Vmware cloned centos 6.4 Nic not recognized

Solution: 1. view the mac address of the VM Nic 650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://www.bkjia.com/uploads/allimg/131228/00101IF7-0.png "title =" QQ20130922155450.png "alt =" 155557253.png"/> 2. Modify/etc/udev/rules. d/70-persistent-net.rules #

CentOS server netstat command to View TCP connection count Information

The netstat command displays network connection, route table, and network interface information, allowing you to know which network connections are in operation. In our daily work, we usually use two parameters, netstat-an, as shown below: [Root @

Customize your own CentOS release

1 case description The idea comes from two origins: one is the CactiEZ installation disk, which is awesome. At first, I didn't consider customization. Later, Xiao Jinghai proposed whether we could release our own Linux, after the system disk is

RHEL6.4 changed to CentOS Source

I searched a lot of articles online today about how to change RHEL6.4 TO THE CentOS source, but they do not work. Later, I integrated various articles, repaired, modified, and finally successfully changed the yum source. Step 1: Delete the default

Share a script for viewing CentOS system information

I recently read "Practical Linux Shell programming and Server Management" and practiced it. When I saw sed and awk, I felt that these two tools were really useful. After learning to use it, I want to see the system information at ordinary times. I

Saving and loading Centos iptables

Create and reload the iptables path for Centos iptables 1. In daily applications, you can customize the storage location of iptables. [Root @ dxt-gzcm-band-2-ct ~] # Iptables-save>/etc/iptables. conf Edit [Root @ dxt-gzcm-band-2-ct ~] # Vi/

Build and use SVN servers under CentOS

As a new generation of code version management tools, SVN has many advantages, such as convenient management, clear logic, high security, and high code consistency. SVN data storage has two methods: BDB Transaction Security table type) and FSFS,

Integration of CentOS 6.2Web with Apache and Tomcat

I have previously written the establishment of the LAMP platform, including the integration of the LAMP platform later. However, due to the fact that I have published too few entertaining articles, my article is reprinted, I am helpless in this

Bind a Centos dual-nic to achieve load balancing and Failover

I. Introduction In Linux, dual Nic binding is implemented by virtualizing two NICs into one Nic. The device combined seems to be a separate Ethernet interface device, in general, two NICs have the same IP address, and parallel links are aggregated

CentOS 6.2 compiles Apache to support HTTPS

HTTPS Full name: Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) is an HTTP channel targeted at security. In short, it is a Secure version of HTTP. That is, the SSL layer is added under HTTP. The Security Foundation of HTTPS is SSL, so the

Add multiple IPv6 addresses in batches for CentOS/Redhat/Fedora

Currently, IPv4 addresses are exhausted, but IPv6 addresses continue to flow. However, if the address is too large, it may be difficult to configure it. The following describes two methods to add IPv6 addresses in batches for CentOS, Fedora, and

Simple Tutorial: CentOS 5.3 NFS service configuration

For NFS systems, we had a lot of experience in the past. We know that it is a protocol for file control in the network. Many storage functions are closely related to him. So today we will mainly explain how to set up the NFS service in CentOS

Create a CentOS NFS server

In many systems, NFS is required. So how do I add an NFS platform to some non-production and development systems? Here we will explain how to create a CentOS NFS server. Hope to help you. How to build an NFS platform in CentOS: 1. First in the VM to

CentOS NFS configuration instructions

In CentOS, what are the requirements for NFS Directory operations? Don't worry. Let's first look at the basic concepts of NFS. NFS is short for Network File System, that is, Network File System. the Network File System is one of the file systems

Compile the kernel in centos of virtualbox

Compile the kernel in centos of virtualbox and record the steps for setting up the linux kernel debugging environment www.2cto.com and OS. 1. The linux environment used for normal work: Ubuntu 12.04. Of course you can use windows. 2. the compiled

Install centos vmtool in VMware8

VMware8 installs centos's vmtool System Version: CentOS 6 software environment: VMware8.0 many people need to use virtual machines to learn Linux. Today, to share files between the host and virtual machines, VMware-tool is installed on the terminal

Copy the Centos Virtual Machine to solve mac conflicts and transform Slaves into a Master.

Copy the Centos Virtual Machine to solve mac conflicts. The grub of the Master virtual machine, such as Slaves, is damaged because it cannot be repaired by using a Dvd and can only be deleted once. However, the Server Load balancer node

Run centos on vmware and set Nic Information

Run centos on vmware and set Nic Information1. Set the NIC of the vmware Virtual Machine to host-only,2. view the "Network Connection" currently used by the local machine, properties, select the "advanced" label, set to allow sharing, and set the

Centos Virtual Machine NAT static IP settings

The NAT static IP address of the centos virtual machine sets the host machine to centos 6.3 64-bit, and the three virtual machines to centos 6.3 64-bit. The Virtual Machine network connection mode is the default NAT mode. By default, virtual

Vmvm bridging network under CentOS

In CentOS, vmvm bridges the network. In vmvm, the bridge network is equivalent to a virtual machine that is an independent host and directly connected to the Internet. This is a good connection method, in this way, the external machine can directly

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