation method. I personally think that if it is not customized for the server, the yum installation is

How to quickly build an environment under centos 6.3 minimal installation system

1. initialize the system environment to complete the system root, gcc compiling environment, php installation dependency, and system kernel optimization. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: lokkit -- disabled -- selinux = disabled Yum update-y Yum

Centos minimizes basic tuning and security settings after installing the system

Clear automatically started services Displays the startup status of all running levels of all services# Chkconfig-listStop all services started on running level 3# For oldboy in 'chkconfig-list | grep 3: on | awk' {print $1} ''; do chkconfig-level 3

Delete the built-in jdk of CentOS

When CentOS6.4 is installed, the system automatically installs jdk, downloads it, and installs the custom jdk.The uninstall procedure is as follows: [Root @ localhost ~] # Rpm-qa | grep jdkjava-1.6.0-openjdk-

CentOS installation rar and usage

The installation procedure is as follows:1. Download the rar installation package : Bytes. 2. Install rar [Root @ localhost download] # ls fuse rarlinux-x64-4.2.0.tar.gz [root @ localhost download] # tar-zxvf rarlinux-x64-4.2.0.tar.gz # extract

Use rdesktop in Centos to Access Windows Remote Desktop

Windows provides a remote desktop system that allows users to remotely log on to the system for system management or run various applications as terminal servers. To connect to Windows Remote Desktop, install the appropriate software (tsclient) on

Share Windows files in CentOS

For example, E: \ luenceIndex file sharing can be performed as follows: 1. Set luenceIndex to a shared file, object: Everyone, permission: full control, change, read/write2. Access the luenceIndex shared file on another machine, enter \

Centos or ubuntu for linux servers

Linux server systems use CentOS, uBuntu, Gentoo, FreeBSD, and Debian. For the server operating system, Debian/Ubuntu or CentOS should be selected. CENTOS has the highest market share. [Small discussion] the difference between centos and

Modify the SSH port (CentOS/Debian) in one of Linux VPS Security Settings)

The old left has already shared in many previous articles the tutorials on installing lnmp and llsmp in centos or debian environments. It is certainly feasible to use personality guarantees of the old left, this is because I have written all the

VPS host CentOS system installation LNMP environment graphic tutorial sharing


The most common system environment for us to use VPS for installation is LNMP. I have been learning to install and use VPS recently. I also see many system environments available, of course, you can choose to manage the installation panel. For the

Centos rsync file synchronization configuration steps

Rsync is a data image backup tool in unix-like systems. It can be seen from the software name-remote sync Its features are as follows: Images can be used to save the entire directory tree and file system.It is easy to maintain the permissions, time,

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