Compiling and installing the MARIADB database on CentOS

I. Installation prerequisites (Prepare data files, install other dependent software)1, prepare the data storage directory[[email protected] ~]# fdisk/dev/sdb (fdisk/dev/sdb Create a logical partition/DEV/SDB1)Device contains neither a valid DOS

Linux CentOS IP set NIC settings

1. Get IP address automaticallyVirtual machines use bridging mode, which is equivalent to a network connected to a physical machine, and the physical machine network has a DHCP server that automatically assigns IP addresses.#dhclient Auto Get IP

New user group, user, user password, delete user group, user (for CentOS, Ubuntu)

This knowledge point, blurred for a long time.In production, the habit is as follows:Useradd, the default is to add a new user to the user group with the same name. For example, Useradd zhouls, after this command is executed, is added to the Zhouls

Firewall shutdown under CentOS

  Shutting down the firewall1. View firewall statusService Iptables Status2, closed, but will turn on after the bootService Iptables Stop3. View Firewall boot StatusChkconfig iptables--list4. Permanently closedChkconfig iptables off  To say that,

The common use of YUM commands in the CentOS system

1. Introduction to Yum installation software in the CentOS system:Yum (Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat as well as in SuSE.Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download

Centos 7.5 Configuration Network

1. ifconfig Command not foundWorkaround: Install the net-tools.x86_64 toolkit yum install net-tools.x86_642. Iptables cannot be usedWorkaround: Yum Install iptables-servicesVi/etc/sysconfig/iptables #配置防火墙参数# Sample configuration for iptables

Three ways to install JDK under CentOS

Because of the different Linux developers, so different developers of Linux version operation details are not the same, today, the installation of CentOS under the JDK:Method One: Manually unzip the JDK's tarball and set the environment variable1.

CentOS installation Nginx

Download source codewget clone https:// dependent applications and librariesYum-YInstall

CentOS 7 Installation Upgrade latest Version Docker-engine

Attention:The installation is Docker-engine, not Docker.Download YUM.REPOS.D directory inside this repo replaces the/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D directory of the CentOS system.Note back up the original/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D

CentOS 7.x Setup Custom boot, add custom system service

Centos System Services Script directory: /usr/lib/systemd/ System and users (user),If you need to boot the program can be run without logging in, there is system services (systems), that is: /lib/systemd/system/

CentOS 6.5 Dual-machine cluster configuration multi-path

One, the disk cabinet and the dual-machine to do the cluster, after the disk cabinet configuration through the SAS line to connect the server, you need to configure Multipath. The method is as follows:The disk cabinet has a CD-ROM with Device-mapper-

Solve the centos vpn619 Error


Solve the centos vpn619 Error The building process is the same as that on the Internet: Check whether the server has the necessary support. Command: Modprobe ppp-compress-18 & echo OKAfter this execution, "OK" indicates that the execution is

Solution to connecting centOS to a wireless LAN in VMWare

Solution to connecting centOS to a wireless LAN in VMWare Yesterday, when I configured the centOS network under the virtual machine, because my host is connected to wifi, many tutorials only talk about how to configure the network of the virtual

Solution centos prompt:-bash: man: command not found

Solution centos prompt:-bash: man: command not foundNote: The CentOS 6.7 Linux system on the vmwarevm is used, and the command line interface is used. This article is mainly to summarize and record some of the problems encountered during the

Solve centos usb 1-1.2: device descriptor read/64 error-110

Solve centos usb 1-1.2: device descriptor read/64 error-110 Use the Asus HB85 motherboard + ssd + i5 4460, install centos 6.5 to minimize the installation, log on to the report: centos usb 1-1.2: device descriptor read/64 error-110Possible cause of

Solve centos to delete the folder permission denied

Solve centos to delete the folder permission denied Centos Delete folder permission denied The folder extracted with the tar command has a lock and cannot be deleted; For example: Use rm-rf to delete the output as follows: Key Information

Solution to the disappearance of win7 startup items in centos

Solution to the disappearance of win7 startup items in centos After CentOS 7 is installed, the original Windows 7 will not appear in the startup project. After some online searches, the solution is to modify the grub. cfg file. Because CentOS 7

Now NSS is converted to openssl in CentOS.

Now NSS is converted to openssl in CentOS. The 64-bit centos6.5 adopted by the company's server. After installing the php nginx environment in yum, it found that curl was used for some time and the default curl was NSS instead of openssl, now the

Solution to bash scp command not found in centos

Solution to bash scp command not found in centos After centos6.0 is installed, many packages are not installed because of the minimum installation. Therefore, some common commands are not supported, as shown below:# Scp-Bash: scp: command not found

In centos 7, the system prompts "Warning:/dev/root does not exist, coul

In centos 7, the system prompts "Warning:/dev/root does not exist, coulU disk boot disk made with UltraISO9.6.5, ISO from centos 7 is installed, the system prompts

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