Compiling and installing the MARIADB database on CentOS

I. Installation prerequisites (Prepare data files, install other dependent software)1, prepare the data storage directory[[email protected] ~]# fdisk/dev/sdb (fdisk/dev/sdb Create a logical partition/DEV/SDB1)Device contains neither a valid DOS

CentOS Installation Pgsql

CentOS Installation PgsqlYum installs PostgreSQL under CentOSDirectory1 Configure YUM Repository2 Install pgdg RPM file3 Install PostgreSQL4 configuration5 Initialize6 StartupSpecific steps:1.Vim/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo[Base] and [Updates]

Linux (CentOS) builds SVN server


The installation steps are as follows:1. Yum Install Subversion2. Enter RPM-QL subversion to view the installation location, such as: we know that SVN generated several binaries in the bin directory.  Enter SVN--help to see how SVN is used, such as.

CentOS 6.8 Installation Tigervnc implement Linux Remote Desktop

CentOS 6.8 has the default installation of VNC located on port 5900:System, preferences, Remote DesktopTick the [share] option, uncheck the [Security] option, and then add port 5900 to the firewall.Basic can be used, using the VNC viewer directly

Install vmware-workstation under the Linux (CentOS) command line

Baidu Encyclopedia: VMware Workstation (Chinese name "core workstation") is a powerful desktop virtual computer software that provides the best solution for users to run different operating systems at the same time on a single desktop, and to

Under Linux (CentOS), download and install Nginx and configure

1. Preparatory workChoose to install the software first: Gcc,pcre (Perl Compatible Regular Expression), Zlib,openssl.Nginx is written in C, need to compile with GCC, Nginx rewrite and HTTP module will use the Pcre;nginx in the gzip used to zlib;Use

Linux dual NIC for load balancing (Centos or Ubuntu)

Bind two network cards, share one IP, realize the redundancy effect. In fact, there are 7 types of bindings for Linux dual NICs: The mode=0 indicates that load balancing (round-robin) is balanced, and both NICs work. mode=1 says

CentOS VMware Virtual machine copy after IP address and configuration file does not match

VMware installs CentOS virtual machine, copy to other machine will find the IP address and configuration file does not match.Workaround: Editing a configuration file# Vi/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules Find the row where the eth0

Installing Azure Module under CentOS 7.2 PowerShell

Currently the Linux version of PowerShell is still alpha version, so many features are not available.For example, through the PowerShell command: Install-module azurerm to install Azure module online. However, we can implement the installation of

Redhat Linux configuration Yum repository for CentOS source

1. First delete the system original Yum commandRpm-aq | grep Yum |xargs rpm-e--nodeps2. Download the CentOS version of the Yum Command pack need to download the following packages:python-iniparse-

CentOS 6.8 Linux iSCSI Server Configuration and Client connection iSCSI

CentOS 6.8 Linux iSCSI Server Configuration and Client connection iSCSIFirst, the service-side configuration1, first install a variety of packagesYum Search SCSIISCSI-INITIATOR-UTILS.X86_64:ISCSI Daemon and utility

Installing PowerShell on CentOS

Microsoft has just open source PowerShell, which is now installed on both Linux and MacOS. The specific links are as follows:Https:// article describes how to install PowerShell under CentOS 7.2.First download the

How CentOS can see which application/process is consuming the port

Sometimes when you start an app, you'll see that the port is already occupied, or that you're feeling that some ports are not being used but found to be open. At this point we want to know which application/process is using the port.CentOS can be

CentOS installation python3.5

1. Initially CentOS may be missing components such as GCC, install components first" Development Tools "2. Download the source code, unzip and enter the directory# # Unzip tar xvjf * * *. TAR.XZ# into the catalog CD python-3.5

Installing python2.7.9 and pip1.5.5 under CentOS

Used to use Ubantu under the Python,ubantu comparison card. Prefer to use CentOS, but the default Python version is too low, so reload a python and Ipythoncentos6.5 Installation python2.7.9First step: Install Devtoolset[Email protected] ~]# yum

CentOS System python2.x Upgrade python3.x

1. Centos7 initial installation of the Python version is 2.7.52. Download the latest python3.5.2, unzip to/USR/LOCAL/SRC3. Configure, compile, test, install (according to the software Readme

Install CentOS 7 u disk under Win10

Some time ago I put a friend to help the ubuntu15.10 to play bad =. = Although later on on another computer successfully installed the ubuntu16.04 and Win7 dual system, but ... This computer also has to be installed in a separate system to compare.

Firewall shutdown under CentOS

  Shutting down the firewall1. View firewall statusService Iptables Status2, closed, but will turn on after the bootService Iptables Stop3. View Firewall boot StatusChkconfig iptables--list4. Permanently closedChkconfig iptables off  To say that,

CentOS failed to install Vmvare-tools problem

Do not use VMware's own tools, the version is too old.Download from here: directly or use the following command:$ git clone$ CD

Centos installation of tmux

Original article: # Install tmux on centos release 6.5 # Install depsYum install GCC kernel-devel make ncurses-devel # Download sources for libevent and make and installCurl-ol

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